[Policy]: Alaska Airlines Cancellation and Refund Policy

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Posted By: Sofia Jonas

Traveling is a very unpredictable event. So, planning a trip with Alaska Airlines can also face a similar phenomenon. In these conditions, you can cancel your airfare and appeal for reimbursement. Hence, you can get information about similar topics by reading below.

What is Alaska Airlines Cancellation Policy?

When you have to cancel an airfare, then you get to comply with certain statutory provisions. Thus, you can trace those conditions under Alaska Airlines Cancellation policy, and those have been displayed at the bottom. 

  • A free-of-cost cancellation could be processed on Alaska Airlines for a booking that is made seven days prior to the departure of the flight, and the process takes place within 24 hours of purchase. 
  • However, an amount can be deducted for a reservation that is placed after this duration. 
  • If you have a medical emergency or sickness on the travel dates, you can also get a free cancellation, but you have to submit the document to the airline for approval.
  • The airline could not take any cognizance of the booking that is formed through the travel agent. In this case, you get to reach out to them only.

What is Alaska Airlines Refund Policy?

Money from Alaska Airlines can be availed according to the laid terms and conditions. Thus, you can acknowledge those facts from Alaska Airlines Refund Policy, and those are as such:- 

  • For refundable fare:- If you have this fare and the booking is canceled within 24 hours of purchase, then you could be able to seek a complete reimbursement for an unused ticket. 
  • When the gap period expires then, you can have a refund after the deduction penalty amount.
  • For Non-refundable fares:- A ticket that is canceled within the risk-free window makes you eligible to receive a credit for the same. But when this period gets lapsed, then you may forfeit the entire amount. 
  • Promotional fares:- when a booking falls under this category, then you might not be eligible to raise a claim for reimbursement. 
  • Travel Agent:- A flight that is booked through the travel agent could make them responsible for your refund, not the airline. 

Does Alaska offer credit for canceled flights?

Yes, Alaska offers credit for canceled flights. But you can have the same if your flight has been canceled flight by the airline and the reason is within the controllable jurisdiction of the airline. Further, you can connect with the  Alaska Airlines customer Service team to clarify any future doubts.

Does Alaska still have free cancellation?

Yes, Alaska Airlines has free cancellation. But the period and circumstances for that is limited. When you fall into any of these conditions, then you can take advantage of them. Further, you can determine the same from the following points:-

  • The process takes place within 24 hours of booking
  • Enrolled into premium status
  • Having a flexible fare.

How much does it cost to cancel Alaska Airlines?

A cancellation of a flight ticket on Alaska Airlines can be performed without paying any kind of penalty. When you fall out of these categories, then you can carry out the procedure by paying Alaska Airlines cancellation fees, which are estimated to be around $60 to $500. But the cost could fluctuate as per the routes and destinations.

How do I call Alaska Airlines about my refund?

When you are competent to avail a refund from Alaska Airlines, then you get to raise a claim for the same. Further, there are many conditions through which you can conduct this process, but the call is the most compelling method. For that, you can dial Alaska Airlines' phone number, 1-800-252-7522, and then choose the “refund” option from the record menu.

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