[STEPS]: Bitstamp Account Recovery

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Posted By: Sofia Jonas

Bitstamp has been the best platform to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and makes several traders rich by providing the profit it sells bitcoin at a convenient rate. You can also be a cryptocurrency expert, but you must log in through the account. But if you have a Bitstamp account and cannot access it, then the question arises: How do I recover my Bitstamp account? You can follow the web method to retrieve the account, and the procedure is straightforward and effective. The steps are in layman's language for better understanding. 

  • You can open the official Bitstamp panel.
  • After that, log in through your account, and if the page does not open,
  • Then tap on the forgot password tab and enter the email address linked to your account.
  • Now, you will get the recovery code on your registered email details, which you can use to access your account. 

You can also enable two-factor authentication, for which you must follow the prompt to ensure that you are your Bitstamp account's legal user. 

Why is the Bitstamp app not working?

  • If the stamp app is not working, the reason can be the invalid authentication code generated when your device and servers are out of sync. 
  • So you can go to settings time correction for codes and tap the sync now button. That will rectify the issue.
  • On the other hand, if you have iOS, you can go to settings and general and choose date and time, then set the option automatically to toggle. 

Sometimes, the pin is incorrect, so how do I reset my bitstamp pin? You can follow the below-mentioned query that will help you get your pin back to your account or reset it to log in again. Pin generation requires specific criteria, such as making the pin with appropriate characters and numbers. 

How do I reset my Bitstsamp pin?

You can reset your Bistamp pin quickly without any hassle because this can be done through the web, making it more leisurely and accessible. 

  • You can go through the official Bitstamp tab and visit the signup page.
  • You need to sign up with your credentials, and if the password does not work, you need to select on the forgot password tab and select the phone option.
  • The panel will send you the reset code on your phone. Then, put the code on the panel. You need to reset the new password or PIN. Again, you need to set the password or PIN to confirm. 

How do I contact Bitstamp support?

You can contact Bitstamp support through the helpline number, available 24 hours a seven days a. The number will connect with the team, providing professional guidance to recover your account. The phone call option will make your conversation easy and transparent so that no doubts will be left. You can resolve the doubts while talking to the customer service executive and get the best possible guidance. 

You can also send your issue through mail to the company team and mention the attachments support your issue. 

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