Guide: Are TUI Paying Compensation for Delayed Flights?

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Posted By: Charles Lawvens

Did your TUI flight get delayed? If you are one of the passengers who is facing trouble delaying the flight or your flight getting cancelled, then this post will provide you with information that will help you claim reimbursement for TUi flights. Walk through this post and approach these methods. 

TUI Flight Delay Policy

Flexible delay policies have been created for the sake of passengers by the authority of TUI. Suppose your TUI flight got delayed, then you must be aware of the facts and what your advantages and disadvantages are as well. Read on the below-listed points and get a clear idea about the TUI flight delay compensation policies: 

  • To receive the reimbursement, the TUI flight must be at least 3 hours late; however, the delay time may exceed that as well. 
  • Flights operated by TUI are accepted by the airline's authority for a request for delay reimbursement. 
  • The remuneration price assigned by the airlines is decided by factors like the destination, the total duration of the flight, the class of the flight, and others. 

Is TUI Paying Compensation for Delayed Flights?

Flights that get late from their actual takeoff time can put the passengers in a critical situation. If you are flying with TUI and your flight is late for 3 hours or more than the actual time, then TUI does pay compensation for the flights. Now the question arises of how much a passenger will get; that will depend on the length of the flight, the location of the trip, the nature of the trip, and others. 

How Much Does TUI Pay for Delayed Flights?

A passenger whose TUI flight was 3 hours late, or maybe more than 3 hours late, is eligible to receive flight delay compensation. The compensation amount for TUI ranges from 250 euros to 600 euros. To know more, adhere to the following lines, where you will get a broader view: 

If you have booked a TUI ticket for a distance of 1,500 km or less than 1,500 km and it got delayed, then the compensation amount varies from 220 pounds to 250 euros. 
TUI flights that serve their facilities from Europe to Europe consist of not less than 1,500 km, or if all the other flights whose distance lies between 1,500 and 3,500 km get delayed, then the reimbursement will be 350 pounds or 400 euros. 

A passenger will receive a payment of 520 pounds or 600 euros if their TUI flight that falls under the A and B categories gets delayed for at least less than 4 hours. 

How Do I Claim Compensation for Delayed TUI Flights?

Due to some unfavorable circumstances, if your TUI flight is delayed and the delay time is either 3 hours or more than 3 hours, then the airline allows the passengers to ask for compensation. A step-by-step guideline for how to claim the amount for the TUI flight delay claim is written below. Have a look: 

  • Navigate through the TUI site in your browser. 
  • Find out about the TUI Airways flight delay claim form. 
  • A form will appear after hitting the form tab. 
  • Flight details, passenger names, and payment need to be made. 
  • Now click on the submit button, and the airlines will look into it. 
  • Soon, the airlines will contact you to provide the best support. 

What is a TUI Flight Delay Compensation Calculator?

Suppose you are having trouble getting the exact fare cost that you are entitled to with a TUI flight delay or compensation. However, in this particular scenario, you should be the one to pick the official website calculator for the calculation of delayed flight compensation. The easy steps that lead you to use the calculator are mentioned here, and you have to follow the points to get assistance. 

  • First, you need to visit TUI's official website. 
  • Now log in to your account and select the Manage My Booking tab.
  • Enter the booking reference number, ID, and last name of the traveler. 
  • Next, retrieve the ticket and select the delay compensation tab. 
  • Tap over the calculator option, and there you have to mention the necessary information: 
  • First, enter the hours you got delayed, and then mention your ticket number. 
  • Now click the search bar. 
  • Finally, the calculator will provide the information for delay compensation onscreen.

How Long Does a TUI Flight Have to be Delayed to Get Compensation?

If you are not getting to board the TUI flight on time, then the main reason should be a flight delay. Thus, to get through such circumstances conveniently, you have two options: first, you can apply for delayed flight compensation, and second, you can reschedule your travel. In situations like this, if you want to get TUI flight delay compensation, then you have to be assured of the compensation criteria that are according to delay, and this 3-hour delay is allocated for the proper procedure for the flight compensation. 

How Do You File a Flight Delay at TUI via an Online Form?

In circumstances where you seek the basic information on filing a delay compensation, then you are given the option of TUI compensation online, the form that enables you to file the query online to get such easy steps quickly; read the below passage steps point-by-point for your help.

  • Visit the TUI Airlines site page and retrieve tickets via Manage My Booking. 
  • Now, select the compensation form tab, which is next to your ticket. 
  • Furthermore, you have the online form for compensation onscreen and can fill it out accordingly.
  • Firstly, mention the delayed flight number, departure date, departure, and arrival airport, booking reference, etc.
  • Next, proceed to mention the contact details of the passenger.
  • Select the compensation reason and then describe it within 1000 characters.
  • At last, tap the submit button, and you will receive a confirmation email.

Can I Get Delay Compensation for TUI for 2 hours?

No, TUI travelers are not entitled to receive delay compensation, which is between 2 hours delay of arrival of flight. On the other hand, the traveler is entitled to delay compensation only when the flight is delayed for 3 hours or more. 

How Much Delayed Compensation for 3 hours at TUI will you get? 

The delayed flight compensation for TUI is calculated based on the distance or route you must take to get to the desired destination. In addition, the cost you will incur for the delay compensation should be around $280 to $600, or you can use the TUI compensation calculator available onsite.

How Do I Claim Against TUI? 

For TUI flights that were delayed by 3 hours or even more, a passenger can easily access the TUI claim form. As you reach the official website of TUI, you will find the claim form, fill in all the information, and share it. Another method is calling their executive regarding the claim. Here, you need to share your flight information with the agent. 


To sum up, TUI Airlines offers the passengers a claim form that can be availed of by the passengers when they demand the claim from the airline. Passengers who meet the rules and regulations of TUI will only receive the TUI Airways Compensation and Refund as soon as possible. 

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