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Posted By: Sofia Jonas

Traveling is meant to refresh your mind, but when you find unfavorable conditions, it creates the nuisance of running here and there to make alterations to your flight itinerary. However, Austrian Airlines has made the process of flight change smooth with their policies. So, let’s discuss their flight change policy and some of the best ways to make flight changes.

What is the Austrian Airlines Flight Change Policy?

Here are some main highlights of the Austrian Airlines Flight Change Policy

  • Under this policy, passengers are allowed to make any sudden changes in their flight itinerary. 
  • For one week or more prior to departure, a flight can be changed for free if requested within the first 24 hours of booking.
  • A change in flight route is not allowed; therefore, in such cases, passengers have to cancel their ticket and then reissue it with the appropriate route.
  • Any passenger failing to abide by the 24-hour rule has to pay a flight change service fee.
  • Passengers need to cover the fare difference if the fare price has any difference in the amount after making the changes.

How much does it cost to change a flight with Austrian Airlines?

Austrian Airlines usually charges $30 for a flight change, but it may change depending on your route, class, and fare type. Ask about the fees by contacting Austrian Airlines customer service.

How can I change my flight date on Austrian Airlines?

There are several ways to make changes to your flight date on Austrian Airlines. 

Changes via online.

  • Go to austrian.com and visit the Manage My Booking portal.
  • Enter your ticket details to fetch your flight information.
  • Afterward, you will get several ticket change options to be used to make the required changes. Pick the departure date and change it.
  • Confirm it and move it next to the payment window.
  • Pay the eligible cost to change and complete the process.

Changes via phone call.

You can use your phone to give a call to Austrian Airlines customer service by dialing +1 800843 0002. You will reach the Austrian Airlines representative, who will further help you with the flight change process. 

Changes at the airport.

You are allowed to change your flight change at the airport by reaching the airport counter, where you will be providing your ticket and other details, and they will reissue your flight ticket. There, you pay the fare difference along with the applicable administrative or Austrian Airlines Flight Change fees and get your new flight itinerary.

How many times can I change my flight with Austrian Airlines?

Austrian Airlines allows you to change your flight multiple times, and for each time, you would bear a nominal service fee according to the policy.

Does Austrian Airlines have a 24-hour change policy?

Yes, Austrian Airlines offers a 24-hour change policy where anyone can make changes to their flight tickets without paying any cost.

Can I change Austrian Airlines on the same day of the journey?

No, you’re not allowed to make your Austrian Airlines ticket changes on the same day of the journey, but in extreme cases, discuss it with the support staff.

What is the Austrian Airlines name change policy?

Austrian Airlines is an international carrier that is a member of the Star Alliance. Further, modifications after purchasing the flight ticket could be performed effortlessly, but they have to comply with provisions or regulations. So, when you have to change a name on the ticket, then you get to act as per Austrian airline name change policy, and their requirements are as follows:

  • A short character can be added or excluded from the itinerary without additional cost.
  • If your first or last name interchanges, then you can correct it without penalty. 
  • When you have to change more than permissible characters, an add-on change could be applied. 
  • A certificate must be attached or presented to the airline for changing a name due to marriage or divorce.
  • The ticket is bought through the travel agent, and then you get to contact them for a change, not the airline. 
  • A complete name change or ticket transfer to another person's name is prohibited.  

What are the name change fees on Austrian Airlines?

On Austrian Airlines, you can change a name up to a limited character by paying the name change fees. Moreover, the Austrian airline's name change fees range from $40 to $300. Thus, it could depend on the route and fare.

Final Thought

So, When you refer to the context mentioned here, then you could provide appropriate information about changing the name. Further, if you have any issues, then you can contact airline customer service. 

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