Can I buy a United Airlines ticket for someone else?

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Posted By: Sofia Jonas

United Airlines provides various features and facilities to the passengers during the booking process, making it easier for them to process. An often-asked question of the flyers is, "Can I book a United flight for someone else?" The answer is yes. You can easily reserve a flight with the concerned airline for another passenger. You need to provide the name and other credentials of the person you are booking a flight for during the ticket reservation process.

Can I buy a plane ticket for someone else on my account?

You can buy a plane ticket with the respective airlines for someone else through your account and can even make reservations for a group of people. The booking process is the same as when you book a flight for your travel. The only difference is that you have to provide the passenger details of the person you are booking a flight for. The ticket will be made in the name of the person whose credentials are provided, irrespective of the account used for ticket reservation.

How do you schedule a flight on United Airlines for someone else?

Many consumers have doubts regarding the concerned airlines' booking process, especially when reserving a flight for someone else. One common question of the flyers is, "How do you schedule a flight on United Airlines for someone else?" Below are the varied methods that allow you to book a flight for another passenger through your account with the respective airlines.

Visit the United Airlines website for flight reservations.

The simplest way to reserve a flight for someone else through your account is to access the online flight booking form on the United Airlines website. This form is extremely straightforward and helps you find suitable flights from a wide variety of sources. Follow the steps below to reserve a flight for another passenger:

  • To begin the procedure, browse the official website of United Airlines.
  • By default, a flight reservation form will appear on the home page.
  • Enter the requested travel details in the form and press "Find flights."
  • All the flights available for your route will appear on the screen.
  • Select the appropriate one and make the necessary adjustments.
  • Provide the required passenger details during the ticketing procedure.
  • End the booking process by making payment for the ticket confirmation.

Approach the United agents to seek support for flight bookings.

If you find the online flight reservation process through the concerned airlines' website difficult, you can contact their agents to seek assistance regarding the flight bookings. To get in touch with their technical team, dial the United Airlines Customer Service Number - 1 (800) 864-8331. A computerized voice will assist you in finding the representative who manages flight reservation requests. Provide the selective passenger details to that official, who will make the required bookings and ticket confirmation.

Can I claim miles for someone else's flight?

You cannot claim the miles of someone else's flight reservations, even if you have made it through your account because the miles are claimed by the person whose name is on the ticket and who is flying with the concerned airlines. It also depends on various other factors, such as the passenger's membership in United Airlines, the payment method chosen for flight bookings, etc.

Can you redeem miles for someone else on United Airlines?

Passengers often face issues regarding the miles redemption of the concerned airlines and ask, "Can you redeem miles for someone else on United Airlines?" It is not possible to redeem someone else's miles on United Airlines because the points are credited to their respective accounts. However, if you have the particular passenger's login credentials, you can visit his/her account to retrieve the miles.

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