Can I fly while pregnant in Avianca Airlines?

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Posted By: Sofia Jonas

There are situations when a pregnant lady has to board a flight, and that's when many concerns arise. Flying during the initial months of pregnancy causes no issues. However, boarding a flight might be restricted close to the delivery date. If you would like to schedule your flight with Avianca Airlines, you must wonder: Can I fly while pregnant? While Avianca Airlines allows a pregnant woman to board and avail of additional services, certain policies should be met. Read the following guide to learn the essential information for flying with Avianca while pregnant. 

[Avianca Airlines]: What is the pregnancy policy on flights?

The Avianca Airlines pregnancy policy on flights has been mentioned below, which one must check before reserving the flights:

  • Only women up to 30 weeks pregnant are allowed on the Avianca flight. 
  • A fit-to-travel certificate by an obstetrician should be proposed by the pregnant woman to board the flight.
  • The airline reserves the right not to let you board the plane if you are more than 30 weeks pregnant. 
  • The flight ticket should be reserved with Avianca at least 72 hours before the flight's departure time. 
  • Wheelchair assistance can be requested for a pregnant woman at the airport. 
  • Avoid flying if you have a history of miscarriage. 

What are the rules for pregnant women to travel on Avianca Airlines?

The rules a pregnant woman must follow while traveling on an Avianca Airlines flight are as follows:

  • She should not be more than 36 weeks pregnant when boarding the flight. 
  • A proper medical check-up should be done before the air journey to avoid any issues on the flight. 
  • One must consult their obstetrician before flying. 
  • To pass the screening smoothly, you must reach the airport a few hours before the boarding time. 
  • If you need wheelchair assistance to board the flight or at the airport, an Avianca official should be contacted 2 hours earlier to make the request. 

How many weeks pregnant will airlines let you fly?

If there are no complications with your pregnancy, then Avianca Airlines will let you fly on the flight up to 36 weeks pregnant. If there is a high-risk pregnancy, the airline can let you fly until you are 32 weeks pregnant. 

Do you have to tell airlines that you are pregnant?

Yes, the passengers need to inform the airline if they are pregnant and state how many weeks or days. As flying while pregnant requires additional documentation and extra services, it is advised to inform the airline. One must follow the applicable policies and guidelines for pregnant passengers to ensure a safe and reliable flying experience. 

Can you go through TSA to check if you are pregnant?

TSA checks at the airport are the most convenient option to pass the security screening. However, if you are pregnant and flying, you may concerned about the safety of your unborn baby going through the TSA screening. This screening is safe for pregnant women and does not harm the baby. But, if you are too worried, you can ask for a pat-down search instead of a full-body X-ray screening. 

What are the things to consider when flying while pregnant?

While it's important and safe for you to board a flight with Avianca Airlines, there are still many things that you must consider for a hassle-free journey. Some important things you should keep in mind when traveling while pregnant are as follows:

  • Check out the policies and requirements thoroughly before the travel date. 
  • Contact Avianca customer service to let them know you are pregnant and flying with them, along with the reservation details. 
  • Keep track of your and your baby's health when considering traveling by air. 
  • Avoid gassy foods and carbonated drinks before boarding the flight. 
  • Maintain the fluid intake throughout the air journey. 
  • Buckle your seatbelt tightly under your belly and on your hip bones for a comfortable journey. 
  • You must choose your seat on the plane in advance to ensure the utmost comfort. Aisle and bulkhead seats are ideal for pregnant women. 

How do I book a flight for a pregnant woman with Avianca Airlines?

Multiple booking methods at Avianca Airlines can be used to book a seat for a pregnant woman. The booking mediums are outlined here that you can consider:

  • Official Website: Avianca's official website can easily be used to book a flight for a person, where the pregnant woman option can be added to the passenger's detail form. Later, the required documents must be attached, and the reservation must be completed by completing the payment of the total fare. 
  • Reservation Desk: The reservation desk can also be contacted to request a reservation for a pregnant lady. Call at Avianca's phone number: at (866) 919-0081 to connect to an official and share the fight requirements. The official will take all the necessary information and book you on the scheduled flight. 
  • Ticket Counter: The ticket counter can also be visited to reserve an Avianca Airlines flight for a pregnant woman.

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