[GUIDE] Can I Use My Skywards Miles for Hotels?

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Posted By: Charles Lawvens

Yes, you can make use of the Skyward Miles available with Emirates to make the payment for the hotel stays you make. Indeed, the booking can be made by making use of the miles for even the hotel stay reservations you make for your family and friends. There is ample scope that gets provided to you on all eligible Emirates Skywards Hotel bookings listed. 

How Can I Use Skyward Miles to Book Hotels?

You can make use of the Skyward Miles for hotels very easily. The methodology that can be followed to book a hotel under the Emirates reservation made is as follows:

  • Ruflle over the official page of Emirates. 
  • Search to find the Where We Fly icon provided. 
  • From the drop-down options, choose the Our Travel Partner link. 
  • Proceed to select the Emirates Skywards Partner tab. 
  • Choose the hotel option provided for the booking. 
  • The Emirates Skywards page will be shown. 
  • Click on the Book Now headline that is displayed.
  • Pick out the relevant destinations and hotels you need to book. 
  • At the checkout, make the payment using the miles earned. 

Process To Convert Emirates Miles to Hyatt Points:

One can contact the help desk to request converting Emirates Miles to Hilton Points. Hilton is a globally known hotel and resort company where you can redeem points for hotel stays anywhere you require. There might be a fee applicable for converting your Emirates Mies to Hiton Points. 

There is a possibility to convert Emirates miles to hotels as per the requirements you have. You need to follow the steps given below, which will help convert the miles to points:

  • Login to your account with the World of Hyatt membership details. 
  • Scroll down the account info page to find the menu list option. 
  • Select the redeem icon provided under the choices. 
  • Choose the Conver points to miles option that is provided. 
  • Proceed further to select the Emirates Skywards link given. 
  • Type up the details of your Skywards membership information. 
  • Pick out the total number of points to be converted from miles. 

How Do I Earn Emirates Skyward Miles on Hotel Stays?

The different ways through which you earn the Emirates Skyward Hotels for the different stays you have are given in detail here for you to comprehend as necessitated:

For every hotel stay that you make, you will get rewarded with Skyward Miles of up to $10,000 per night. 
Making the payment at the hotel via the Emirates Skywards Credit Card helps you earn an additional 2,500 miles on an everyday basis for the number of nights you stay at the hotel.
An additional offer is present on all Emirates bookings made between April 7 and June 30, 2024, which amounts to a total of 3,000 bonus miles, which would get credited to your Skywards Miles account.

How Do I Earn Miles Faster?

You can earn miles faster by exclusively looking at the properties that are tagged under the Rapid Earnings icon, which would help you earn miles within a time span of 3 days from the time of making the reservation under the non-refundable category. 

Is it possible to add the Emirates Skywards after check-in?

No, it is not possible to add Emirates Skywards after making a reservation. Indeed, you need to make a prior decision on the program through which you would like to earn your miles at the time the booking is being done or before the check-in process is completed. No changes will be allowed once you have checked in for the scheduled flight. 

Are you allowed to make use of Emirates Skywards to book for others?

All the Skyward members with the airline are allowed to make a booking for their family and friends under the Emirates Skywards that is offered to them. You would just need to make the payment of the relevant taxes online by using your credit card as per its applicability. 

What Can Be Done if the Miles are Not Sufficient for Payment?

In case you fall short of the miles needed to make the payment, the remaining amount can be paid by using a credit card. The use of the credit card for payment would be in accordance with the credit card rules of the departing city. 

Do Miles Get Redeemed with Emirates Skyward Hotel Bookings?

For the hotel booking that has been made, you will be able to redeem up to 5,000 miles, which can vary depending on the total miles that you spend. .

Redeem Emirates Skywards Miles

Emirates Airlines is a high-end airline that offers multiple benefits to its customers for choosing it. The airline also has a loyalty program for travelers with additional benefits for members and exclusive services called Skywards. If you have Skywards Miles on your account, you can redeem the available miles on multiple things to make your travel better and less expensive. The different ways to redeem the Emirates Skywards Miles are outlined here:

1. Flight Reservations: The first and best way to use your Skywards Miles with Emirates is to reserve a flight you wish. Instead of paying for the reservation, you can redeem the miles on the payment page. However, you might have to pay in cash after redeeming the miles, depending on the total fare and the value of the available miles.

2. Hotel Stays: The Skyward Miles are not bound to get flight tickets only with Emirates, but they can also be redeemed to get hotel stays at your required destinations; Emirates has tied up several hotel stay options that you can explore and make the pick. You do not have to spend cash on hotel reservations, as the Skyward Miles can be redeemed easily on the payment page. 

3. Car Rentals: If you are visiting a new place, car rentals can be required for smooth travel from one place to another. So, if you are considering your flight reservation with Emirates, you can also choose the car rental option for your suitability. 

4. Upgrades: You can request to upgrade your existing reservation using your Emirates Miles. 

How To Spend Emirates Miles on Hotels?

Having Emirates miles can provide many benefits that will help you save money on flight reservations and hotel stays. So, if you would like to redeem Emirates Skyward Miles for a hotel, here is a simple procedure that you will have to follow:

  • Open the homepage of Emirates on your device.
  • Click on the Loyalty Tab and then select the "Spend Miles" option.
  • On the next page, you need to navigate to the "Hotels" column.
  • After that, you can view the different hotel stay options and search for availability.
  • You will have to enter the required destination, check-in, and check-out dates into the columns.
  • Afterward, find the best room for you and click on the "Book Now" button.
  • Redeem the miles you possess with Emirates and pay the remaining amount in cash if required.
  • Now, your hotel will be reserved with the help of Skywards Miles. 

How Much is 10,000 Skyward Miles Worth?

10,000 Skywards Miles worth around $60. A person can take advantage of a flight ticket, pay a fee for some modifications to the reservation, or add a meal on the flight with the help of Skywards Miles at Emirates. 

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