Can You Transfer Air France Miles To Someone Else?

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Posted By: Charles Lawvens

Miles, offered by Air France, are earned by using the airline's services, credit or debit card, etc., and these earned points or miles are used to purchase a flight ticket, upgrade an existing flight, and for other purposes. Out of all these perks, a query comes, whether fliers are authorized to transfer Air France miles to someone else. So, you are requested to go through the points highlighted below:

  • Yes, you can transfer these Air France miles to someone else. 
  • However, the airline has set a cap of 50,000 miles that can be transferred. 
  • Remember a point that the airline may charge you around EURO 3 for each 250-mile transaction. 
  • For more information, get a hold of the airline's official. 

How to Transfer Air France Miles?

Upon becoming aware that Air France miles can be sent, many people must wonder how they can transfer their miles. So, to identify the easy method, you are advised to take note of the following section carefully; please have a look:

Transfer your Miles via the website. 

The official website is the primary method for transferring your stored miles from your account to someone else. However, there are some further steps you need tp consider, and those are highlighted below; please have a look:

  • Visit the official webpage of Air France to start the process. 
  • Scroll down the tab, and below the "Loyalty Program and Partner" section, choose the airline to which you need to send miles. 
  • Log in to your loyalty program ID (different names can be there), and go to your profile. 
  • You may see the option "Transfer your Miles, " such as "Transfer Air France Miles to Delta," etc., and enter the ID of a person or airline, and you are done. 
Try A Phone Call and Request To Transfer Miles. 

Air France has created most of its services from the perspective of passengers. Considering this fact, it offers miles to fliers who avail of their services, cards, etc., and these points are used for different proposed services such as extra baggage, upgrades, priority check-in, etc. After this, the most common query comes up: whether they can transfer miles to any airline via phone call so the answer is yes (Air France's official number is +1 800 237 2747). You may call the official and request to initiate a process, or they may guide you to complete the method manually. 

Get To The Airport and Request.

The second way to transfer your miles to someone else on Air France is to contact the airport supervisor. All you need to do is carry all the ID or account details you can provide to the official, and the airline may charge you to complete the process. Then, the official may ask you whether to transfer Air France miles to United, Korean Air, or other airlines.

How Long Can You Transfer Air France Miles to Someone Else?

Usually, the durability of these earned Air France miles is life-long, but you need to remember that the airline has capped the miles transaction at 50,000. For example, if you want to transfer Air France miles to Korean Air, you must incur a fee of Euro 3 per 250 Miles. These rules are subject to vary. Thus, you should keep yourself in the loop with all the updates. 

How Do I Use my Miles on Air France?

Suppose you have miles on Air France, and to avail them to the fullest, you must know how you can do so. So, to clear your concern related to the methods to use my miles on Air France, below are those windows you can adopt to do so; please have a look:

At the time of booking.

Then primary window you can consider to use your miles on Air France is when booking a flight. To know the steps for the same, you are requested to follow the steps highlighted below; 

  • Visit the official webpage of Air France to begin the process. 
  • Choose your destination, date, etc., and choose your flight.   
  • Pick your preferred seat and hit the "Apply Miles" option in the payment gateway. 
  • Trade in your miles, and you will get discounted flights. 

At the time of check-in. 

The second method you can adopt to use your miles on Air France is during check-in. You must be wondering about how, so you are requested to take note of the following points:

  • Airlines give you the opportunity to upgrade your flight, seat, etc., by using miles. 
  • You can request the official to upgrade your flight. 
  • However, remember this is possible only when there is availability of a seat or a class you are looking for. 

How Much are Air France Miles Worth?

Knowing about the availability of Air France is not always enough; you must know its worth. Thus, you must remember that each mile may be worth 1.2 cents. However, the value may not be appropriate thus, to know the official digits, you need to get in touch with the support team, where the official will detail you on the same. 

Can you transfer Air France Miles to Virgin Atlantic?

If you have Air France miles and are wondering whether you are permitted by the airline to transfer them to Virgin Atlantic, it's yes. You can send them from the official website of Air France, where you will find the name of the concerned airline; you need to log in to your miles account and send them to the concerned airline. However, remember that the airline may impose some charges. Thus, to verify, contact the officials and know about the same.

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