Can You Watch Movies on Air Canada App? Inflight Entertainment

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Posted By: Charles Lawvens

Air Canada provides all kinds of facilities so you can travel globally without any hassle. The airline makes it more convenient by providing an app that is easy to access and use from your smartphone. You can perform flight tasks such as cancellation, refund status, lost and found, etc., but Can you watch movies on the Air Canada app? You may watch movies on Air Canada flights with the help of an app. The app will help you connect the phone to the VCR near your seat. You can enjoy 90-plus shows, including different languages so that any kind of disturbances will not be there while watching the shows.

What is the Inflight Entertainment on Air Canada?

Once you have booked the flight on Air Canada, then, you will get the sample entertainment that will make you feel at home despite traveling in the sky. The team has designed the streaming platforms in such a way that you can relax and enjoy your shows. 

The authority has given 420 plus movies, 1000 + TV episodes, and 130 plus music albums from boarding to landing, making your Air Canada In-flight Entertainment top-notch. You will get the news, sports, and racing channels you can browse with just one click—no need to worry. Ensure you have your snacks ready—Apple TV Plus, Disney, audible, hay, etc. 

How To Watch Movies on Air Canada?

You can watch movies on Air Canada by the VCR given on each seat of the passengers who have booked their flight with the airline. On the VCR, you will get personal Bluetooth connectivity so that you can enjoy the shoes without getting disturbed by others or disturbing others. Along with that, the sponsored quality internet connectivity will smooth the entrainment so that no burning will bother your movies and serials. 

You need to turn on the VCR, and if it is already open, go to the entertainment area and put in your login credentials. Following that, you will see the instructions, go through them, and see the movies and different channel lists. Select anyone and start watching. 

Are There TV Screens on Air Canada Flights?

Yes, there are TV screens on Air Canada flights; you will get access to your TV screens, which you can use to stream different channels and set the language. You can also connect to Bluetooth so that you can listen to the entertainment entirely and experience the movies without any hassle. TVs are more significant than touch screens, and this airline is the only one providing this type of entertainment. 

Airline provide personal laptops alongside your seat so that you can silently watch the movies with complete visibility without disturbing other’s sleep. 

How Can I Add the Entertainment to My Air Canada Flight?

You can add the entertainment on your Air Canada flight at the time of booking. You can redeem the shows digitally via your login credentials or connect by Air Canada Rouge Entertainment, which allows you to access the flight entrainment on your smartphone (personal device ) without needing to download another app or through a web browser. 

You can opt for the family so that you all can laugh together while traveling on Air Canada flights. 

How Can I Connect with the Air Canada Customer Service Team?

You can contact the Air Canada customer service team via the toll-free number 1-888-422-7533, available 24 hours and seven days. The number will redirect you to a professional who will provide you with the necessary information about the entertainment service.

You can follow this article and clear up your doubts for further details. 

Get Complete Details for WI-FI Service on Air Canada

Air Canada improves your travel experience with its significant WI-Fi service that generally lets you connect with full entertainment service during your flight journey. So, if you want to enjoy free texting service, you need to ensure you have added the Aeroplane number to your booking before your check-in. Air Canada assists you to access WI-FI services on selected North American and internationally operated flights that you can choose at the time of booking. With WI-FI service, you will be able to use iMessage, Meta's messenger, and WhatsApp service conveniently. It implies that when you connect with the WI-FI service, you can use the excellent entertainment service hassle-free and smoothly. To get more information regarding WI-FI service, you need to go through the queries below. 

Do You have to pay for WI-FI on Air Canada?

Yes, you have to pay for WI-FI on Air Canada, and for that, you need to purchase your WI-FI pass in advance to avoid paying any extra charges. It is true that when you wish to get WI-FI service on your flight at check-in time, you will save money that you can compare to purchasing onboard. To get more details about purchasing the WI-FI service, get the certain points below.  

  • You can choose your WI-FI service within one hour before your flight and get exciting offers and deals that you can't after selecting your seat.
  • You will get the option to purchase your WI-FI service one way or get monthly passes to enjoy the surfing internet service during your flight.
  • If you want to purchase your WI-FI service onboard, you have to pay the extra charges and connect with your family and friends via social media networks smoothly.     
  • When you fly with an international flight on Air Canada, you can get the WI-FI service on Boeing 777-300ER flights and purchase your WI-FI service once you onboard, as you can't get the pre-purchase option for your internet services.

How To Get Free WI-FI on Air Canada?

If you want to enjoy your free WI-FI service on Air Canada, its prices vary depending on your destination, the duration of your flight, and the type of fare that you access during a flight booking service. Further, if you want to get certain tips and tricks to get free WI-FI service on Air Canada, read some essential points below.

  • You need to stay connected with free in-flight WI-FI, streaming, and messaging services on Air Canada.
  • If you have Aeroplane points to buy in-flight WI-FI service at check-in time, you can save your money. 
  • You will be able to enjoy two free months of Apple Fitness + service that you can redeem easily.  

Air Canada Inflight Entertainment App Download IOS 

When you successfully get the in-flight WI-FI service, you will obtain the Air Canada in-flight entertainment app download IOS, and access your in-flight entertainment on your device during your flight journey on Air Canada. You can also directly access the web browser and get complete access to explore the entertainment that you love, including movies, audiobooks, shows, and podcasts during your flight journey.

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