Can I be compensated if Delta cancels my flight?

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Posted By: Sofia Jonas

Delta Airlines is a premium airline that ensures you get satisfactory service and policies. In case your flight is cancelled by Delta Airlines for some reason, the airline ensures you get the best alternative options. As per the Delta refund policy, in case the airline is delayed significantly for more than 120 minutes, you have the choice to rebook an alternate flight for free, cancel the flight, and get a refund of unused ticket value or the e-credit for future travel. The article below will discuss some questions and answers to make it clearer, so stay tuned. 

Yes! If Delta cancels your flight or delays it for more than 120 minutes, you can apply for compensation for the value of the unused ticket. Besides, if you need to spend on hotel, transportation, and meals because of the flight cancellation, you can also apply for reimbursement. To get the compensation, you can submit the compensation form on the website and speak to the Delta agent. The amount of compensation is based on several factors; you can speak to the delta representative directly for exact information. 

Does Delta give compensation for delayed flights?

Yes! If your Delta flight is delayed for more than three hours and the situation is under Delta's control, you might get compensation for the delayed flight. Besides, if you are spending on hotels, meals, and transportation, ensure to save all receipts. The airline might provide reimbursement for the expense you made, and you would need to submit the receipt in that case. 

If you are a U.S or Canadian resident and spend on hotel, transportation, or meal expenses because of delays of more than 3 hours or cancellations which were under Delta airline control, you will have to submit the reimbursement form request by using the link

In addition, Delta Airlines does not provide you compensation in case delays or cancellations arise because of factors that are not under the airline's control, such as Air Traffic Control Delays and Weather Delays. Besides, you also don't get compensation in case of the following expenses: 

  • Prepaid expenses, such as hotels and activities at the passenger's destination
  • You choose alternative transport option to your final destination
  • Lost wages

How Much Delta Airlines Flight Compensation Are You Entitled to?

As per Delta Cancellation and Compensation flight policy, if your Delta flight is cancelled or you reach your destination more than 3 hours later than the scheduled arrival, you are entitled to get Delta flight delay compensation. How much compensation is charged depends on several factors, such as the destination you are flying to, class type, fare conditions, etc. You can speak with delta customer service directly to know the exact compensation amount in your case. 

What am I eligible for if Delta cancels my flight?

If Delta cancels your flight due to any controllable situation, then you will be eligible to get a refund of your unused portion of the ticket, or you might get the full refund of your ticket, but you will not be credited with the refund if there are some delay reasons such as the weather and more uncontrollable situations that they cannot control. So, the compensation from Delta depends on the situation that caused it to cancel the flight, and that defines your eligibility for a refund.

How many hours of flight delay before the compensation for Delta?

According to Delta, a delay of more than the period of 3 hours can get you compensation, also; the factor of the controllable situation means if the situation is controllable, like the shortage of their staff, and more like in which the airline is the reason, and no such uncontrollable condition like the weather then they have to provide you the compensation for that.

How do I ask Delta for compensation?

You can contact Delta customer service and ask Delta for compensation in various ways, which are mentioned below;

  • You can ask Delta for compensation by submitting the complaint on their website;
  • you can also contact them for compensation through a call by dialing '1800 221 1212', and you will be connected to the customer service agent who will listen to the issue.
  • You can also write them a mail stating your issue for compensation.
  • You may also tag them on social media 'addressing the issue for which you want compensation, and they will look into the matter and will reply to you regarding the same.

Conclusion: By reading the information in the content above, hopefully, you will get clarity about the topic. However, to learn more about Delta Cancellation and Compensation flight policy and related details, you can visit the official Delta website directly or speak to the agent. Hope you get the information you were looking for related to the compensation process Delta and how to contact them through Delta phone number and other ways.

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