Does Delta Airlines require anything for a child to fly?

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Posted By: Sofia Jonas

Delta Airlines has always been popular in the USA because of its top-notch flight services. Before traveling with your infants, if you have problems with "What does Delta require for a child to fly?" read the illustrative information covered in this blog. Delta is serious about child travel, and you must know some rules before traveling with them. However, the essential documents required for the child at Delta Airlines are valid passports, birth certificates, and other government-issued original identification.

What is the Delta Airlines Kids Policy?

If you want to reach a particular city with your kids using Delta flights but do not know about the infant rules, you may experience some problems. So, it is recommended that you focus on the Delta Airlines Kids policy and take all necessary steps for easy air travel. The given online information clarifies Delta Airlines' kid's guidelines clearly and helps you travel with them comfortably.

  • If your kids are under 2 years old, they can sit on the passenger's lap and travel on all USA routes for free.
  • But, when you travel outside the USA with infants under 2 years old, the ticket price will apply to up to 10% of the adult passengers, depending on the routes.
  • Kids who are in the age group of 2 to 4 years must have separate tickets and sit near adult passengers.
  • Tickets cost more for kids above 2 years old, but kids below 4 years old have fewer flight costs than adult passengers. However, the discounted tickets are subject to route types.
  • Also, children under 4 to 14 years old cannot travel alone on Delta Airlines, regardless of the class type, and at least one adult over 18 is required to handle them.
  • While traveling with the kids on Delta Airlines, you must bring your original birth certificates, passports, and other valid documents related to the policy.     

What are the rules for flying with a child?

Similarly, Delta also has some restrictive policies for children, especially those between the ages of 2 and 14. You can even use the Delta Phone number, 800-325-8847, to contact live agents and determine the exact child eligibility along with policy before resuming the airline services. Though, some of the Delta Airlines child guidelines are highlighted in the following points:.

  • In normal situations or connecting flights, Delta Airlines does not allow children under 15 years to travel alone on a flight.
  • Delta allows solo flight travel for children aged 5 to 14 if they have booked non-stop flight tickets under the unaccompanied minor programs.
  • Children traveling on international routes may need 10% of the adult fare, which allows them to carry a free checked bag up to 10 kg.
  • The maximum outside bag dimensions for children on Delta flights is 45 inches, including a collapsible stroller or pushchair. 

Does Delta require car seats for kids?

Delta Airlines does not require car seats if you travel with your kids in an FAA-approved child safety seat. Nevertheless, when your child is under 2 years old, you can travel with them on your lap or infants in arms as per the requirements. Still, if you have doubts about child and infant age restrictions for seats, visit the airline's page and check out the mentioned allowable age limit.

Does Delta require a birth certificate for infants?

Yes, birth certificates are mandatory for infants before Delta flights, irrespective of class and route type. The correct infant birth certificate will even help you use the Delta flight without problems. Infants' birth certificates inform them of their actual age when they wish to travel with Delta Airlines. However, you can also carry other infant documents, like passports and visas, while traveling on Delta flights.

When do I get to purchase a ticket for a child on Delta Airlines?

Infants below 2 years of age are allowed to travel for free on USA domestic routes, and no separate ticket purchase is mandatory. Nevertheless, when your infant turns 2 or older, you may need separate Delta tickets during travel, and you can check the flight ticket cost on the Delta official page. As per the rules, children are allowed to travel alone on Delta flights if they are over 15 years old. Otherwise, kids under 15 years old cannot travel alone to any destination without parental guidance, even if they have separate Delta tickets, except under the unaccompanied minor programs.

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