Did United Airlines Apologize after Dog Died in Overhead Compartment?

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Posted By: Charles Lawvens

United Airlines Responds with a Plea, Taking Responsibility for the Dog Who Died in their Overhead Compartment

United Airlines apologized to the pet owners planning to sue the airline on the record of their 10-month-old dog's death. The airline stated through an official email, "This is a tragic incident that should never have occurred, as pets should never be placed in the overhead bins." The dog, a 10-month-old bulldog kept inside the kennel in the overhead bin, died inside the storage during the three-hour journey, for which United has been taking preventive measures. 

There were witnesses to the fact that a flight attendant requested that the pet owner keep the bulldog in their overhead compartment. The bulldog was asked to be kept inside the overhead bin by a flight attendant a few minutes after the owner boarded the flight with her two children before Flight 1284 took off from Houston. The further journey took up to three hours for the flight to land at its arrival destination, i.e., New York.

A nearby passenger seated near the pet owner wrote down the incident in sequence, saying that when the flight landed, there was no response from the dog anymore, and he was found dead when the kennel was opened. United claimed to be assuming full responsibility for the incident and that they had conducted a thorough investigation to surmise what exactly happened with the dog and who was responsible. 

United Airlines Dog Death Compensation

The reported tragedy is not the only case entitled to United Airlines dog death compensation; there have been many incidents reported at the airline beforehand. There was a dog found dead in the cargo compartment of the airline, and many such tragedies have been reported at United for a very long time. However, on-board deaths do not make the airline a neglectful and irresponsible organization since they've declared an apology for the incident after the investigation. 

All dogs traveling on a United Airlines airplane are to be kept inside the soft interior kennel available onboard the flight, as per United Airlines dog policy. You cannot accommodate your pet without fulfilling the size eligibility at United. Go through the following points to understand the highlights of dog carriage terms and conditions on United flights:

  • Small dogs, fulfilling the size requirements, are carried in the soft kennels designed by United to accommodate the pets right below their owners. 
  • United allows all types of dogs, including service dogs, for passengers with disabilities. 
  • Your dog shouldn't age any less than 2 months for a domestic flight and 6 months for an international flight. 
  • You can reserve a United flight for your pet for a service fee of USD 125
  • You can book a United flight with your pet on the reservation number or official website. United Airlines pet travel cannot be booked via United's mobile app. 
  • Pet owners need to provide a medical certificate of date at least one week before the scheduled departure.
  • Your dog is also required to hold the required vaccination certificates before flying on United. 

How Strict is the United Pet Policy?

United has been very strict regarding the rules and regulations they have specified for flying a dog onboard their flights. The carriage requirements, including where the dog is to be kept as per the size limit, are also mentioned in the same pet policy at United. You can carry your pet only under your seat in a kennel or accommodate them as per United's pet-safe program. You can ship your pets from one destination to another using the unique flyer program.

How Much Does United Airlines Charge for a Dog?

If your dog is eligible to fly on a United-operated airplane, you can add the dog travel request to your flight itinerary while booking a flight at United Airlines. You can do so using the reservation helpline number or the official website of the airline. Once you're done adding the service, pay USD 125 at the checkout window to fly United with your pet. When you're done with the payment, you'll receive a confirmation message on your registered email. 

Do United Airlines Allow Dogs in-Cabin?

Affirmative. You are allowed to fly with your pet in-cabin if you fulfill the terms and conditions mentioned under the United Airlines In-Cabin Policy about its carriage requirements and other details:

Pets Allowed: Except in Hawaii, you can carry any pet of a standard size on your United flight, whether it is a dog or a cat. Pets are given comfortable accommodations and special meals onboard United Airlines. You are allowed to travel with any of the smaller domestic animals or service dogs on a United flight. 

Route Restrictions: Read the following points to understand the route restrictions imposed on pet travel at United:

  • Destinations such as Hawaii, Panama, Tahiti, South Africa, New Zealand, etc. are restricted from allowing any pet to travel to and from these destinations. 
  • United allows four pets per cabin in their routine aircraft operations. 
  • Passengers flying United with a pet cannot choose the exit row seats, the bulkhead seats, or the premium plus seats installed on the flight.
  • Pets are to remain in their carriers. The responsible person for the pet should be an adult. 

Carrier's Requirements: The pet carriers installed onboard a United flight should have a waterproof bottom, a proper ventilation arrangement, and a reliable fastener to hold the pet in place. The material used to make the carrier can be either soft or hard. The hard kennels are 44*30*19 cm in dimension, whereas the soft ones go up to 48*28*28 cm in size. 

Carriage Cost: United charges $125 for every pet trip you book with the airline. An additional charge of $125 is also requested from passengers who have a long-haul flight ticket with a minimum layover of at least 6 hours. 

How Strict is United with Pet Carrier Size?

The answer can only be explained by the carrier requirements you're asked to check before booking a pet on a United Airlines flight. United doesn't allow any pets to board the flight if they don't fit into the installed carriers onboard United aircraft. The pet policy for United makes it evident that you can only carry small domestic animals along with you inside the cabin.

Does United Airlines provide a Dog-Death Settlement?

Yes, United Airlines provides a dog death settlement to those families whose dog died in flight due to any reason and apologizes to them for their loss. You can also claim compensation from them by filing a complaint against United Airlines. To file the complaint by calling or visiting the airport counter desk, you can also fill out the feedback form and make a complaint against the airline. 

Does United Airlines Compensate for Dog Deaths?

Yes, United Airlines compensates for dog deaths where you claim your refund and recover your damage for the airline for your loss or harm. When your dog died due to mishandling, which caused injury and death,  you have the right to claim by calling or meeting an executive at their airport desk. If you want to claim the United Airlines Dog Death Settlement payout, then you can ask the staff and the airline to provide compensation, which is equivalent to a lost bag. 

What is the United Airlines Dog Policy?

If you are planning to carry your dog with you, then there are some restrictions and policies that you have to follow while booking a seat for your dog. These policies are: 

  • You can travel with two dogs by purchasing two tickets. 
  • You can carry a kennel with a 9-inch height, 17.5 inches in length, and 12 inches in width to carry a dog. 
  • Some countries do not permit dogs to fly, so you need to check the country's permission guidance. 
  • Your dog should be vaccinated against rabies, and you have to carry the certificate with you. 
  • You may have to pay up to 120 USD to 125 USD to travel with your dog, and you can also use your credit to pay the dog fare fee. 
  • You have to carry essential items, including a collapsible water bowl, leash, plastic bags, favorite toy, blanket, and pillow, to make them comfortable while flying. 

How Do I Book a Flight with a Dog on United Airlines?

There are so many ways to book a ticket for your dog and provide all the facilities. Here are some popular ways to book a seat for your dog: 

Call the Airline: If you want to take more than one dog with you and have a ticket with United Airlines, then you should call the airline number (+1 (800) 864-8331) and ask for a reservation. You can also claim a United Airlines dog death settlement if your pet gets harmed or injured while flying. 

Visit the Airport: You can directly visit the airport and ask an executive to make a reservation for your pet. They have a dedicated desk to listen to your concerns and solve them quickly.

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