How do I speak to someone on Singapore Airlines? "

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The best mode to talk to someone from Singapore Airlines is through a call. The customer service team under the airline can directly be communicated with by means of ringing the Singapore Airlines phone number to connect to the customer service team. The methodology for the same is given here for you to make a reference of:

  • Skim over the official website of Singapore Airlines. 
  • Peruse to find the Support icon at the bottom end of the page.
  • Scroll through the choices provided to select the Contact Us icon. 
  • A new page would be displayed with contact information. 
  • Search to find the calling number of the airline.
  • Place a call at +1 (833) 727-0118 and wait through the hold time.
  • The team would then get connected and provide the necessary support. 

How to call Singapore Airlines by phone?

Singapore Airlines provides you with the necessary help to travel globally without any hassle. The airline team should always be prepared to provide well-needed help, which can be possible if you call Singapore Airlines through the phone call procedure mentioned below.

  • You can go through the official Singapore Airlines page. 
  • After that, select the Contact Us tab, and the panel will open. 
  • Tap the phone call option on the panel, and the portal will show you the number.

Dial the Singapore Airlines phone number +6591848888 and get in touch with the IVR instructions. Following that, you will able to speak with the customer service executive. The executive will provide you with the necessary solution to the question you raised. 

What is the phone number of Singapore Airlines?

Singapore Airlines is easily connectible through a phone number, which would help you to talk to a live agent from the team. The official calling number with the airline is +1 (833) 727-0118, which you can dial as and when there is a requirement. 

Contact Informations:- Singapore airlines Different Countries

Countries  Phone Number


+ 30 210 994 25 67


+61 2 7209 4388


+33 1 86 47 73 99




(+855) 23 965 429

Brunei Darussalam     

(+673) 224 1750


+359 888 835 667


+31 207988732




+1 416 945 0299


+880 2222 284982

Azerbaijan Republic    

0099 412 310 34 33


+49 69 174 15 659


+49 69 174 15 659


+49 69 174 156 59

United States                

+1 (833) 727-0118

United Kingdom            

020 7660 8988

United Arab Emirates    

+971 800 0650 1645


(66) 2 460-7511

South Korea                  

+82 2 6465 0357


+65 6223 8888


+63 2 8539 4588

New Zealand                  

+09 282 0352

Hong Kong                  

+852 3077 3522


+977 1422 0759


+960 3310031


+60 3 2789 8798


+81 3 4578 4088


+62 21 2561 7913


+1800 121 212

How do I connect my phone to Singapore Airlines?

One of the best modes to connect on the phone with the airlines is through the Singapore Airlines live chat that has been made available. The chat box is available on the Contact Us page of the airline. Click on it to access the interface for chat, where you can type in your query or ask for information as per the requisite. The customer support team would assign an agent who would provide the necessary support and assistance.

Does Singapore Airlines support WhatsApp Calls?

No, Singapore Airlines does not support WhatsApp calls. However, you can avail of the services offered by the airline WhatsApp through the chat mode that has been made available as part of the WhatsApp web services available with the airline. 

Additionally, under scenarios when no revert is received on the WhatsApp interface, you can also connect with the team by means of text messaging on +65 9184 8888, where the team would give assistance in accordance with the requirement that you have.

How do I talk to someone on Singapore Airlines Australia?

You can talk to a representative from the Singapore Airlines team in Australia by means of a call. It would help you find the most suitable redressal as per the concern that has been put forth. The official number is +61 2 7209 4388, which you can dial up to connect through. Once the call gets connected after waiting time, ensure that you follow all the instructions given to get assigned an agent for the required help and support. 

How to contact Singapore Airlines by email support?

As part of the Singapore Airlines customer service, you can connect with the team by means of email support. For the same, the team has provided the email form, which can be filled out and submitted. The team would review the particulars shared and accordingly give a revert within the time period specified. 

How do I request a callback on Singapore Airlines? 

You can get a callback from the airline team via the contact form, or You can also request a call back on Singapore Airlines through a phone call option. After dialing the number +6591848888, you will listen to the set of instructions. Following that, you need to choose “request a callback from the airline representative,” and then the phone will be automatically disconnected. Finally, after some time, you will be able to get a call back from the airline customer service executive. 

How do I contact Singapore Airlines in the UK? 

You can contact Singapore Airlines in the UK through Singapore Airlines customer service number +6591848888, which is available 24 hours and seven days. The number can be dialed from the location in the UK. You can connect with the airline team and talk in your preferred language so that your communication will be more accessible. The doubts will be resolved entirely with appropriate guidance from the airline team. 

How to reach the claims and insurance department at Singapore Airlines?

You can reach the claims and insurance department at Singapore Airlines quickly via the helpline number +65 6995 1111, which has been designed by the airline team so that you can receive the necessary guidance regarding insurance from the team. After dialing the number, you need to give your details, and on the basis of that, the team will provide you with the insurance status. Then, finally, you can claim it and have a journey without any tension. 

You can connect with this article and clarify your doubts for further details. The team has been trained to listen to your query and complete the process. 

How do I lodge a complaint with Singapore Airlines?

You can lodge a complaint with Singapore Airlines through a feedback form, which you need to fill the form with the necessary details and then submit to the airline authority. The authority will go through your form and connect back to you with your details. Along with form you can also attach the supportive document with the form so that after verifying your form it will be easier for the team to find out the suitable solution to your question. You can also complain directly to the airline team via the toll-free number +6591848888. 

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