Do you get free drinks on Avianca?

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Posted By: Sofia Jonas

Yes, passengers can expect free drinks on Avianca Airlines if they are holding an elite status membership or have booked seats in business or higher travel class. However, they are not given on all routes. If you are an Avianca Airlines loyalty program "Insignia" member, then you can enjoy unl drinks on your flight.

Does Avianca have free alcohol?

Whether Avianca will offer free alcohol or not completely depends on your selected travel class. Though Avianca offers an onboard menu to all travel classes, free alcohol is only available for business class travelers.

What are Avianca's liquor policies?

If you have made bookings on Avianca Airliners and you are not familiar with the liquor intake and are searching about Avianca's liquor policies, then you must take note of the following crucial policies of the airlines:

  • Travelers are permitted to carry alcohol in their carry-on bags as per local authority allowances and rules.
  • Passengers are not permitted to carry more than 5 liters of these beverages in their carry-on bags and must restrict their intake to 70% alcohol.
  • Travelers must be at least 18 years old to carry liquor on Avianca.

Are drinks complimentary on Avianca flights?

Yes, there are many travel routes on which Avinnaca passengers are offered complimentary drinks. They can check the facility while making flight bookings.

How do I add drinks on Avianca?

Travelers can always add drinks to their bookings. They are expected to follow the online pointers mentioned below to complete the process:

  • Go to the official Avianca Airlines website.
  • Select the "Manage booking" option from the top menu bar.
  • Your booking ID and name on the ticket must be typed in to find the reservation.
  • Now, you must head to the food and drinks section.
  • Check the menu and select your option.
  • Make payment to complete the selection procedure.
  • Soon, your liquor will be added to your reservation

Can you take liquids on Avianca Airlines?

Yes, travelers are eligible for carrying liquids on Avianca Airlines; however, they must note that in any condition, they must not exceed the intake of more than 100 ml.

Can I leave any liquids in my carry-on bag?

No Avianca does not enable travelers to carry liquids in their bags if they are more than 3.4 oz. Also, it must be carefully noted that they must be packed properly and not leak. The airline representative will discard your liquid belongings if they exceed the limit or are not by the airline's policies.

How do contact Avianca Airlines for any inquiries?

Travelers who are bothered about liquor intake concerns or are having any other problems can contact customer services by dialing the official Avianca customer service phone number:1-866-919-0081 They can get hold of a live representative after following the instructions provided by an automated voice. Once their call gets attended by a live Avianca representative, they must not hesitate to mention their query and receive the required solution. Callers are eligible to discuss all their concerns in full detail until they are content with the solution presented by the Avianca representative.

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