[Asiana A380 ] Does Asiana Have Seat Selection?

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When Can I Select Seats on Asiana Airlines?

Asiana Airlines' major facilities are customer-centric. If you look in detail, you will find that every component has been designed in a way that customer can feel the comfort of their home being a thousand meters above the ground. While selecting an aircraft, the main focus of the customer stays on the seats because they want to provide the best facility to their family and friends. Asiana Airlines acknowledges the sentiments of customers very well and offers seats with different features. A customer can choose the seats according to their preferences. In this guide, you will get insights into seat selection terms of the Asiana Airlines, about A380 business suits, and much more. 

How Do I Avoid Paying for Asiana Airlines Seat Selection? 

Asiana Airlines provides several facilities to their passengers to elevate their overall journey experience. In the long route flights, the seat plays a vital role. If you get assigned a seat that is not of your choice or gives a feeling of discomfort, then it can ruin your whole journey. Hence, this is important to select your seats so that you can enjoy your air traveling. The questions like When can I select seats on Asiana Airlines? and How can I avoid paying for Asiana Airlines seat selection?; can be resolved by reading the next few lines, which are mentioned below: 

While booking: At the time of booking, the airlines provides you the facility to select the seat through seat mapping. Here, you can look at the seating arrangement along with the features that seats have, and then you can proceed with the process. 
At the time of check-in: If you skipped selecting the seats while booking, do not worry; the airline gives you one more chance while check-in for free. However, after check-in, you are not allowed to select or change your seat. 

Asiana Airlines Seat Selection 

Asiana Airlines offers Front Zone seats, Economy Stratium, Duo seats, and a few others. An advantage is given to passengers from the airline end that the passengers can select the seats. The seat selection will be paid or free; this will depend upon the terms and conditions of Asiana Airlines seat selection as well as the availability of the seats. 

Passengers can select their seats at the time of reservation for free. On the website of Asiana Airlines, you can see the option of choosing a seat; here, you need to select the seat. 

At the time of check-in, you can select the seats; after the check-in, you are prohibited from selecting your seats. 

The airlines will assign you a seat in the condition of no selection of seats. 

For Front Zone seats: The front-row economy class seat can be grabbed for free at the time of check-in. But there is a condition for International flights: you need to check-in 48 hours before the scheduled departure. While flights within the nation need to check-in 24 hours before the takeoff. 

For Economy Smartium: Passengers will get discounts up to 5% only when they book the tickets 2 days before their scheduled flight. 

For Extra legroom seats: Get up to 5% concession on making a reservation 48 hours prior to the takeoff using the Asiana website. 

Duo Seats: While booking the duo seats, passengers are allowed to book these seats independently. 

How Many Seats are on the Asiana A380 Business Class? 

Asiana A380 aircraft has economy and business class cabins for the passengers; the total number of seats is 495 seats. Talking about its business class, then, the total number of seats is 12 private seats. The seats in business suits are more luxurious and comfortable for the passengers looking for more privacy.  The main highlights of flying with Asiana A380 Business class are you get Designated Pet Seating, a Baby changing station, and a Bathroom. To enjoy all these facilities, you can plan your next trip with Asiana Airlines and the customer service will ensure making the journey hassle-free for you. 

Asiana A380 Business Class Seat Price

Asiana A380 Business class offers you comfortable seats that give you the feel of your home; in addition, you can enjoy the delicious meals selected from the menu according to the taste of your palate and a variety of amenities. Here, you can also have full-flat seats, wider beds, entertainment through a 32-inch display, and creative ceiling lights designed specially to give the passengers a peaceful sleep. The price of Asiana Airlines A380 Business class is :

One-Way Trip: Frankfurt-Seoul/Incheon- pay 3550EUR. 

Round Trip: Frankfurt-Seoul/Incheon- pay 5497EUR. 


To sum up, Asiana Airlines is one of the best airlines when it comes to fulfilling the parameters of their customers. The best part of flying with Asiana Airlines is their customer service facility. This guide will help you learn about the Business class of Asiana Airlines along with other crucial seat selection details. If you need more information, reach out to the authorized website of Asiana Airlines. Happy traveling! 

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