[Advice]: What is carry-on bag size limit on Breeze Airways?

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Posted By: Sofia Jonas

Breeze Airways is a low-budget USA-based air carrier that offers flight services to around 50 developed states. Before traveling with its flights, you may think of, "Does Breeze allow free carry-on?" and how many the Airline offers willing passengers. Free carry-on on Breeze flights depends typically on the ticket type and class. In most cases, you can bring free personal bags or one carry-on bag on the Breeze flight to reach any particular destination. Otherwise, when you take additional or overweight bags, you will incur some charges that depend on the routes and other fare differences.

What is the Breeze Airways carry-on policy?

Breeze Airways has a convenient baggage rule that states you can carry any bag only up to a specific limit and restricts some items. However, the provided Breeze Airways carry-on policy is presented in the following points, which you must consider before bringing any bags on the airplane.

  • You can bring one personal item for free on the Breeze flights, regardless of ticket fare.
  • The personal items may include purses, laptops, and mobile chargers.
  • Breeze Airways also offers single carry-on bags to all passengers except those with No-Flex fare tickets.
  • The personal items' dimensions should be under 17X13X8 inches on Breeze flights.
  • Breeze Airways carry bag dimensions should not exceed 22X14X9 inches, respectively, and the allowable weight is 35 pounds.
  • Carry-on bags are allowed to passengers under individual purchases.
  • Similarly, Breeze Airways offers checked bags of linear sizes under 62 inches, with an overall weight of 50 pounds.
  • Bags over 99 pounds and an overall size beyond 80 linear inches will not be accepted on Breeze flights.
  • Items packed under two different bags will counted as another buggage.   

What is Breeze Airways' carry-on size limit?

The allowable carry-on size limit on Breeze Airways will be 22X14X9 inches, including both handles and wheels. This is the standard size for carry-on bags on Breeze Airways, and bags beyond this size will count as checked bags. 

What is the carry-on bag weight limit on Breeze Airways?

The maximum weight for carry-on bags on Breeze Airways is around 35 pounds, and you will incur some fees for additional weight. So, before using the Breeze flight, you should inquire about the weight of your bag to avoid extra costs.

Do you have to pay for carry-on on Breeze Airways?

Yes, you should submit a reasonable cost for every carry-on bag on Breeze Airways, depending on the bag's weight. However, you can add additional or oversized bags to your carry-on on Breeze Airways with the Guest improvement team or at the Airport before departure. The approximate value you must submit for carry-on bags is around $50 to $75 per bag.

Does Breeze Airways charge for carry-on luggage?

Extra service fees will apply whenever you carry additional bags on Breeze Airways, depending on whether the bag is oversized or overweight. Usually, when you add extra carry-on luggage through Breeze Airways' official page or customer service departments, you must submit around $50 per bag. However, while adding the carry-on luggage services at the Airport, the additional cost of around $75 per bag will be applicable. 

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