[Qatar Stopover]: How does its work and Add?

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Posted By: Sofia Jonas

Yes, Qatar Airways offers a stopover program. However, these flight conditions are subject to availability, and many conditions need to be followed to take advantage of this program. Further, when you are competent enough to book a ticket, then you can fully fulfill your requirement by using any of these modes. 

Give a ring to the airline: A suitable and simplest option to travel with a stopover program in Qatar Airways is called. Here, you do not have to go through any lengthy process and collect all the necessary information. For that, you can dial Qatar phone number, 1 (877) 777-2827. 

Use online booking: A hidden clause could be unveiled by carrying the task online. In this way, you can make a decision depending on ahead information, and the clues to do the same have been mentioned at the bottom:-

  • Open authenticated site of Qatar Airways
  • Later on, click on the “stopover” options
  • Further, enter the flight information and choose the days of staying. 
  • Then, you could pick a flight with the hotels and confirm the package
  • Now, enter the traveler information and pay the cost
  • After that, a ticket could be received in the registered emails. 

How does the Qatar stopover program work?

Qatar Airways' “stopover” program permits travelers to stay in Qatar or Doha for a limited time period. This could add an extra to the journey, but it is regulated according to the Qatar Stopover policy because it contains rules for its regulations. 

  • This fare is only valid for Qatar Airways ticket holders, and the transit durations in Doha should be at least 12 hours. 
  • The maximum number of stays for a stopover flight is around 4 nights only. 
  • The regions such as Qatar and Doha should not be added in the origin or destinations column. 
  • This program is only available on the selected flight and is also subject to availability. 
  • One stopover is allowed per ticket, and the discretionary power could completely lie in the hands of the immigration authority.
  • If your visa gets rejected in any way, then your ticket could be canceled, too.
  • When you have begun traveling, then no full or partial payment can be refunded.  

Can I add Qatar stopover after booking a flight?

Yes, you can add a Qatar stopover after booking a flight. If you didn’t select “Doha '' or “Qatar” as an origin or destination city and the transit time is more than 12 hours. For confirmation, you can try reaching out to Qatar customer service and getting a resolution. 

How can I get a stopover visa in Qatar?

A benefit of Qatar Airways stopover could be availed by having a visa. It is because when you have a valid visa then, only you can be allowed to use this feature. To get the same, you can apply for an e-visa, and the clues for that are as such:-

  • Go to Qatar's official visa site, visitqatar.com
  • Select “Register Now” options
  • Upload a document with other information
  • Submit the same and pay the cost 
  • Once this is approved then you could receive confirmations too. 

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