[Facts]: Does WhatsApp Work in Qatar?

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Posted By: Sofia Jonas

Questions may arise if you plan to visit Qatar soon, such as: Does WhatsApp video calls work in Qatar? We have provided the relevant information in the following data so that you can easily find accurate answers to the raised questions. No WhatsApp video call works in Qatar because the government has blocked WhatsApp due to telecommunication law and internet censorship. The government blocked this app service mainly to protect national security interests and maintain cultural values. Beyond this, some people try bypassing the restrictions by using the VPN, but remember that it is illegal. 

Is WhatsApp call legal in Qatar?

If you are wondering, Are WhatsApp calls legal in Qatar? You should remember that using WhatsApp to make a call is illegal in Qatar. If anyone tries to bypass this by using a VPN, they will face heavy penalties. The Qatar government blocked WhatsApp due to telecommunication laws; however, they have introduced a few alternative communication Apps, such as Telegram, Callmama, Signal, Kalam Time, and Skype. Before using these local Apps, one should know the basic rules and regulations. In the information below, you will find a few key points that you should remember to avoid any inconvenience.

  • As you have read, WhatsApp is blocked in Qatar because of telecommunication rules and internet censorship. Still, sometimes, individuals try to bypass it, which is illegal and leads to heavy fines and penalties.
  • Thus, the Qatar government has introduced several other communication channels, such as Skype, Botim, Kalam Time, and Telegram.
  • However, it is advised that people be familiar with the government rules and regulations before using these communication apps in Qatar.
  • Passengers are highly recommended to use the best internet practices for internet use to ensure compliance.

How can I use WhatsApp video calls in Qatar?

Generally, you are not allowed to use WhatsApp video calls in Qatar. If you want to access it, follow the steps given.

  • You need a VPN to unblock WhatsApp in Qatar.
  • The VPN should be an Express VPN, Cyber Ghost, or Nord VPN.
  • If you wish to enjoy reliable WhatsApp calling, avoid free services.

Which video-calling app works in Qatar?

Several apps, such as CallMama, Kalam Time, and Botim, are legally used in Qatar for video calling instead of WhatsApp. However, these apps consume the internet, so you need a suitable data plan or wi-fi access.

Why can't I video call in Qatar?

Individuals can't video call in Qatar using WhatsApp, but you can use Skype, Snapchat, and Telegram, which can work in Qatar. 

Can I FaceTime in Qatar?

To use FaceTime in Qatar, you should go through the following points.

  • To unblock FaceTime, install the app to connect the device anonymously.
  • You should hide your IP address using a 100% secure Aeroshield service.
  • Then, use your Facetime video call without any issues.

Do Qatar iPhones have FaceTime?

Facetime is not available on Qatar iPhones as the carrier does not provide technical support for iPhones in that country. Unfortunately, Facetime on iPhone is inaccessible due to restrictions or Voice over Internet Protocol services. To learn more, contact Qatar customer service.

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