How Do I Contact EGYPTAIR Call Center USA?

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Posted By: Charles Lawvens

Contacting customer service might be a complex procedure. Unlike other airlines, EgyptAir has a simple approach. Suppose you have bought a flight ticket with EgyptAir, and you need more information about your flight service. Then, you can ask this directly to the EgyptAir customer service experts by contacting them. Numerous ways have been offered that a customer can use, and apart from all those ways, this page will teach you some of the best ways to contact them and get a response more quickly from them.

EGYPTAIR: Phone Number, Hotline 0900

Contact via Phone Call: One can follow the regular calling process where you will be making a phone call by dialing the EGYPTAIR hotline 0900, and you will be connected to the agent. Here's the calling process:.

  • Hear the call instructions by dialing 0900 70000 from your mobile.
  • An automated voice will guide you, and you can press the buttons to choose the options.
  • Once you are connected to the agent, ask them your query, and they will guide you with their expertise.

Contact via Email: Another method that you can use to get in touch with EgyptAir is email, where you send all your concerns or reservation-related requests to their official email address, and they will provide assistance. You may find the email method slow because sometimes it takes 2-3 days to send the response. Create your email and send it to or As soon as your email is sent to the department, they will review it thoroughly and resolve your query or request.

You will receive a response from the team within a few days. 

Reach the office: Sometimes, you may not find the resolution over the phone call, and you must reach the office. One can easily reach the address at 90 Broad Street, Suite 501, New York, NY 10004, USA, and meet with the EgyptAir executives, who are well trained in handling customer queries and other related issues. Please bring related documents at the time of your visit. 

How Do I Contact EGYPTAIR Nairobi?

To contact Egyptair Nairobi, you will find various ways. Below are contact methods that you can use if you wish to contact Egyptair in Nairobi. 

Via phone: You will be using +254 20 222 6821 to dial and speak to the representative, asking for their assistance.

Via Email: Compose your email and send it to, and you will soon see a reply.

Via Fax: One can also use this method to contact Egyptair in Nairobi, which is sending the fax at +254 20 221 3198.

Reach their office: Reaching the office and meeting with the executive would be a great option to communicate with Egyptair in Nairobi, and you can follow this address: Ground Floor, International House Mama Nagina ST, Nairobi PO Box 41931.

Customer service hours: It is important to keep in mind while making contact with Egyptair in Nairobi that their customer service hours start from 9 to 5 from Monday to Friday, and weekends are closed. 

What is the Phone Number for EgyptAir Reservations? 

To make a reservation on an Egyptair flight, one can use the EGYPTAIR phone number and make a call. By using +1 212 581 5600, you will be speaking with the reservation agent. 

How Do I Contact EgyptAir for Lost Baggage? 

One can easily get support if their baggage is lost, and in such cases, contacting the baggage lost and found department would be the best option. If you ever face such a situation, then you can use the EGYPTAIR lost baggage telephone number and contact the appropriate person who will help you find your baggage as soon as possible. Other than that, you can also use an alternate approach to contact Egyptair for lost baggage, and these are as follows:

Online: With the online method, one can reach the official website and then jump to the baggage section, where one will find the option to report lost baggage. Fill out the form and submit it. You will get a baggage tracking ID that you can use to track your baggage.

Offline: You can reach the airport and visit the airport baggage department, where the local baggage executive will register your complaint by taking useful information that will be used to find your baggage, and if found, they will contact you back and deliver it to you.

How do I Book Flights with EgyptAir Online?

Here is the process for EGYPTAIR booking, given in steps.

  • Reach, and you will find the reservation tab.
  • Enter your trip information and search for flights.
  • From the available flights, pick a suitable flight and go through the flight booking guidelines shown on the screen.
  • At last, complete the payment process and get the ticket confirmation in your email.

Does EGYPTAIR have a 24-hour Cancellation Policy?

There is no doubt that Egyptair has a cancellation policy that allows passengers to cancel their flight within 24 hours of departure, and there will be no flight cancellation fee charged to them. 

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