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Posted By: Sofia Jonas

When all you can think of is the post-case scenarios while making any cancellations to your flight reservations in these uncanny times, it is indeed advised to get a hold of the airlines’ cancellation policy to deduce any vague information you might have had. Emirates has profound customer service in terms of airline-passenger transparency. If you have had a change of plans on your next business trip or the friend's wedding you were planning to attend, you must get accustomed to the Emirates cancellation and refund policy for a smoother experience.

What is the Emirates cancellation policy?

At Emirates, they understand all the uncertainties you come across and allow you to cancel your flight reservation as per their cancellation policy. Here’s a glimpse for you:

  1. Emirates offers a 24-hour cancellation policy, with which you’re free to cancel your tickets within the 24-hour window if you have a sudden change of plans or, who knows if you found a better deal with another Emirates aircraft. This cancellation is subject to the Emirates 24-hour cancellation policy as well as the departure time.
  2. If you have made a business class reservation, you can also use the privilege of anytime cancellation before 3–4 hours of your flight time with the tickets you bought. 
  3. Suppose you have a medical emergency, You may cancel your tickets and apply for a refund, subject to submitting relevant documents to support the event. 

What is the Emirates Refund Policy?

Travelers anticipating canceling their flight tickets reserved with Emirates must check the imposed policies first to know the conditions and consequences. The Emirates refund policy is mentioned below for reference:

  • A refund of the flight tickets will be allowed when the cancellation is made within the cancellation window. 
  • The total fare will be refunded by Emirates when the cancellation is within 24 hours of the flight reservation time. 
  • After the 24-hour reservation window, the individuals will be allowed a partial refund, depending on the fare conditions. 
  • There are no Emirates refund fees for requesting the refund. 
  • The refunds are offered based on the source of payment for the canceled flight. 
  • The non-refundable flights do not get a fare refund after the cancellation at Emirates. The applicable taxes and fees on the flight ticket will be refunded. 

Emirates 24-hour Cancellation Policy

Did you make a booking by mistake or find a better deal? Emirates got you. You can cancel your flight reservation without any additional applicable fee, can you imagine? Emirates' 24-hour cancellation policy allows its passengers to cancel their booking on any fare type within the 24-hour window of their booking time using  Emirates customer service, subject to the time of departure. You will be eligible for refunds only if you cancel your tickets 2 hours before the time of departure.

How do I get a refund from Emirates?

The request for your flight cancellation refund can be sent to Emirates by filling out an online form, and the officials will process it in a few working days. You need to follow these prompts to fill out the refund form:

  • Go to the Emirates Help and Contacts page,
  • Select the "Refund Request" column, 
  • You must provide booking information, personal details, refund type, and payment details on the refund form.
  • Next, press the Submit key, and the refund request will be submitted to Emirates. 

How much is to be paid as an Emirates cancellation fee?

To understand Emirates cancellation fees as per various ticket types, go through the following:

  1. Refundable flight tickets: Emirates usually charges approximately 200 USD in normal conditions as per Emirates’ cancellation policy. The rest of the amount will be credited immediately against your current fare. 
  2. Non-refundable flight tickets: It is advised to send a refund request if you made a non-refundable booking with Emirates. Your entire ticket fare is charged as a cancellation fee in case you’re a no-show, or you opt for cancellation within the 24-hour window.

How do I apply for a refund of your Emirates flight booking?

You may request a refund, subject to your Emirates fare type and Emirates Refund Policy, upon visiting their official refund request web page at Fill out the credentials and submit your refund request. 

How do I know if my Emirates ticket is refundable?

Easy, just select your flight and toggle to the booking details. Below the selected fare type, you can locate the fare rules. They have detailed information if your ticket is refundable, non-refundable, or even eligible for a 24-hour cancellation.

Can I cancel my Emirates flight without penalty?

Yes, you are allowed to cancel your Emirates flight without penalty under the 24-hour booking time frame. Any cancellation of a ticket after 24 hours from the booking time period will come with a price tag that you must bear. However, the flight's scheduled date must be 7 days after the booking time to get the penalty-free cancellation benefit. 

How to make a request to cancel your Emirates flight?

If you are eligible to cancel your booking according to your fare conditions, you can cancel through the Manage Booking option on the website. You can access your booking with the reservation code and name on the site and navigate the "Flight Cancellation" option. There might be a need to pay a fee to complete the process. 

Can I r?sch?dul? my flight instead of canc?lling it?

If it is possible to make adjustments to the reservation at Emirates, the passenger is not required to cancel their flight entirely. Emirates allows individuals to reschedule the flight according to their needs till the 40-minute departure of the originally scheduled flight. Ensure you have a flexible flight booking and request the desired changes by contacting Emirates customer service or website. You must bear the rescheduled fee and fare difference to make the booking suitable according to your new plans. 

Emirates Cancelled Flight Compensation

In any unforeseen case, if Emirates is bound to cancel a flight, they promise to compensate each and every traveler for the inconvenience. Often, the travelers are offered a new booking on the next available flight or a full-fare refund for the flight cancellation. Compensation also depends on the fare conditions and the situation. To learn more about eligibility, you must contact the officials at the Emirates help desk. 

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