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Posted By: Sofia Jonas

EVA is one of those airline that enable travelers to cancel their bookings. Customers always have to make sure that they follow the cancellation and refund policies framed by the airline. If you wish to collect information regarding cancellation policies or procedures you can read the information provided in the subsequent section. Customers can also contact Eva Air customer service, to get their trip cancelled and get back their money. 

What are the EVA cancellation policy guidelines? 

Travelers who want to cancel their reservations need to follow the important policies; some quick Eva Air cancellation policy highlights are mentioned below: 

  • Travelers can cancel their bookings within the initial 24 hours of bookings to avoid paying flight cancellation charges.
  • If they cancel their existing reservations after this period, then they have to pay flight cancellation charges.
  • In case your flight is canceled by Eva Air, then you will either be provided an alternate flight to your destination or you can even get a refund.
  • To receive a refund from the airline, you must make sure that you cancel the booking at least 7 days before flight departure.
  • If you are holding a refund ticket, then you cannot request a refund online.
  • If you have travel insurance, then you can claim a refund from EVA air post-flight cancellation.

What is the Eva Air 24-hour cancellation policy?

EVA Air follows the famous 24-hour flight cancellation policy, according to which all the ticket holders to cancel their reservations within this duration of the 24-hour window are exempted from paying flight cancellation charges. Not only this, if they are liable for requesting a refund they can expect a full refund within this time. For the same EVA Air refund policy must always be taken into account. 

What are the reasons for EVA flight cancellation?

Cancellations are common situations while traveling, but there reasons can be different for different passengers. Some of the common possibilities under which ticket holders have to cancel their reservations are mentioned below:

  • If their travel plan gets postponed or canceled.
  • If an airline cancels their reservation.
  • If they find cost-effective alternate flight options to their destination.
  • If they come across an unavoidable medical emergency.
  • If Eva air flight is delayed for several hours. 

How to cancel an EVA flight ticket? 

Travelers who have already booked their tickets on EVA Air flights and cannot continue with the reservation can cancel their bookings online. It must be noted that Eva Air cancellation fees must have to be paid to get tickets canceled. They are expected to make use of the series of steps mentioned below to get their bookings canceled:

  • Go to the official Eva Airlines website.
  • Click on the manage option.
  • You must now tap on cancel booking.
  • Booking reference code along with traveler information must be inserted to find your ticket.
  • You need to click on the confirm button.
  • To receive a refund you need to fill in the mandatory details of the form. 
  • Soon, you will receive a flight cancellation email. 

Cancel EVA flight tickets by contacting customer care services: Not every time it is mandatory to cancel your bookings following the online process; customers also have the advantage of communicating with customer services to cancel their reservations. They can make use of the steps described below to get through the EVA representative handling cancellation:

  • Callers need to dial the official EVA air phone number: 1-800-695-1188
  • Now, they need to go through the instructions generated by an automated voice.
  • As the call gets connected to a representative, they need to mention their reservation tickets to cancel their bookings.
  • They can also mention their reason for cancellation, and if have validating documents, they can provide them.
  • Pay the flight cancellation fee. 

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