[Infant] How Do I Add My Child To My Wizz Air Booking?

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Posted By: Charles Lawvens

Wizz Air provides the facility to add your child to your booking so the entire family and the toddler can enjoy the trip. So, if you are thinking of adding your child to your Wizz Air booking, then in that case, it is possible to add to a pre-existing booking through Wizz Air customer service 0905 707 0000 only, which is available 24 hours from Monday to Sunday to make arrangements for the child so this is how it gets done with few simple steps. The best part is that no cost will be charged during the call.

  • Go to the official Wizz air panel.
  • After that, move to the infant and children section and choose the phone call option.
  • Now, the panel will show the toll-free number 0905 707 0000; dial it and connect with the team. Then, provide the details based on the addition of children's requests processed.
  • Finally, the airline will send the confirmation code to the email address and the flight ticket with the children's details. 

Does Wizz Air Add the Child to the Booking Cost?

Wizz Air adds the child to the booking cost per the airline's rules. Children who are older than 14 days to 2 years can travel with the accompanying adults on their lap for 34$ per route, which is a one-way flight. 

An additional call center charge will be applicable after you have paid the fees through Wizz Air customer service at 0905 707 0000. 

If it is an online booking, there is no tax, and no booking fine will be charged with the infant fee. 

What is Wizz Air's Child Policy?

According to the Wizz Air child policy, specific rules will be followed according to the child's age, and they are mentioned below. 

In the case of infants from 14 days to 2 years old, then infant fare will be charged. The infant must sit on a guardian's lap. One infant per adult is allowed 

in case of children from 2 years to 14 years; then, the adult fare will be charged. On the other hand, if the adult is 14 or 16 years old, then the adult fare will be applied, and the respective child can travel alone. They cannot be responsible for another child. 

At last, if the adult is 16 years or older, then the fare will be charged. Along with that, they can take responsibility for a child, and the child can be escorted by a group of a maximum of ten children.

As per the policy, only one infant is allowed on the lap, and rear-facing car seats can be taken on the board if the additional seat is purchased. 
At the time of departure and return, flights must be under the age of 2. 

In the case of children under 14, they can only fly if an adult co-passenger accompanies the passenger. Then, the adult can travel with the children under the following conditions.

The adult should be at least 16 years old and responsible for the child.

Per the airline rules, one adult can accompany ten children, and children older than 14 can travel without company.

14 or 15 years old can travel alone but cannot be responsible for different children during the trip. 

What is all About Wizz Air Child Seat Selection?

First, as per the Wizz Air child seat selection policy, the passenger can opt for a rear facing infant car seat, which should be equipped with an inside seat belt on board in case the additional seat has been purchased. The car seat must be installed with a latch to be safe, secure, and fastened with the seat belt.
Passengers can purchase the additional seat at an average price during the online reservation. If the passenger has already done so and has confirmed through Wizz Air customer service 0905 707 0000, the best part is there is no need to pay the call center transaction fees. 

Wizz Air Seat Selection for Children Online:

If the passenger has made the booking and wants to book the extra seat online, he must enter the "INFANT" code as the passenger's first name. The passenger's surname must be entered in the last name field. If it is an online booking, connect with Wizz Air customer service, give the infant's full name, and confirm if they will travel in a car seat. 

On the extra seat reservation, the additional baggage allowance for infants and the infant fee are not charged. 

Does the Airline Allow Wizz Air Child Stroller?

The airline allows Wizz Air child strollers, but the baby stroller must be tagged with the priority tag to be permitted into the cabin. The child stroller must be foldable, and the passenger can lift it to the aircraft door or the portable stairs. 

As per these needs, it is to be kept in mind that the Yoyo baby stroller ( it is a lightweight model that is designed to fold ) will be permitted as cabin baggage in exchange for a cabin trolley bag if it's folded in such a way that the dimensions will match to the cabin trolley bag. The respective passenger has already taken the cabin trolly bag allowance. 

The ground staff will inspect the stroller using the sizer machine at the check-in or baggage drop-off desk. 

Does Wizz Air Add the Child to the Booking Baggage Allowance?

As per the airline authority, Wizz Air will allow adults traveling with infants to get baby accessories ( no pushchair, foldable stroller, or crib on board). 
It has been issued by the airline authority that prams and pushchairs will be checked in with other baggage and carried free of cost, but the only condition is that the user of the equipment is traveling. If no infant or child is involved, the items will be carried as check-in baggage for an additional cost. 
For further details, feel free to connect with the Wizz Air team and receive a positive response to your question. 

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