How do I ask Emirates a question?

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Posted By: Sofia Jonas

After making your flight reservation with Emirates, if you encounter any issues regarding the airline's offered services or have any queries, you can speak to a live person at Emirates and discuss the questions you have been holding. If you wonder, "How do I ask Emirates a question?" You can discuss all your queries with the airline's representative in multiple ways. You can call the agent or reach out through the other online mode offered. Pick any of your preferred procedures from the respective mode to get further assistance from the agent.

How can I get through to Emirates?

The most convenient way to get support from the airline's representative is to connect with the agent over the phone. Place a call on the Emirates phone number and discuss your queries with the agent directly. The agent will connect on the call and revert to you instantly, granting you a prominent solution to your query. To begin with this mode, focus on the points mentioned below.

  • Start by dialing the Emirates customer care phone number 1 800 777 3999.
  • Choose your preferred language and the accurate IVR option amount for the following.
  • The agent will contact you by phone to help you with your questions regarding the airline.
  • Speak to the agent about your concerns and get an instant response to your queries.

What are Emirates Airlines' working hours?

To get an instant and quick response from the Emirates representative, try connecting with the airline live person during customer service hours, from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm. By any chance, if you have connected with the airline representative during the other hours, then you will be connected to the virtual assistant. 

Can I chat with Emirates customer service?

Yes, instead of connecting with the airline representative over the phone, you can discuss your questions with Emirates customer service by reaching out through live chat support. Pen down all your queries in the respective chat space, and the agent will get back to you instantly by granting you a prominent solution to your query. To begin with this mode, continue by following up on the steps mentioned below and proceed.

  • Open the official website of Emirates Airline from your browser.
  • Choose the help option from the bar and scroll the screen beneath.
  • You will locate the live chat option on the page and tap on it to proceed.
  • The chat box will appear on your screen and mention all your questions.
  • The agent will get back to you immediately by granting you a suitable solution.

Do Emirates respond to complaints?

While assessing the airline services, if you face any issue with them, you can file a complaint with the Emirates customer support team, and the representative will try to respond to your complaint as soon as possible. To file a complaint, you can speak to the airline's live person directly on the phone or fill out the complaint form available on the Emirate's official website; else, you can further choose to send a complaint by writing an email to " and get a response from an agent shortly. 

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