How do I Avoid Paying Baggage Fees on Spirit Airlines?

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Outline of the Spirit Baggage Policy for your Upcoming Booking

Such low fares on your next flight booking! Fancy, isn’t it? No matter being one of the most cost-effective carriers, Spirit provides a marvelous in-flight experience to all its passengers. However, once you add up the baggage fee to your ticket fare, the prices don’t show any significant difference from an average airline's prices. Though, you can avoid paying this baggage fee right at the onset of your booking till any time towards your boarding.

Ways of Avoid Extra Baggage Fees on Spirit Airlines

Want to cut off the additional baggage fees on your existing booking with Spirit Airlines? Go through the given options to get your hands on better travel deals as well as a minimum baggage fee on Spirit:

Explore more with Free Spirit: Avail marvelous benefits with this Spirit Airlines Loyalty program, specially curated for your better experience. Free Spirit Gold Status allows you to carry a free carry-on and checked bag on your respective ticket. You’ll have to earn a minimum of 5000 SQPs to earn the status of a gold member. 

However, you cannot extend the services to any of your travel buddies.

Accept the Salute from Active Duty Military: Spirit Airlines salutes the U.S. military with their Active Duty Military service. The members get two free checked bags and a free carry-on in addition to the already free personal item. To verify your military status with Spirit,

  • Present a valid U.S. military identification card when checking bags at the airport counter.
  • Get verified online using ID.ME, a third-party verification service, during booking.

Swipe your Airline Incidental or Travel Credit card: Once you finish making the booking and the Spirit Payment window appears on your screen, save the extra booking expenses by using your travel credit card. Multiple banks offer an airline incidental fee statement credit, which you may use for Spirit Airlines bag fees so far if the baggage fee is charged separately from the flight cost. Airlines also have many travel cards that allow credits on services like checked bags free of cost or at minimum prices.

What Are the Baggage Fees for Spirit Airlines?

None of the tickets against Spirit Airlines’ fare types include any of the airlines’ additional services and neither essentials like a checked bag. The baggage fee for Spirit may vary with the route and selected fare type, as well as the time of payment. Go through the following to understand the same:

  1. Carry-on baggage fee: Yes, supposedly, at Spirt Airlines, you are charged for the prominent elements such as your carry-on bags. This charge resides somewhere in the middle, between $35 to $50, depending upon your booking.
  2. Checked baggage fee: Spirit Airlines charges differently for your first, second, or any extra baggage apart from the first two. Find the checked baggage fee below;
  • First checked bag: You’re charged below $30 if you book your bags at the time of booking or up to $38 if otherwise.
  • Second checked bag: The second bag costs around $70-80, as per your payment type or if you hold the membership of Spirit Saver$ Club.
  • Third through fifth checked bag: Pay up to $100 to add any extra bags.
  1. Oversized/ Overweight baggage fee: The maximum allowed size and weight is 80 linear inches (203 cm) or 100 pounds (45 kg). Spirit Airlines charges a minimum baggage fee of $79 if your baggage limit exceeds the given criteria.

What are the Baggage Size and Weight Limits on Spirit Airlines?

Go through the given information to get accustomed to Spirit’s baggage allowance limits:

  1. Personal items(e.g., Laptop bag) cannot include wheels or handles or exceed the limit of 8 by 14. 
  2. Your carry-on bag must be 22 inches by 18 inches by 10 inches or smaller, suitable to fit in the overhead bin.
  3. There’s a 40-pound weight limit on your checked bags, with a measurement of 158cm or less. Oversized bags can’t exceed 80 linear inches (203 cm) or 100 pounds (45 kg).

How To Save on Spirit Baggage Fees?

Join the Spirits Saver $ Club! The membership offers you many eye-catching deals, except for saving your baggage fees for you. Even though the Spirit Saver$ Club isn’t free, the cost may not adhere to the fantastic deals. Join the club by paying:

  • $69.95 for 12-month membership
  • $99.90 for 18-month membership. 
  • $129.90 for 24-month membership.

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