[Fiji Airways]: Flight, Name, Seat, Date and Day Change Policy

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Posted By: Sofia Jonas

Fiji Aiprovidesrovide a flexible change poli that travelers can easily make the necessary changes to their existing bookings. Passengers who have booked flights directly with Fiji Airways are eligible to be modified online; otherwise, you can update the necessary changes through a call to the Fiji Airways customer service number, which is available to assist travelers. To update the necessary changes on call, you should follow a few steps.

  • To modify the booking on call, passengers are advised to dial 1800-227-4446 and wait for the response.
  • Press the number key, which leads to connecting the call with the executive.
  • Once the call is linked, the help desk agent asks for a few necessary details.
  • Share the booking details and ask them to make the necessary changes.
  • After that, you will receive the payment link for the difference in fare.

Fiji Airways Flight Change Policy

As we know, travelers are permitted to change their booking details as per the Fiji Airways Flight Change Policy, but there are several other terms and conditions that passengers must know to understand under which circumstances the change fee will be charged or not. Here are some main points of the policy:

  • Fiji Airways' flight change policy said that a few fare types are permitted for change, which are Economy Plus, Biz Value, and Biz Plus; however, Economy Value and Comfort are not allowed to change.
  • Passengers who have shared the change request within 24 hours of purchase are not supposed to pay the change fee, but the difference fare should be paid.
  • Online change is permitted for tickets purchased directly from Fiji Airways.

How do I change or modify my Fiji Airways flight dates?

If you want to avoid the long waiting time on call, then you can easily change the flight time or date in an existing flight booking online through the Manage Booking tool as per Fiji Airways' date change policy, but the passenger must have a few essential details handy, such as the booking confirmation number and the surname of the traveler. To know more details about the online process, you should check the following details, as mentioned below:

  • Go to the Fiji Airways official website and scroll down the homepage.
  • Find the Manage tab, under which you will see the Manage Booking tool, and select it.
  • Passengers may be required to enter the booking details to confirm the booking and check if the booking is eligible for online change.
  • A screen will show the list of flights Choose yours and click on the Change tab.
  • Here you should select the change date or time and follow further instructions to update the necessary changes.
  • Kindly proceed to make the payment for the difference in fare and service charges if remaining, either through a card or another online payment method.

How much does it cost to change flights on Fiji Airways?

Passengers must have a clue about the Fiji Airways flight change fee before sharing the change request; however, it may vary as it is subject to various factors such as travel distance, fare class, destination, and other additional services. Some fare class change fees are given below.

  • For passengers who have purchased Bula Plus and Biz Plus fares, the airline allows you unlimited change.
  • On the other hand, Bula Save and Bi Saver fare holders are liable to pay the change fee of $150–$170, which can be inclined or declined as per the travel distance and other factors.

How late can you change your Fiji Airways flight?

According to Fiji Airways' day and time change policy, the airline suggests their customer should notify them at least 48 hours before the scheduled flight departure and late at least 24 hours before the departure time. 

How Do I Fix the Wrong Name on my Fiji Airways Flight Ticket?

Fiji Airways offers around 400 flights to all the popular ten countries weekly. By any mistake, if you have entered the wrong name on the Fiji flight tickets, the Airways allows the opportunity for corrections. The wrong name on the flight tickets does not reveal your identity correctly, which might be an issue during check-in and boarding. So, once you notice your name is wrongly mentioned on the tickets, correct it after going through the fundamental principles of Fiji Airways and related costs.

Can I Change the Name on the Fiji Airways Tickets?

Yes, you can make possible name corrections on the available Fiji tickets before the flight takes off. However, for Fiji Airways to change the name on a ticket, you must stick with some online steps. After referring to the correct online instructions, you can surely rectify the name on the Fiji tickets.

  • Initially, open the Fiji Airways official page: https://www.fijiairways.com/en-us/.
  • Go with the Manage booking options and enter your reference code along with your last name.
  • When the Fiji ticket details are open, click on the name correction button.
  • Replace your wrong name with some characters and submit the applicable "name change fees" on the official payment links for Fiji Airways.
  • In addition, submit a soft copy of valid government ID proofs or any original travel documents such as a passport and visa for verification.

How Can the Date on the Fiji Airways Tickets be Changed?

After the sudden shift in the original plan, if you are looking for a Fiji flight date change, do so through its official website 24 hours before the original trip time. To have a successful Fiji Airways change flight date, you should follow the online instructions below carefully.

  • Reach the Fiji Airways home page.
  • Click on the Manage booking section from the menu bar,
  • To retrieve ticket details, fill out your reference number and surname.
  • Choose the flight change options, and mention the new itinerary date per the new plan.
  • After the date changes, you can either go for free or pay the specific service charge as per the Airways.
  • Thus, date changes online procedures are completed at Fiji Airways, and you will receive a notification.        

What Amounts Do I Need to Pay for the Fiji Airways Date Change?

In case you are going for the Fiji date change, know about its exact charges. The approximate Fiji Airways change date fee will be $140 to $240 per passenger and applies to all major destinations. The change fees for Fiji Airways will depend on numerous factors like destinations, time of amendments, and other price variations.

What are the Key Principles for the Fiji Airways Name Change?

Rules play important roles in the name correction of Fiji tickets. However, some of the associated name change rules at Fiji Airways are mentioned here in the points.

  • Fiji Airways does not support the complete name change.
  • Only some alphabet letters can be modified in the name of the same passengers.
  • During the name change, you need to submit the specific amounts as per the rules.
  • You should submit the original ID proof photocopy.

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