How Do I Change my Name on my Singapore Airlines Ticket?

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Posted By: Charles Lawvens

You made a Singapore Airlines booking and realized a typing error in your name later. What to do in that case? Does Singapore Airlines allow you to change the name? What is the name change fee? How do I change my name on my Singapore Airlines ticket? We will discover answers to all the questions in the article below; you should take a look to avoid any hassle and inconvenience; let's start.

Singapore Airlines Name Change Methods

If there is a typing error in your Singapore Airlines booking, you can easily make changes in that subject to specific terms and conditions. The airline allows you to modify the name via the website, call center, or at the airport. Besides, here is the step-by-step method:

  • Change the booking via the website:
  • Head to the Singapore Airlines official website and go to the 'Manage booking' section.
  • Enter your booking reference code and surname as in the passport
  • Retrieve the booking and select the ticket you want to change the name for
  • Click on the 'Edit Reservation' and modify the name as required
  • Save the changes and pay for the name change fee if applicable 
  • Now follow the prompt, and you will get a confirmation email for the new booking soon 

Chat the booking over the phone: 

You can also call Singapore Airlines at +1 (833) 727-0118 and speak to the agent for the name change modifications. Provide your booking details and the error you want to rectify. Confirm the correct name, and the agent will make the modifications on your behalf soon. Once the modifications are complete, they will share the booking confirmation with you. In addition, you can also submit the name change request before talking to the agents for a smooth experience. 

At Airport: 

Those who don't prefer the online or phone options can directly visit the airport to make changes to the name. Go to the Singapore Airlines reservation center and speak to the executive. They will modify the ticket at the same time, and you can have a revised booking confirmation email.

Singapore Airlines Name Change Policy - Highlights

As per the Singapore Airlines Name Change Policy, you get 24 hours to make the modifications for free if the scheduled departure is after a week. However, the name change fee might be applicable based on various factors in case you miss the risk-free period.

Singapore Airlines allows you to make minor changes in the name, that is, up to three characters. If you want to change the complete name, it's not possible.
Your name must be the same as in the passport else you will be denied boarding.

Singapore Airlines allows you to change the name for free in case of marriage or divorce. However, you shall submit the legal documents as proof before boarding.
If you want to change the name in the Singapore Airlines booking, you can do it via the website, call center, or at the airport. For third-party booking, speak to the respective agents directly.

What is the Singapore Airlines Name Change Fee?

You do not need to pay any change name fee unless you complete the modifications within 24 hours. However, if you fail, then Singapore Airlines Name Change Fee applies according to the fare type, route, destinations, etc. You can speak to Singapore Airlines customer service to get exact information about the fee.

Singapore Airlines Change Date:

You are planning to postpone your trip, but wondering does Singapore Airlines allows date changes. The travelers are allowed to make the necessary changes to existing reservations multiple times via Manage Booking. But you must know the essential terms and conditions of  Singapore Airlines Change Date policy. In this blog, you will see a comprehensive guide to Airline policy and process. Kindly read the following details.

Airlines offer complimentary one-time date changes for ticket types Economy Class and Premium Class, but the eligibility depends on the specific fare rules.
However, full-fare tickets provide more flexibility for date changes without any extra charges.

Passengers who have purchased non-refundable fares are not allowed to change the date else they might have to pay the fee.  

Singapore Airlines Change Policy:

Passengers who wish to add any additional services, for example - extra baggage, In-flight meals, or update necessary changes in Singapore Airlines booked flight tickets. Some specific rules and regulations are followed under the Singapore Airlines Flight Change Policy to make the policy transparent. Some of the ordinary circumstances are explained here.

Singapore allows travelers to make one-time complimentary to their booked fares without paying any change fees. 
Passengers have the Flexibility to make the required changes multiple times within the grace period without paying the fees. Else after the grace period, travelers must pay the change fee to update the changes.

You can rebook the flight for free only when the traveler does not utilize the one-time fee waiver, but you should pay the difference amount.
 If you want to make the necessary changes to the booked flight ticket after the grace period, then the traveler should pay the change fee, which is based on factors, for example - fare class, route, and timing of the change requested.

  • Singapore Airlines travelers with Elite Status, a frequent flyer program, will enjoy the waived change fees.
  • Suppose the travelers booked flight tickets using award miles; then the change policy is different from other fare types.
  • This change policy is applicable for all fare types and bookings made online or purchased through the ticket counter.
  • Passengers who have booked Singapore Airlines flight tickets from a third party are supposed to connect with the travel agent to make the necessary changes.
  • The airline allows their travelers to edit up to three characters only for a name change. 

How To Change Singapore Airlines Flight Date?

Travelers may need to update the required changes in booked flight tickets due to sudden plan changes or need to edit the name or other mentioned details. Singapore Airlines provides several ways to change the booked flight ticket via Manage Booking or customer service phone number. In the given information, you will find the steps to make the changes via Manage Booking. 

  • You should visit the Singapore Airlines official website to make the required changes.
  • Scroll the homepage to find the ‘Manage Booking’ icon, which is mentioned on the menu bar.
  •  Now login to your account and then enter the correct booking credentials in the field box.
  • Select your flight booking details and then tap on the ‘change’ section.
  • Kindly update the necessary changes and then proceed to pay the difference amount.
  • Singapore Airlines will share the new Confirmation code.

How Much Does Singapore Airlines Change the Fee?

  • Generally, the Singapore Airlines Change Flight Date Fee varies as it depends on various factors like travel timing, date, fare types, routes, and change request timing. The few most common change fare fees are listed below.
  • You must pay the change fee of USD 75 to make the necessary changes in Economy Class.
  • Singapore Airline Premium Economy fee is nearly USD 100.
  • Passengers should pay the change fee of USD 200 for business class for last-minute changes.

Singapore Airlines Change the Date of Birth

Many a time, passengers make mistakes while filling out a reservation form, for example, date of birth, etc., on Singapore Airlines.  Then, passengers often raise the concern, “How do I change my date of birth on Singapore Airlines?” because this may have your flight ticket canceled by the airline for security concerns. So, you are suggested to dive into the discussion to find out all the proven methods through which you can modify your date of birth, and also, you will get highlights on charges, fares, etc. 

Find different methods to change the date of birth on Singapore Airlines. 

Modify your flight ticket via the website. 

The primary method you can consider to change your flight details, for example, date of birth, you can consider the Singapore Airlines Change Date of Birth online method. For that, some steps are highlighted below which you have to follow;

  • Visit the official website of Singapore Airlines to begin the mode. 
  • Click the section “Manage My Booking,” enter your ticket information such as PNR Number, name, etc., and search for the flight. 
  • Choose your flight and go to the “Edit My Flight” option. 
  • Find the “date of birth,” change it, and make the payment to confirm the process. 
  • Approach the help desk and request the agent. 

You can approach the help desk at the Singapore Airlines airport, where you have to carry all your ticket details, such as your PNR Number, name, etc., so you can present them to the agent who will make all the modifications to your flight. However, for the same, you may have to incur an additional cost to the airline to confirm the bookings. 
Call the executive and request to change the date of birth. 

You can contact the assistance team of Singapore Airlines by dialing the phone number +1 (833) 727-0118, where the agent will be assigned who will take up all the ticket-related information and make changes accordingly. However, you need to remember that some identity proofs will have to be presented to the agents.  

What are the rules for modifying your date of birth on Singapore Airlines?

It is important for one to be aware of the rules to make changes in your date of birth on Singapore Airlines. So, you are suggested to dive into the points to get information on the same;

You may only make modifications to your ticket information, such as date of birth, etc., if you notify the airline in writing. 

You will have to submit the legal document supporting your date of birth change request. If it is found to be improper, your request can be denied.  

If you make such changes to your flight ticket within 24 hours of the booking, the airline may not charge a fee, but the Singapore Airlines Change flight date fee is imposed if you do not do so within the prescribed timings. 

You have to contact the concerned booking authority, for example, the airline or any third party, to initiate the date of birth change request. 

To inquire more on the same, you can approach the airline's assistance team. 

Do You Need a Middle Name for Singapore Airlines?

No, you don't need to add a middle name for Singapore Airlines when you show a valid document for the first and last name. However, if you are on an international tour, entering your full name, including your middle name as it appears on your passport, is recommended. So, if you want to avoid potential issues during check-in or boarding, you will get the optional fields for adding your middle name and ensure you have a valid document you need to submit when you change your middle name accordingly. 

How Do I Add a Middle Name to My Singapore Airlines?

If you want to add a middle name to your Singapore Airlines, you can visit the official booking website to add your middle name and submit your valid documents carefully.

  • First, visit the booking website of Singapore Airlines and go to the Manage Booking page shown on the same page. 
  • Enter the six-character booking reference numbers and the passenger's last name, and view your booking details.
  • View your booking details, select the name change option, and select the middle name section to add your middle name.
  • Submit your valid document and click the save change button instantly after completing the task. 

If you have difficulty adding your middle name online, you can contact a customer service team by dialing +65 9184 8888 and sharing your booking details over a phone call. You will also get the facility to correct your last name using email and a live chat service that you can use anytime. For the last name, you need to submit a marriage, divorce, or adoption certificate and complete the task of name change easily. 

How Much Does it cost to change the name on a Singapore Plane Ticket?

When you need to change your first or last name, you can directly connect with a live person and share your booking details to get the solution on time. So, if you want to change your Singapore Airlines first name, you will get a range of $75 for Economy Class, $100 for Premium, and $200 for Business Class passengers. If you are traveling first class and want to change your name, you must pay $500 per passenger.  

Conclusion: You can easily change your name with Singapore Airlines via the website, using the Singapore Airlines name change request form, speaking to the agent, and at the airport. Besides, walk through the name change policy to avoid any hassle. For more information, go to the official Singapore Airlines website else talk to the Singapore airline's agent.

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