How Do I Get my Full Refund from MakeMyTrip?

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Get Details for Full Refund from MakeMyTrip Effortlessly

MakeMyTrip is one of the best Indian travel companies that provides online travel services, including domestic and international airline tickets. It even conveniently provides you with vacation packages, hotel reservations, rail, and bus tickets. If you have recently booked your flight ticket but don’t wish to travel to your required destination, request a refund soon. If you ask how do I get my full refund from MakeMyTrip and are looking for guidance, you must be aware of the refund policy and contact a live person who can assist you with your travel concern.

Guide For How do I get my Full Refund from MakeMyTrip?

When you complete your booking with the MakeMyTrip official booking website but don’t wish to travel at a determined date and time, you cancel your flight and request a refund soon. You may get a 100% full refund from MMT if you add ZC and cancel your flight ticket within 24 hours before departure. Hence, you must be aware of the refund policy when you request a refund and want to avoid paying any charges. If you want to know how to get a full refund from Make My Trip,  get started with the simple steps below.

·      First, visit the booking website of Make My Trip, go to the MY Trips option, and enter your mobile number.

·      Click on the continue button and get the verification code on your phone, which you need to enter into the required fields.

·      Go to the booked flight that you can cancel and request a refund by going through the online process quickly.

MakeMyTrip Refund/Customer Care:

You must access the support service online if you wish to contact a representative team for the refund and other travel services. If you want to book or cancel your flight, dial 0124 5045105 and discuss your travel issue to get the answer on time. You can also send your refund request assistance using the email service at and instantly get the appropriate solution from a live person. So, if you have requested your refund and don’t have any update for your refund, you can dial this phone number or email service to contact the Make Trip customer care representative team quickly.

What is the refund policy of MakeMyTrip?

When you cancel your flight ticket with MakeMyTrip, you can request a refund online or contact its customer service team. If you have doubts about refunding or your canceled flight, you need to know the refund policy and prevent unnecessary trouble.

·      While booking your flight with MakeMyTrip, you will get the zero-cancellation added option that helps you to get a 100% refund if the cancellation is made within 24 hours before your flight departure. 

·      If you have booked your flight ticket within four days before departure and are looking for the flight cancelation, you can request a full refund without paying any charges.

·      If your flight is canceled by the airline, you must submit a refund request from the MMT booking website after the flight reservation.

·      You will receive a complete amount in the original mode in your account that you have paid at the time of booking, except for zero cancellation charges.

MakeMyTrip Flight Cancellation Charges:

When you cancel your flight from MakeMyTrip, you will be asked to pay the processing charges of around INR 3600 per passenger. You need to check out the cancellation charges, which could vary depending on the airlines you booked.

MakeMyTrip Refund Complaint

If you don’t get a refund on time and are looking for a solution regarding the refund issue, you can file a complaint by making a phone call at 1-800-102 8747 or 0124 2898000 and get the answer from a live person. You can also file a complaint to send a legal notice, fill out an online complaint form, and send it to MakeMyTrip representative who assist you properly in solving your refund issue instantly.

How long does it take to get a refund from MakeMyTrip?

When you request a refund for a canceled flight from MakeMyTrip, your refund will be credited to your account in the original mode within 7 to 12 working days if you have paid the flight ticket using a debit or credit card. To get more details about your refund from MakeMyTrip, contact its customer representative team, who can assist you anytime. 

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