How Do I Use my Turkish Airlines Points on United?

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Posted By: Charles Lawvens

MileagePlus passengers who fly on Turkish Airline-operated flights can earn benefits and earn miles. So, you might be having a query regarding "How do I use my Turkish Airlines points on United?" so that you can fly with United flights at a lower cost by using your earned miles. You can read the given information to learn about the process of using Turkish Airlines points for booking United flights:

  • For the first step, You need to go to the homepage of United Airlines.
  • Then, you have to find out the number of miles you will need to book with miles that depend on the type of trip, preferred class for the journey, and the travel route.
  • Now, you can go to the option of "Book an award flight."
  • Choose the type of your trip and enter your destination and airport location.
  • After that, you have to select the total number of passengers and enter the travel date and time.
  • Select the class type and click on the "find flights" option.
  • Then, you can select a suitable booking on United and move to the next page.
  • Make the payment for the flight cost by using miles.
  • Complete the reservation and receive a confirmation message from the Airline.

Turkish Airlines Transfer Miles to United Online

If a passenger is wondering whether they can Turkish Airline transfer Miles to United or not, so usually, it is not possible on Turkish Airlines flights to transfer miles to another Airline's program. Still, in some situations, you can transfer it under some conditions from the Turkish Airlines program and United Airlines program. Passengers can transfer their miles through the Turkish Airlines website and its mobile application.

  • As per the Turkish Airlines flights, all Miles & Smiles members are eligible to transfer their miles except the High Five kids club members.
  • According to the Airline rules, there is no Maximum and Minimum limit on transferring the miles.
  • Airline members can transfer their miles to many people they wish to transfer.
  • On Turkish Airlines, Miles will be transferred as Miles. A member's card status and the status miles should not be affected by transferred miles.
  • The confirmation message will be sent to the member once the miles are successfully transferred.
  • Transferred miles are allowed to be transferred again on the Airline.
  • The recipients will immediately get the transferred miles.
  • The passengers are allowed to transfer their Turkish Airlines miles to another account, which is also subject to the applicable fee.
  • Turkish Airlines transfer  to United fee

Passengers who will transfer from Turkish Airlines miles to United Airlines's program will get charged some fee. Passengers will be charged USD 20, which also includes VAT for transferring miles every 1000 miles. As per the Airline rules and guidelines, the miles and fees charged on transferring miles will not be refunded to the passengers. The transferred miles to the Miles & Miles program will be subject to some terms and conditions.

Earn Turkish Airlines Miles

Passengers who want to earn Turkish Airlines miles can get the benefits of the Miles&Smiles program, which will improve the inflight experience, and they can also get the advantage of shopping with the Miles&Smiles credit card. By earning miles on airlines, you can book award tickets, do cabin upgrades on the booking, get a luxurious inflight experience, get special services and benefits from the program partners of Turkish Airlines, and get an extra luggage allowance. You can use the given information to earn Turkish Airlines miles:

Travelers can earn miles by booking flights with Turkish Airlines, Star Alliance members, AnadoluJet, and other program partner airlines. They will earn miles whenever they will fly.

Passengers can also earn miles by using their Miles & Smiles credit cards. If passengers shop more with the Miles & Smiles credit card, then they can make more miles.

Passengers will get the benefit of VIP lounge access and Vale from the Special airport.

Another way to earn Turkish Airlines miles is by shopping more with Miles&Smiles program partners, where you can get a wide range of choices.

Note - In addition to this information, Passengers can also enjoy the benefit and privilege of the Partner brands for the discounts and offers.

How Do I Book Turkish Airlines with United Miles? 

Be a member of MileagePlus and earn miles by making a reservation with United Airlines. These miles can be used further to book a ticket on United and co-partnered flights. Turkish Airlines is one such airline where you can use United Miles to book a ticket. Here is the process of booking a Turkish flight using United Miles: 

  1. Visit the homepage of United Airlines. 
  2. Look for the number of miles required to book a trip based on the destination, type of trip, cabin class, etc. 
  3. Now, tap on the "Book Award Flight" option and reach the booking page. 
  4. Enter the location you want to fly to and the destination of departure. 
  5. After this, add other filters such as the number of required seats, cabin class, type of trip, date of journey, and further required details. 
  6. Click on the Find Flights option. 
  7. Get the Turkish flight options on the next page that suit your schedule and pocket. 
  8. Use miles to make the payment. 
  9. You have now completed the reservation. United will send you a confirmation email with the details of your booking. 

How Do I Redeem Turkish Airlines Miles on United Airlines?

The case discussed above can be reversed. The same program is run by Turkish Airlines as well, where you earn miles on every booking with Turkish Airlines. Again, these miles can be used by passengers to book a United Airlines flight if you wonder how to redeem Turkish Airlines Miles on United Airlines. The award tickets cannot be issued at the airport. You can either book online or on the phone. Follow the steps below to book a Turkish Airlines flight using United Miles: 

  • Dial 1 (800) 864-8331 and wait for the call to connect. 
  • Follow the IVR and press the button, which is for Miles and Smiles members. 
  • A person from the associated department of the airline will join you on the call. 
  • Ask the agent to book you a ticket and share the details of your SkyMiles membership. 
  • The agent will apply for the ticket on your behalf and deduct the miles required for the booking. 
  • You will get the details of your booking to your registered email ID. 

How Do I Earn Turkish Airlines Miles?

The Miles & Smiles program of Turkish Airlines offers a list of benefits and advantages to passengers. Using these points, one can book an award flight, upgrade seats, book luxurious inflight services, and enjoy several other benefits. To earn Turkish Airlines Miles, use the information given below: 

Book your flight with Turkish Airlines, AnadoluJet, Alliance members, and other partner program airlines. The miles will be credited to your Miles & Smiles account every time you fly with these airlines.

Get the Miles & Smiles credit card to make payments and earn miles on every payment. 

Shop more and more with Miles&Smiles program partners and earn miles points on every expense you make using the card. 

Final Words

Passengers who earned miles with Turkish and United and want to know how to use them to book a flight can read this article for reference. To learn more, visit their official page.

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