How Do You Transfer Miles in Flying Blue Family?

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Posted By: Charles Lawvens

Fly Free with Flying Blue- Transfer, Redeem, and Reward Miles with friends and family

KLM Royale Dutch Airline and Air France combined product, Flying Blue, is a frequent flier program introduced to reward passengers and attract them to fly with Miles. The service has end number of perks attached alongside, as confirmed by the 20 million Flying Blue members themselves. You can join the members to start getting rewarded with benefits like extra legroom, priority check-in, boarding, etc., just like them.

How Do I Transfer Flying Blue Miles?

Flying Blue Miles are reward points that you earn with the earlier flight bookings you make at KLM or Air France. The Miles can be redeemed to purchase additional benefits. But if you're feeling overly generous and giving today, you can also transfer your miles to another member by following some simple steps:

  • Land the official Flying Blue home page at and scroll down to the Manage Miles Section, programmed and designed to assist you with any transfer, change, or utilization of the Miles you have earned. 
  • Tap on the transfer Miles option to give away your Miles to a friend or maybe foe. 
  • Log in to your Flying Bue account with the registered password or email address as per the logs saved in their servers. 
  • Once you log in, you'll be displayed your current Flying Blue Miles status, and below you can enter the recipient's details whom you're transferring your Miles to. 
  • Enter the required details and tap on the next option to jump to the final checkout window. 
  • You'll receive the bill for the amount to be paid to process the transfer request. 
  • Flying Blue will send a confirmation email with the attached invoice once your transferred Miles are credited to the receiver's account. 
  • Or, you can also reach Flying Blue customer support to seek a supervisor's assistance for transferring Miles. However, you can only gain dedicated support access at Flying Blue once you become a valid member. You can find the support phone number on the back of your digital card. 

How Much Does it Cost to Transfer Flying Blue Miles?

The Flying Blue Miles are transferred for an applicable charge fee as per the terms and conditions reflected upon the respective policy. The cost depends solely on the number of Miles you're going to transfer. The agent you contact or the dedicated page for Flying Blue transfer miles to another member will provide the fee details which you can refer to after logging into your Flying Blue account. 

How Many Flying Blue Miles for a Flight? 

KLM and Air France partner with multiple other ventures with the help of which you can earn Miles even with your lounge bookings, hotel reservations, and even when you rent a tour vehicle with those partnered organizations. Note that these Miles can be redeemed over a validity period of 2 years. Here's a surmised overview of the number of Miles you can earn with a respective booking:

  1. Explorers get 4 miles/ euro for every flight reservation. 
  2. Silver members earn up to 6 miles/ euro spent on a booking. 
  3. Gold members get 7 miles/euro. And,
  4. Platinum members earn the maximum, 8 miles/ euro they spend. 

How Do I Transfer Miles between Family Members on Flying Blue?

You can utilize Flying Blue Family and Youth benefits for transferring Miles between family members. The accessory awards a centralized account for all your family members, comprising a total of 8 valid Flying Blue members. Whosoever creates the Flying Blue family account is coined as the leader by default. The leader can then invite 7 other members including 1 adult and 6 children to the itinerary. Follow the given steps to transfer Miles to a family member:

  1. Create a Flying Blue family account and invite the family members as specified under the terms and conditions. 
  2. Open the list of members, which displays the number of Miles owned by each candidate. 
  3. Tap on the ''Transfer Miles'' dialogue box given right next to the number of Miles row. 
  4. Enter the number of Miles you want to transfer and press enter. There's no applicable charge fee for such a transfer. 

Bottom Line: You can earn Flying Blue miles with very affordable purchases and then redeem, transfer, or cash the Miles to avail of some remarkable perks with your KLM and Air France reservations. 

Why Can't I Log into my Flying Blue Account?

Air France is among the top airlines that provide the best services and policies to its passengers across the world. If you are a frequent flyer at Air France and facing some trouble with your FlyingBlue account, do not worry. Some passengers are not able to log in to their Flyingblue account for various reasons, such as Flying Blue forgot the password, the account being blocked, etc, but ultimately, the problem gets fixed. In this article, we will discuss this problem in detail and get answers to why it happens and how to fix it; take a look and enjoy the FlyingBlue benefits. 

Why Can you not log in to your Flying Blue Account? 

If you can not log in to your FlyingBlue account, that can happen for various reasons. Some of the common reasons that members face are as below: 
Forget Password: This is the most common reason why you cannot log in. Most of the time, you use your account after a long and by then, you forget the password. Sometimes, you just enter the wrong password, which creates a problem with login. In that case, you can try resetting the password and login again with the correct password. 

Poor Internet connection: Login also creates issues in case your internet connection is slow or your device is not getting sufficient speed. In that case, check your connection, restart wifi, and see if the account is accessible now. 

Using an outdated browser: If you are using an outdated browser to log in, that can also create login issues. In that case, you can update your browser and start the login process again, or you can use another browser to see if it is working fine. 

Server Error: Sometimes, errors with the airline service also cause trouble with login issues. If it happens, you will get the message on the screen, wait, and then log in again. To verify the problem with the service, you can also browse the official website of Air France on your phone device. 

How To Reset the Flying Blue Password?

It is quite common to forget passwords in case you are using them for a long. If it happens, you can always proceed with Flying Blue Password Reset and create a new password. The password resetting process is quite simple; here are the steps you can follow: 

  • To begin, go to the official Air France website and go to the login button at the top right, click on it
  • Enter the Flying Blue number or email address and click on 'Forgot password.' 
  • On the new page, provide the email address, and the system will share a temporary password 
  • Once you get the password, use it to log in and go to the settings 
  • You can reset your password from there and make sure to note it 

How Do I Unlock My Flying Blue Account? 

Air France blocked your account for security reasons in case of 3 unsuccessfully login attempts. In that case, here are the steps you need to follow to unlock your Flying Blue account. To start:

  • Go to the login page of the Flying Blue account and click on 'Login.'
  • Enter the email address or the Flying Blue number 
  • You need to answer the secret question you see on screen 
  • In 2-3 minutes, you will receive an email with a temporary password
  • You can use it to access your Flying Blue account and remember to modify the password when you log in next time

Remember the email you provide for the temporary password must be the linked one. In case you don't receive the email or face any trouble, contact our agent directly by phone, email, or live chat. Here is the detailed process. You can make a phone call to the Air France representative and speak to the agent without any hassle. 

How To Recover the Flying Blue Number?

In case you are not sure of the Flying Blue member, then login-related issues might occur. To recover your Flying Blue number, do the following: 

  • Go to the Air France login page and click on 'Forget Flying Blue Number.' 
  • Then, provide the email address that you used for the confirmation email, and click on 'Continue.'
  • In case the email is linked, you will see the message on the screen: 'Sent email with instructions.' 
  • You can then click on the link you receive in the email, and it will guide you to the password reset webpage 
  • Once done, you can quickly recover the Flying Bluer number and your account 

Conclusion: The information above helps you to understand why you cannot log in to your Air France account and how to recover the account when you forget your password or the flying blue number, etc. In case you need more information about Flying Blue forgot password, or others, you can speak to the Flying Blue customer service or visit the official website of Air France. 

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