How Do You Use The Scoot Voucher? Redeem Promo-Code

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Posted By: Charles Lawvens

Strategic Information about Scoot Voucher Redemption 

Most airlines offer their passengers a voucher for their unused portion of the flight ticket. Scoot is known as the proud best domestic flight of Singapore Airlines, which also put forward a voucher accommodating points that can be used to grab a good flight on their next flight ticket. If you have a Scoot Voucher but do not know about the redemption process along with its terms and conditions, then here are the details. 

How Do I Redeem My Scoot Voucher?

Scoot has a feature for its passengers that has the advantage of redeeming vouchers given by the airlines, which can be in the form of tickets, coupons, receipts, points, or other items. Follow the steps outlined below if you wish to have an idea about the procedure for Scoot Voucher Redemption right away: 

  • Navigate through the authorized site of
  • Here, you need to log in by sharing the KrisFlyer membership details. 
  • To unveil the voucher, you need to click on the Stash option. 
  • Next, you must explore the flights and then select one. 
  • Move to the checkout page and hit the button on the voucher. 
  • After applying for the voucher, you will get the fare at a discounted price. 

How Do I Use My Scoot 20% Discount Voucher? 

Sometimes, passengers lack some cash to purchase a flight; in this case, a flight voucher can help to buy a flight ticket with a discount. If you have a 20% Scoot discount voucher but aren't aware of the mechanism to get the maximum benefit, then you are advised to go through the steps enlisted here: 

  • In your search engine, visit the official page of
  • To retrieve your profile information, input your KrisFlyer membership details. 
  • In the next step, you have to pick the My Vouchers option. 
  • This will help you gain access to your voucher. 
  • Your voucher information will flash on the screen. 
  • Now, you can go for the flight that you want to book. 
  • Before the payment process, you need to choose this voucher. 
  • Immediately, your flight fare will be reduced from its original price

Scoot Voucher Terms and Conditions 

Terms and conditions are the requirements of any organization if it is planning for the long run in its particular field. Likewise, Scoot has rules and regulations that it follows to resolve any dispute regarding its vouchers. These rules also play a vital role in front of passengers; for their easy understanding, follow these: 

To get the Scoot voucher, you must obtain the KrisFlyer Milestones rewards that you can procure by flying consistently with Scoot Airlines. 

2500 Elite miles that have been earned in 12 months can get you a 20% discount voucher that can be redeemed on your scooter flight

There is a limited period of 1 year during which your scoot voucher can be applied to receive the highest amount of benefits, If you happen to redeem it after the risk-free period, then your voucher will be of no use. 

If you are willing to obtain your Scoot voucher, then you must input some of your personal information to the airline, such as your first name, surname, and email address. 

At the time of requesting the scooter voucher, you must appear on the authentic page of Only then will you be able to reach out to get the discount. 

To receive this award, a passenger's name should match the name printed on the ticket, Once you complete the purchasing process, the name will not be changed. 

Scoot Voucher Purchase Online 

Currently, Scoot does not offer a service for the purchase of Scoot vouchers online. However, if you keep flying with Scoot Airlines on a regular basis, then you can collect some rewards in the form of a Scoot voucher purchase that will give you perks and benefits while purchasing your next booking with Scoot. 

Where Do I Enter my Scoot Promo Code? 

The passengers can utilize a promo code or promotional code to get a flight ticket at an affordable price. The majority of airlines come up with a few promo codes that will give you the convenience of numerous advantages on your future trip, and Scoot Airlines follows the same. Adhere to the below-written steps: 

  • Open the Flyscoot website on your device. 
  • Now, you need to insert all the credentials to get the flight. 
  • Enter your promo code here as well. 
  • Various flights will appear on the display. 
  • You must hit the flight that you want to buy. 
  • As soon as you opt for the payment, the promo code will be redeemed. 
  • Now, transfer the money as visible on the screen for reserving a flight. 

FAQs :

1. How Long are Scoot Vouchers Valid For? 

As you know, there is a limited period for any vouchers, and if you want to take advantage of that reward, then you are in no position to avail of the facility. If you have a Scooth voucher that you want to use in the future, then you must know that it will be valid for 12 months from the date when it was issued. 

2. What Happens if Your Flight Coucher Expires? 

There could be times when you are not available to take advantage of your voucher, and the expiration date of the voucher is nearby. In this condition, if the voucher is of no use, you will not be able to redeem it on your upcoming flight in Scoot. However, letting the voucher go in vain is not a good idea; hence, you should book your ticket immediately. 

3. Can I Transfer My Scoot Voucher to Another Person?

No, Scoot strictly prohibits transferring their voucher to someone else. Moreover, a voucher is given to a passenger according to their flight ticket portion, which has not been used till now. These can prove themselves as trump cards when it comes to booking a flight ticket with Scoot. 


Everyone enjoys some extra facilities and services; Scoot Airlines arranges a voucher for the passengers who are frequent flyers of the airline. If you own a Scoot Voucher, then it would be beneficial to use it before the expiration date of the voucher. I hope this guide will be of great assistance to the passengers with their flight booking. 

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