How Much Does it Cost to Change a Flight Date with Air France?

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Posted By: Charles Lawvens

The requirement for slight modification on a pre-booked flight is a common occurrence. With Air France flight booking, travelers have the flexibility of canceling and modifying their flights prior to the journey. When a pre-booked flight needs to be changed at Air France, the individual must be concerned about the cost of the change. Generally, one can make the necessary changes to the travel itinerary free of cost. The Air France Change Flight Fee will be applied on certain conditions, which are outlined here:

Any changes requested at the airport or ticket office are subject to a fee of $20.

The non-full flex flight tickets booked through a third party will cost $50 at Air France, whether the changes are requested via call or at the airport desk. 

Is There a Penalty for Changing Dates on Air France?

One does not have to pay a penalty charge for changing the dates on an Air France flight ticket as long as the fare conditions allow it. However, if the original fare changes and is higher than the new flight ticket, the difference amount must be paid to complete the date change for the pre-booked flight. 

What is the Air France Flight Change Policy?

When seeking to change a pre-booked flight ticket with Air France, it is vital to check the applicable policies to determine eligibility and the consequences of a flight change. The key policies for changing an Air France flight are listed here:

  • According to the policies, a person is permitted to change the date, time, destination, and route of their booked flight.
  • Any changes to an Air France flight are subject to availability.
  • A fee can be applied to change the flight depending on the fare condition and requesting point. 
  • Due to flight disruptions and long delays, Air France guarantees free-of-cost flight rescheduling to all the reservation holders. 
  • An additional amount will be charged for a flight change when the new flight fare exceeds the previous booking. 

How Do I Change a Flight with Air France?

A flight ticket purchased through Air France can be changed in numerous mediums: online, offline, or at the airport. To understand how you can request the desired changes on your pre-booked flight by all these mediums, you must review the context below. 

1. Method to Change a Flight Online 

The online method of changing flights is using the official site of Air France at your pace prior to the reserved flight’s departure. The prompts you are looking for to follow are provided here:

  • First, head to the homepage of Air France and opt for the “My Bookings” tab,
  • You may choose to sign in to the ticket purchase account or use the booking reference to retrieve the details,
  • Once your ticket details load, you will be able to navigate the “Change Flight” column,
  • Then, pick the desired change option and provide your requirements to search flights,
  • After selecting a flight, you may need to provide some details on the page,
  • Then, pay the fee or fare difference amount as applicable,
  • Now, your Air France booking will be updated as requested, and the new ticket will be sent to your email.
2. Method To Change a Flight Offline

Many individuals seek live official guidance for changing a flight at Air France. If, in some condition, you have to modify a pre-booked flight and you cannot do the same through the website, the following are the instructions you will need to connect to an official and request changes:

  • Connect with a person at Air France on call,
  • State the change flight requirement along with the ticket details,
  • The official will take a moment to access your existing booking and find new suitable flights according to your needs,
  • You can choose the flight to reserve as suits your needs,
  • Further, provide other necessary details and make the required payment,
  • As your flight ticket changes, Air France will share the new booking details via email. 
3. Method To Change a Flight at the Airport

If you are available at the airport and discover you need changes to your travel itinerary reserved with Air France, you can contact a representative at the help desk. By visiting the help desk, you have to provide the reserved ticket and share the required changes; the representative will do the flight search as per your request and complete the changes hand to hand. Ensure that there will be a necessary charge of $50 for the flight change along with any fare difference. The new flight ticket will be available at the airport help counter in a moment. 

What is the Air France Change Flight Phone Number?

The phone number one has to use to connect to Air France for the change flight request is 1-800-237-2747. The officials are all time available on this phone number to assist the reservation holders with their itinerary and offers appropriate support on changing a flight. 

Can I Change  Air France Return Flight Date?

Round-Trip flight bookings are a great way of saving some amount on the reservations rather than going separate bookings. But, however, sometimes a person needs to change the date of their return flight. In this condition, one can easily request for Air France Change Flight Date of the return flight through the website or contacting the reservation center. There can be fee applicable for the same or one may has to bear the fare difference. 

What is the Air France Schedule Change Policy Travel Agent?

When booking an Air France flight by contacting a third-party agent, separate policies are incurred for changing the flight. The conditions of Air France schedule change when booked through a travel agent are mentioned here:

  • Changes to the ticket cannot be made through the website. 
  • One has to contact the same travel agent to request changes in the reserved flight schedule. 
  • The reservation holders also can contact a direct official at Air France or visit the ticket counter at the airport for asking to change a flight ticket reserved through a travel agent. 
  • A fee of $50 will be applicable for changing the flight booked via a travel agent.

How Do I Change the Name on My Air France Flight Ticket?

The name change can be done through the multiple methods mentioned below, but it is subject to certain conditions and fees applied to the process. So here in this post, you will find all the required information regarding the name change process at Air France. First, you must read the following methods to change the name; all the possible methods are mentioned below. So take time and read all the information carefully, and you will be able to change the name.

Get your name changed online.

For the online name change process, all you have to do is go through a few steps on the official website of Air France, and you will be able to change the name. Read all the following steps that are mentioned below and get your process done within a few minutes:

  • Visit Air France's official website. 
  • Then, scroll down to the page and click on the 'contact us' option visible there.
  • Then, you will have to choose the issue related to changes among the issues on the screen.
  • After following the onscreen guidelines, you will be directed to the contact page of the airline.
  • You will get the text 'change my booking or flight options' there.
  • Click on the same, login, and proceed with the further name change process.
  • Pay the charges if asked, and you will complete the process.

Name change process through call

The name change process can also be done over the phone by dialing the Air France customer service phone number that is mentioned below. Read all the steps and information that will help you throughout the call process:

  • Dial the number '1800 237 2747'.
  • Then, select the language accordingly.
  • Follow the instructions that are given on the call.
  • Press the keys accordingly for the name change option.
  • Then you will also be able to speak with the customer service executive.
  • Ask and request that the executive provide you with the required changes.
  • The executive will help you with this.
Request for the Name Change from the Executive at the Airport

Besides the call and the online method, you can also request the airline change the name at the airport. For that, you must visit the nearest airport, reach the customer service executive present at the counters, give all your required booking details to the executive, and ask and request the executive to make further changes to your name on the ticket. The executive will help and provide you with the required changes if you are eligible for them.

Air France Name Correction Policy

Air France allows you to change your name, and as per the Air France name correction policy, you can request a name correction if your name is mistakenly entered incorrectly in your booking and does not match the official name. There are further name-change policies of the airline that you must know about, which are mentioned below. Read all the policies carefully:

The Air France airline allows you to change the name up to 30 hours before departure free of charge if your itinerary includes the flights operated by Air France, KLM, Air France, Delta Airlines, and Kenya Airways.

The airline allows free name changes for passengers who want the name corrected 72 hours before departure on partner airlines' flights, subject to the partner airline's approval.

You must contact the Flying Blue service center for the award name correction tickets. For name corrections on a ticket booked through the travel agent, you must contact the travel agent directly before the departure of your flight.

The Air France name change policy does not provide a name change for the passenger name. If you have many first names, you can have the first name on your ticket; if your full name appears in a different order on the ticket, without the spaces or with a salutation between your name, such as Mr., Mrs., or Ms., then it is acceptable. 

Air France Name Change Fee

After the process, you have learned about the various methods mentioned above for completing the name change process; what you need to know next is the name change fee or charges, which are around 20 USD to 50 USD, and you might have to pay this during the name change process at Air France. You can also visit the airline or contact the airline's customer service to get the other required information regarding the same. Read more about how much is Air France cancellation fee

Air France Seat Change Online

The online Air France seat change process is easy, and you can get the process done by going through a few steps, which are all mentioned below: Read all the steps carefully and understand the process:

  • First, go to the Air France website.
  • Then click on the'my bookings' option present on the screen.
  • Then fill in all the required booking details there and log in.
  • You will then be taken to your booking information page.
  • There, you will get the option for a seat change.
  • Proceed with the seat change process and pay the charges if asked; you will complete the process.

What is the Air France Seat Change Fee?

The Air France seat change fee varies depending on the fare or class you booked your ticket for, the destination, and the route you are traveling. For example, if you are changing your seat from economy to business class, you will have to pay the difference in fares, and your seat will be changed to the preferred one.

What is the Air France Seat Selection Price?

The cost of the seat selection varies according to the fare selection, destination, and travel dates. The passengers purchased a standard fare ticket from the United States, Mexico, Canada, and the Philippines to Europe. They could choose the standard, premium, or business class free of charge. If this seat selection service is free of charge, you can also select the seat by going to the'my booking' option on the screen. 

Conclusion: This was all the information regarding the Air France name change, seat change, seat selection, name change fee, and seat change fee. I hope now you can easily change your name and seat at Air France without facing any kind of problems.

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