How Much is it to Change a Flight with RyanAir?

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Posted By: Charles Lawvens

After purchasing a Ryanair flight ticket, you may need to make specific flight changes according to your travel preferences. Thus, in case you need to make a date change or an entire ticket rebooking, you have the option of doing so through an online procedure, which will help you make the necessary arrangements according to your travel convenience. However, if you need to get information about Ryanair's change flight fee, then following the change of the flight ticket, the cost will depend on the trip type selected, or else it could be referred to as around $40 to $250, which entirely depends on the change conditions you opt for and the route you choose for your new travel preferences. 

Is the RyanAir Flight Ticket Change Free of Charge?

Yes, travelers get the option to change their Ryanair flight tickets freely. For that, you have to make certain ticket modifications for the new flight ticket on Ryanair's official website. You can make specific modifications while you proceed with the ticket change within 24 hours of your purchase. In addition, if you make a ticket change after 24 hours of purchase, you will have to pay charges depending on your preferences and other necessary selections.

How Can You Change the Flight Date for Free at RyanAir?

Now, if you are getting confused with Ryanair date change procedures, whether online or offline, you can select the methods below, which are pretty compelling. Read the methods point-by-point for guidance if you want to pick the solutions.

Method: 1 Change your flight ticket at Ryanair online: The most convenient way to enable your access to change the flight ticket date is on the official website page. You must follow the steps below to get along with such easy steps.

  • First, visit Ryanair's official website. 
  • Now, select the Manage My Booking tab and enter the booking reference code and last name of the passenger. 
  • Then, tap the find flight button and choose the change date itinerary onscreen. 
  • Proceed with onscreen prompts to change the flight date and other requirements accordingly. 
  • After making the ticket, specific changes should be made to the payment, if any.
  • Finally, complete the ticket payment, and you will receive a confirmation email with a complete summary.

Method: 2 Change your flight ticket at Ryanair by calling the following phone number: Sometimes, when you aren't able to connect with Ryanair flight ticket change with the help of an online form, you have the option of selecting the customer representative. To call, you need to use the following contact number: 1-800-299-9836 Once you proceed with the call prompts step-by-step, you will then be able to get in touch with the assistant and receive appropriate assistance for the ticket change, as well as information on any extra charges, if any. 

How Do You Change the Name on a Ryanair Ticket?

There are two easy modes available through which you can change the name on the ticket: the official website and the contact number. Read the described information to learn about the process for using both methods:

Visit the official website. You can change the name on a Ryanair ticket using the "My Bookings" option on the official webpage. Fill out the details and follow the steps on the screen to make changes to your name. Given are the instructions to modify the ticket online:

  • Open the official mobile application of Ryanair.
  • Choose "My Bookings" from the top of the menu.
  • Write down the required flight details as mentioned on your ticket.
  • Open the "Change Name" section and make corrections to your choice.
  • Upload a valid document for proof and pay the relevant charges.

After that, you need to save the e-ticket on your device.

Dial the official contact number. When you face any problem through the online method, then you know that Ryanair changes seats via the contact number as well. Once you get through with a live executive, you need to mention all the necessary details, and they will assist you with the name change. Below are the instructions for changing your name through the phone number: 

  • Dial up the Ryanair official contact number.
  • Press the IVR option to change the name on the ticket.
  • Then, your call will connect with someone from customer service.
  • Share the required flight information and discuss the changes you wish to make to the ticket.
  • The live executive will make the changes and provide the necessary details.

Ryanair Name Change Policy:

  • You do not have to pay any charges for changing the name up to 3 characters.
  • The airline allows name changes up to 2 hours before the flight by contacting customer service or visiting the airport counter.
  • Changing the name on the ticket will not be free, as you will have to pay some relevant charges.
  • The passenger needs to provide a document as proof, like a passport, driving license, or any other valid ID.
  • If the name on the ticket does not match the name on the passport, then Ryanair can cancel the reservation.

What are the Charges for a Name Change on RyanAir?

To modify the name on the ticket, you need to pay some relevant charges depending on the mode you are using to make the correction. If you want to get information on how much Ryanair charges for a name change, then go through the following points:

Through Online: $150
By calling the agent,

How Do I Change Seats on the RyanAir App?

For passengers who are not comfortable with their seats, the airline allows you to change them by paying the relevant charges. You can use the Ryanair app to easily change the available seats. To learn about the complete instructions for using the mobile app, read the given steps:

  • Launch the Ryanair app on your mobile phone.
  • Select the "My Booking" section from the homepage.
  • Fill out the "Reservation Number" and your registered email address.
  • Go to the "Change seats" option and select from the available seats.
  • Pay if there are any charges, and download the updated ticket.

Is There Any Ryanair Change Flight Fee?

In terms of Ryanair flight ticket change conditions, customers have the option to change Ryanair flights free of charge as per their travel conditions, and once they proceed with the change online within 24 hours of booking hours, they will not have to pay any charges as it is going to be a free-of-charge procedure. Rather than this, if you begin the Ryanair itinerary change after 24 hours, then charges to change will be nominal and shall be according to route, date, class, and other preferences.

Can I Request a RyanAir Flight Change at the Airport?

Yes, Ryanair flight ticket change is also a feasible option to select at the airport. For this, you need to provide the airport help desk assistant with the necessary ticket change information, which shall include ticket details and the contact information of the passenger. Then, you have the flight ticket changed as per your conditions. 

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