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Posted By: Sofia Jonas

Prominent airlines often provide discount groups for the suitability of passengers to buy a ticket with minimum fare. Southwest Airlines is one of the renowned airlines that offers special fares for senior citizens flying with them. The “Senior Fare” at Southwest is offered to those who are above 65 years of age group. Now that you get the answer to your query: How old is Senior fare on Southwest? You must be looking forward to taking advantage of the senior fare to book the tickets. To do this, you may browse Southwest's official page or connect to the reservation desk. 

How do you book a senior fare with Southwest online?

On Southwest's website, it is possible to make a reservation for a senior citizen and take advantage of the discounted fares. The steps you must follow for the same are given here:

  • First, go to the website of Southwest and ensure to sign in to your account,
  • On the Flight tab, you must input your destination and date requirements,
  • Select the “Senior” option in the “Passengers” column,
  • Now, click the “Search” key to find the senior fare to the required route,
  • Choose the flight that matches your suitability to fly and proceed with entering the details of the passenger,
  • Attach the valid ID on the page for verification,
  • After that, make the online payment of the senior fare and confirm the booking. 

How do you book a senior fare with Southwest offline?

Southwest's reservation desk is also available to fulfill the senior fare booking to the desired destination. You must contact the reservation desk representative at 1800-435-9792. State the passenger's age and share the flight requirements. The representative will check with the airline about the availability of the senior fare. 

How much of a discount does Southwest give seniors?

On average, Southwest Airlines will discount the total amount of a senior's flight booking by $25. The discounted amount varies depending on multiple factors, such as the travel destination, the selected travel class, and added amenities. However, no other promotional discounts can be added when booking using Southwest's senior fare. 

Do seniors get early boarding on Southwest?

Southwest's boarding groups are not classified based on passengers' age but on their requirements and travel classes. Passengers with mobility issues and special seating requirements are allowed early boarding on the flight for a seamless experience. Other than that, the higher-class passengers will be boarded first on the plane. 

Do seniors fly cheaper?

If you are someone above the 65 age group or reserving a seat for a senior person with Southwest, you might wonder, “Do seniors fly cheaper?” Yes, it is comparatively cheaper for seniors to fly on the plane than younger or adult travelers. There can be fares 10% lower than the original proce for the seniors to reserve the seats by offering valid ID proof. 

What age flies free on Southwest?

If you would like to know, “what age flies free on Southwest?” Two-year-olds are only allowed to fly free on a Southwest flight. Infants up to 2 years old are considered for traveling on the lap of their parents. Hence, no charges are incurred for them. When adding a lap infant to the Southwest reservation, there might be some sort of charge for baggage allowance, but no fare will be incurred. 

What age is a senior citizen ticket?

The age for senior citizen ticket is above 65 and depend on the availability on the routes with the airline. On certain destinations, one may not find a discount or senior fare for the flight purchase. So, you can connect to your travel agent or the airline representative for finding out the availability of citizen ticket to the desired destination

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