How To Add A Pet To Allegiant Flight? [Dogs & Cats]

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Posted By: Charles Lawvens

There are several travelers who prefer to carry their pets along with them to their travel destination by Allegiant Air. These travelers often have confusion about the process of adding their pets to their bookings. They must note that Allegiant only allows them to carry some species of dogs and cats. Pets can be added at the time of making flight bookings or even after making reservations. If you are concerned about the detailed information and you are searching for an answer to “How to Add a Pet to Allegiant Flight?” then you must collect the information from the sections provided below: 

The Online Procedure to Add a Pet to Allegiant Air:

Travelers who want their pets to be carried on Allegiant flights can add them in advance by using the series of online instructions mentioned below: 

  • Go to the official Allegiant Air website.
  • If you have already made bookings, then you must turn to the “Manage-trip” option.
  • To proceed further, you must fill in the passenger's full name and ticket confirmation number. 
  • As you get your trip, you must click on additional services, followed by “add a pet.”
  • Now, fill in the required information regarding your pet. 
  • Save the changes and pay the additional charges. 

Important Allegiant Air Pet Policies: 

There are numerous important terms and conditions that Allegiant has framed for passengers traveling with pets. Travelers who want to carry their pets along with them on Allegiant Air must make sure they are taking care of the important policies mentioned below: 

  • Allegiant only allows travelers to carry domestic dogs and cats in the cabin.
  • Travelers can only take one pet per carrier on Allegiant Air.
  • The pets that must be carried must be harmless and odorless. 
  • Travelers must make sure that their pets are not ill, harmful, or violent. 
  • Allegiant does not allow travelers carrying pets to travel on emergency exit seats. 
  • Allegiant Air still does not support the cargo transfer of pets. 

How Do I Take My Pet on an Allegiant Flight?

Travelers have the facilities to carry their pets in the cabin along with their bags. If they wish to take carry-on bags, then they must pay additional charges. One thing must be noted: travelers cannot take both Allegiant Airlines Pet Carrier and carry-on bags. 

How Strict is Allegiant with Pet Carriers?

Allegiant is quite strict with pet carriers and wants their travelers carrying pets to follow the pointers mentioned below:

  • They must carry their pets in soft carriers.
  • If they are taking pets in hard carriers in the cabin, then they must ensure carriers are leakproof.
  • The carriers must be closed to carry pets. 
  • Travelers cannot carry more than two pets per carrier. 
  • Pets must be placed in a carrier in which they are comfortably seated. They must also be able to stand up and turn around. 
Best Pet Carrier for Allegiant Airlines:

Travelers are needed to take their pets in the soft carriers. They might consider hard carriers to take their pets in, but the former option is highly encouraged by the airline. 

Allegiant Air Emotional Support Pet Policy 

  • Allegiant also enables travelers who have a psychiatric disability to carry their emotional support dogs. Travelers who have special requirements for carrying these pets must refer to the following important policies: 
  • Travelers can only bring one pet along with them. 
  • Travelers must be available at the airport counter along with their pet at least 2.5 hours before flight departure to process the check-in comfortably. 
  • Travelers must have valid medical documents that ensure they require an emotional support dog for their travel. Also, they cannot expect an emergency exit seat. 

What is the Allegiant Pet Fee? 

Allegiant Air charges a fee to allow travelers to carry their pets. If you are wondering about the Allegiant Pet Fee, then you are expected to pay approximately $50 each way. However, this fee might fluctuate according to some travel routes. 

How Big Can a Dog Be on Allegiant? 

All those travelers who are planning to travel with Allegiant Air with their pet dogs must note that they must be older than eight weeks to be carried in the cabin. Also, they can be taken into a carrier whose dimension is under the limit of 9in*16in*19. 

How Much Does it Cost to Fly with a Cat on Allegiant? 

Numerous travelers have queries about "How much does it cost to fly with a cat on Allegiant?” They must note Generally, all travelers who wish to carry their pets, precisely cats, on Allegiant are required to pay additional charges of $50 as a pet fee per segment. This fee is non-refundable. 

Other Important Terms and Conditions about Carrying Pets on Allegiant: 

Along with all the important information presented above, customers must also pay attention to the general rules and regulations mentioned below: 

  • Minors or kids traveling alone under the age of 11 on Allegiant Airlines are not permitted to carry pets. 
  • Travelers must make sure that their pets are well vaccinated, and they must have verified documents about the same. 
  • Allegiant allows travelers to carry their pets on the same flight as their travel. They can keep their pets in kennels near their seats. 
  • Travelers who are accompanying their pets must be available at the airport early for the check-in, as they cannot check-in online. 
  • Travelers must be aware that at the airport, the pet must be in a container that is well-ventilated and must be properly handled by the passenger. 
Important Documents to be Carried for Carrying Pets: 

All the travelers who are carrying their pets on Allegiant Air must make sure they have the following important documents: 

Travelers must have the vaccination certificate of the pet that they prefer to take on Allegiant Air. 
Travelers must also hold an identification certificate for their pets.
A rabies vaccination certificate must be provided to Allegiant Air. 

Conclusion: Travelers who are considering traveling with Allegiant Air carrying their pets must go through the important details mentioned above and then make the bookings. They must make sure they have all the validating documents and certificates of their pet handy with them. Still, if any doubt is bothering them about carrying a pet, they can get it clarified by contacting Allegiant Air customer service. 

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