How to book a multi city flight on American Airlines?

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Posted By: Sofia Jonas

One of the prominent airlines, this airline provides a lot of flight services. If you are looking to Book multi-city flights with American Airlines, then read the following article and get all the relevant information about multi-city flights before you get to know the process of multi-city flights; please take a look at what are multi-city flights. A multi-city flight is nothing but flights that are grouped in a single travel booking that allows passengers to travel to different places in one trip.

Normally, multi-city tickets are more affordable than regular travel tickets, and a multi-city flight will keep your travel plan together. If you are wondering how to book a multi-city flight on American Airlines? By the end of this page, you will surely get the most out of it. 

Ways to book your American Airlines multi-city flight. 

In case you want to reach out for the multi-city booking process, you will find many ways, including online and offline. You will find these ways elaborated below in easy-to-learn steps. 

Online Way.

Here is a step-by-step explanation of reserving a multi-city flight with American Airlines. Take a look and reserve a flight without any hassle. 

  • To find the travel date, navigate to American Airlines' official website,, and click the "Offer" button. 
  • Then switch your flight type to "multi-city" and add the additional countries you want to travel to.
  • After that, follow the on-screen process and proceed with the flight booking process. 
  • Before the end of this process, you pay the fee for the flight ticket, and in this way, a confirmation email can be received from American Airlines. 

Offline Approach.

In the offline approach, you don't need to go through with the process, instead, you will be talking with an American, Airlines customer service executive, and they will do all the booking steps on your behalf by assisting you. 

At the airport: Some people find the online and phone options inconvenient, and for these types of people, there is an alternate multi-city flight booking method. So, using this method, one must first visit the airport and provide all the relevant documents to the local executive by visiting the ticketing counter. In this way, you can book multi-city flights easily and hassle-free. 

Via talking to an agent: When it comes to the offline process of booking a multi-city flight, you'll be the one using the American Airlines phone number to connect with the multi-city reservation expert. Kindly follow the below mentioned steps and proceed with your multi-city booking.

  • Use 1-800-102-5838 and call the American Airlines customer service hotline.
  • Listen carefully to the on-call process, which gives instructions in an automated voice.
  • Through this process, you'll have to choose a flight booking option, and in this way, you'll connect with an American Airlines representative.
  • The agent asks you for details about your multi-city trip, and as you provide them, they will process your seat booking on multiple flights. 
  • In the end, you can easily book a multi-city flight by paying the applicable amount. 

Is booking multi-city flights cheaper?

Yes, Sometimes, you may find booking a multi-city flight cheaper than booking several one-way tickets during peak season or popular routes. 

Can you buy multiple plane tickets at once?

Yes, anyone who wishes to buy multiple plane tickets at once can easily do so with the help of the multi-city flight booking option. If you want to travel to many places at once, then a multi-city flight can be the ultimate option for you, and by using the American Airlines reservations system, you can book your multi-city flights easily.

Can I link two reservations on American Airlines?

To link two reservations on American Airlines, it is essential to be a member of the airline's'executive club or loyalty program. If you are a status member, then you can link two of your reservations easily, but to link more than two reservations, you may be required to contact American Airlines. 

Where can I find American Airline's multi-city flight offers? 

Get to know American Airlines flight offers. Below is a brief explanation of these customs.

Social media: The first and best way to get to know American Airlines flight offers is through social media. Follow American Airlines's official account on the social media site because they often post about the new discounts and best multi-city flight deals. There are many fake accounts of American Airlines on social media, so it is better if you direct the social media page by official links, and you can find the links on the official website, i.e., 

Subscribe to the Newsletter—An alternative to social media is the newsletter, which lets you know about new flight offers. So book your ticket with American Airlines by subscribing to the American Airlines newsletter. Go through the official website. There, you will find the option of the newsletter, so subscribe to the newsletter in this way: whenever American Airlines publishes new flight offers, American Airlines will notify you via email. 

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