(GUIDE) Where Do You Enter Promo Code on Turkish Airlines?

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Posted By: Charles Lawvens

Does Turkish Airlines offer Coupons and Promo Codes?

"Turkish Airlines" is Turkey's famous national air carrier and serves various non-stop destinations worldwide. It is one of the Airlines that allows coupons and promo codes when you want to continue its services. You will get Turkish Airlines tickets at affordable rates and other possible hospitalities by applying the correct coupons and promo codes. But, Turkish Airlines does not always guarantee coupons and additional promo codes because it depends on the particular situation. So, before using any offer in the form of coupons or promo codes, you should check it out on the official Turkish Airlines website.

Is it Possible to Find Turkish Airlines Promo Code 2024?

Yes, it is possible to find a promo code 2024 from the well-known Turkish Airlines only when it is available for some specific time. You can sign up for a newsletter for complete information about the Turkish Airlines Promo Code 2024 or refer to platforms like social media, online portals, or Mobile Apps for such exclusive promotional deals. Turkish Airlines generally offers the promo code in 2024, which includes various benefits such as

  • Discounts on the original Turkish flight tickets.
  • Offer additional free baggage allowance through the promo codes.
  • Special discounts are offered to students when they use the promo code.
  • Additional bonus miles in the form of a promo code; you can use it anytime before expiration. 

How To Enter a Promo Code in Turkish Airlines?

To get the benefits of the promo code on Turkish flights, you need to add about its services. However, to enter the Turkish Airlines promo code for additional services, you should follow some of the necessary online procedures carefully. You will surely have the best deals while entering the promo code on a Turkish flight.

  • Initially, open the Turkish Airlines home page: https://www.turkishairlines.com or use its Mobile App.
  • You should select the flight tickets which you want to book on a specific date.
  • After entering all the essential details, you are suggested to go through all the terms and conditions of the Turkish Airlines promo code.
  • During the payment, you should enter the promo code under the given promotional box.
  • Finally, you must confirm the promo code button.

Can I Use the Promo Code for Seat Selections at Turkish Airlines?

Yes, depending on the availability, you are allowed to use the promo code for seat selections at Turkish Airlines. Whenever you choose the Turkish Airlines promo code for seat selection, you will acquire extra legroom or enough comfortable space without any extra cost. Moreover, the promo code used to select the desired seat on the Turkish flight is valid for some time and you will be notified about it when the options are available. For more details about the promo code, you can visit the Turskih Airlines website or contact its customer service agents.

How To Get the Promo Code for Turkish Airlines Domestic Flights?

Turkish Airlines is known to offer heavily discounted fares on all of its domestic flights. In case you want to travel some domestic routes with Turkish flights, you can use the related promotional deals. You can get the Turkish Airlines promo code domestic flights from the official page. A domestic flight promo code at Turkish Airlines will minimize the overall cost of the tickets and make your trip memorable. You can also get some other additional services with the promo code used for Turkish domestic flights.

Do Turkish Airlines offer Student Discounts?

Yes, Turkish Airlines is serious about the students and offers some additional discounts to them during their air travel. You will find the Turkish Airlines student discount option only if you are eligible for such promotional deals. However, with the following methods, you can easily obtain the student discount facilities while booking tickets.

  • Reach the Turkish Airlines's original website or open the Mobile App.
  • You should log into your accounts with available Miles and Smiles accounts.
  • Under the passengers type, choose the students as optional.
  • Fill in the rest of the details like arrival, destination, class, and travel date.
  • After filling in all the details, you will see various discounted ticket prices at the bottom of the flight selection page.

How To Activate Student Discount Turkish Airlines?

Turkish Airlines offers student discounts on their flights. The discount you receive depends on the route you are flying. As a student, if you are going to fly with Turkish Airlines, as per the survey, the Airlines tenders some perks for students, if they attire Turkish Airlines student discount, which are listed below, you may consider.

Up to 20% discount on domestic flights in Turkey 

Up to 15% discount on international transit flights

Up to 20% discount on flights between Turkey and Northern Cyprus

To be eligible for the student discount, you must be a member of their Miles&Smiles program and have your student status verified. You can verify your student status online or at a Turkish Airlines sales office. However, if you seek how to activate the students dics

There are two methods to activate the student discount for Turkish Airlines:


Join the Miles&Smiles program (if you haven't already) on the Turkish Airlines website.

Once logged in, go to "Personal Details" and select "Student" from "Discount Types".

Save the modifications. Your submitted application will be examined within 7 enterprise days.

At a Sales Office:

Visit a Turkish Airlines sales office and inform them you want to apply for the student discount. They will likely have you fill out a student discount application form.

How do you get a Student discount on Turkish Airlines?

Turkish Airlines offers student discounts on flights for students between the ages of 12 and 34. To avail of the discount, you need to be a member of their frequent flyer program, Miles&Smiles. If you seek how to get a student discount on Turkish Airlines, there are some steps that you need to pursue.

If you are a Student Studying in Turkey,

Initiate a Miles & Smiles membership or log in to your extant account.

Go to your account details and select "Student" from the "Discount Types" option. Click "Save".

Your account will be verified by Turkish Airlines, and you'll be notified within a few business days.

If you are an International Student Learning Abroad:

Assemble a Miles&Smiles membership or log in to your current account.

Fill out the Student Discount Application Form on the Turkish Airlines website.

You can also visit a Turkish Airlines sales office to register.

Turkish Airlines will verify your student status and notify you within a few business days.

Benefits of Getting Student Discounts

Once your student position is ascertained, you can relish the following benefits:

Up to 20% discount on domestic flights

Up to 15% discount on international transit flights

Up to 20% discount on flights between Turkey and TRNC (Northern Cyprus)

Free ticket change for international flights (charges apply if the new ticket is a different fare class)

Increased Baggage Allowance (40kg on international flights)

Where do you enter discount codes on Turkish Airlines?

You can enter the discount code on Turkish Airlines during the checkout process, so there are some points that you must carry out:

  • Search for your flight on the Turkish Airlines website.
  • Proceed to checkout. You'll usually see a designated box for the promotion code during checkout.
  • This might be labeled as a "Promotion Code" or something similar.
  • It's often located near the payment section.
  • Enter the valid discount code in the box and click the confirmation button.
  • The discount should be reflected in the total price if the code applies to your chosen flight.

How Much Baggage is Allowed on Turkish Airlines for Students?

Turkish Airlines offers double the standard baggage allowance for students on international flights. This means:

Weight Concept: Students get a 40 kg baggage allowance on routes that use the weight concept.

Piece Concept: On routes that use the piece concept, students get two bags, each weighing up to 23 kg (for a total of 46 kg).

Do Turkish Airlines have a Black Friday Sale?

Yes, Turkish Airlines offers special flight prices on Black Friday, and you can grab the on-going deals before it becomes invalid. When you book your Turkish flight tickets using the Black Friday promotional deals, you can avail of around 40% discounts on the total ticket prices. Also, the mentioned Airlines allow Black Friday sale deals only on some popular routes, and you can check it before using its flight services to avoid any problems.

Various terms and conditions for Turkish Airlines promo codes and coupons:

You can take the benefits of applicable promo codes and coupons on Turkish flight booking only as per some conditions. The following discussed rules will show how to use the Turkish Airlines applicable promo code and coupons for additional services.

A discount of 10% to 40% will be applied on Turkish flights, depending on the promo code or coupons.

Only eligible passengers can get the benefits of promo codes or discounted tickets.

Turkish Airlines offers coupons or promo codes for services like discounted tickets, extra free baggage allowance, meals, lounge facilities, and other related features.

You can use Turkish Airlines promo codes or coupons only before its actual expiration date. Unused promo codes or coupons cannot be carried forward in the future as per the policy.

Promotional fare rates fluctuate and depend on the daily sales exchange rates of the tickets.

For student discounts at Turkish Airlines, you should show proof of student ID at the time of boarding or even submit supporting documents during reservations. 

All promotional deals, including coupons and promo codes, will be valid only on Turkish Airlines.

Flight booking from a third-party travel agency will not allow to use the Turkish Airlines promotional deals.

As per the Turkish Airlines guidelines, all promotional deals will be valid for a limited period. Otherwise, Turkish flight promo codes or coupons will expire and become useless for further usage.

Therefore, you can use Turkish Airlines' available promo codes and coupons for some additional flight facilities without paying any extra cost.


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