How to find Turkish Airlines flight number?

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Posted By: Sofia Jonas

If you are traveling for the first time on a flight and want to make the trip as stress-free as possible, there are a few things that you need to familiarize yourself with to avoid any inconvenience while boarding the flight. This travel blog will guide you through boarding the flight without hassle.

How to find the Turkish Airlines flight number?

A few days before Flight departure, passengers prefer to gather all the essential information and keep it handy to speed up the flight boarding process and make the trip comfortable. Thus, there is one common question that everyone comes up with: How do you find the Turkish Airlines flight number? Here is the adequate answer to the raised query.

These are some direct ways to find your flight number. Passengers can find it on their boarding pass, Flight ticket, or booking confirmation email. However, you can also check your physical or digital ticket containing the flight number.

What is the format of the Turkish Airlines flight number?

The Turkish Airlines Flight number is mentioned in the center of the bottom line next to the serial number. However, the ticket number consists of 13 digits used to generate the boarding pass, complete the check-in process, or manage the existing booking. Turkish Airlines flight number starts at 235; if you fail to find your ticket number, contact the Turkish Airlines customer service on-call to get the correct details. However, the passengers should remember that if they have booked the flight ticket with any travel agency, it is better to contact the travel agent directly instead of the airline customer support team.

What is the Turkish Airlines flight code?

Turkish Airlines' flight code is TK.

What is the number for Turkish Airlines?

Suppose you have failed to find your booking details or have other queries. In that case, you can speak to the Airline's customer service officials by dialing Turkish Airlines' phone number, 0800 050 1565, which provides 24-hour and seven-day customer service. To approach the executive on call, a passenger should select a specific language and enter the number key, which leads to connecting the call with the officials. Now, wait for the response as the process is time-consuming due to long waiting queues.

How do I identify my flight number?

As you know, all Airlines print their flight number on their boarding pass and physical and digital tickets so travelers can easily find them. However, it becomes a task for first-time travelers to identify their flight number, and they wonder what the Turkish Airlines flight number format is. It is easy to locate the flight number; the first two letters, i.e., one letter and one digit, indicate the Airline flight number. On the other hand, the second two letters mentioned on the boarding pass or ticket show the flight number itself.

What is the 13-digit flight number?

The 13-digit flight number mentioned on the boarding pass is a unique code used to identify the ticket purchase and determine who the ticket holder is while checking in or boarding the flight. Therefore, passengers can easily find this 13-digit number in their e-ticket in your booking confirmation email. 

How many digits are in the Turkish Airlines flight number?

Turkish Airlines flight number is the 13-digit number issued on the passenger's name, and the ticket number starts from 235.

Is the flight number the same as the booking reference code?

Turkish Airlines flight number and Booking reference code look similar and can be of similar length as they both contain a string of letters and numbers; however, the critical difference is that the flight number always consists of two parts: an airline code and a numeric component. Thus, the Airline code never changes and is followed by 1 to 4 digits.

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