A quick guide on 'How to link Delta reservations?'

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Posted By: Sofia Jonas

Are you traveling with your friend or family with separate reservations and wishing to link the reservations? Delta Airlines is one of the top U.S. airlines that ensures its customers' comfort and satisfaction. With Delta Airlines, you can easily link reservations and share the perks. There are several ways to link reservations with Delta; you can do it online or by contacting Delta at 1 800 323 2323 in the U.S. How to link Delta reservations? The detailed procedure to link reservations is explained in this article; you can take a look for a hassle-free experience. 

Step-by-step method to link Reservations 

In case you want to request the upgrade for your companion not in the reservation, you can easily link the reservation by using the step-by-step method below: 

  • To start with, go to the Delta Airlines official website or the mobile App
  • LogAppto your official Delta account using the credentials; create one in case you don't have an existing account
  • Now Navigate to the 'My Trip' section on the website or in the mobile App
  • ChoApp the option to add or link reservation, click on it
  • Insert the confirmation number of the reservation you want to link to
  • Once you enter the confirmation number, the Delta system will verify the details 
  • Now enter the reservation details of the second rersvetaion, provide the confirmation number and last name 
  • Aftre the details are confirmed, follow the procedure, and the reservation is linked together successfully 
  • Once the renovations are linked, you will get notifications from the airline 
  • You can also review the reservation linked in the 'My Trip' section 
  • While reservations are linked together, you can easily modify, update reservations, assign seats, dd special services, etc, directly from the 'My Trip' section.

Link reservations by phone

The other way to link reservations is by contacting the Delta team directly at Delta phone number 1 800 323 2323. Call the Delta SkyMiles team at the number given and follow the prompt to speak with agents. Once connected, you can request that the agent link your reservations. Provide the booking details of both reservations, and the Delta team will link them together; you will soon get a notification. 

Linked Reservations Benefits 

There are several benefits of linking the reservations, some of them are as follows: 

  • The linked reservations are more organized than the separate reservations, with all the details in a single itinerary. Whether you need to check the departure details, flight number, arrival details, etc, you can quickly check them in one place. 
  • Travelers can communicate better if any changes occur or modifications are being made, especially at the last minute or close to departure.
  • It is easy to check in for linked reservations. You only need to check once for all the reservations; there is no need for a separate check-in. 
  • When the reservations are linked, it becomes easy to coordinate with seat selection, ensuring everyone sits together.
  • In rare cases of a delay or flight cancellation, the Delta team can better assist you and provide instant help and support. 

Things to Consider for Linked Reservations 

  • Try to book all the flights together to make the connection easier. 
  • While linking reservations together, make sure to enter the correct booking details. 
  • You must link your reservations as early as possible to avoid any last-minute hassle. 
  • Stay updated with the latest Delta Airlines policies and updates. 

Conclusion: It is pretty simple to link the reservations with Delta Airlines. You can link them together via the website or by phone. Several benefits of linking reservations are also listed in the article. For more information or queries, contact Delta customer service or visit the official website online. 

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