How to make a Reservations on Air Canada?

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Posted By: Sofia Jonas

Air Canada enables travelers to make flight reservations to their preferred destinations in advance. Many travelers wish to discover different Air Canada flights to domestic and international destinations. These airlines also enable travelers to book tickets for multiple.  If you wish to make bookings and you are not aware of the exact procedure to book tickets according to your preference, then adequate information is presented in the following section. You are free to make Air Canada reservations online or by connecting with customer service. 

How to book a flight on Air Canada online?

Online booking is an important procedure for customers, as the medium enables travelers to make early bookings, saving their overall travel expenses. Those customers who want to make reservations online on Air Canada can refer to the instructions given below and proceed with the flight bookings:

  • Go to the official Air Canada website.
  • Under the booking section, search for flights by mentioning your flight origin, city, destination, and date of travel.
  • As you click on Search your flight, you will see all the options available. 
  • You can proceed by filing in travel information.
  • Finally, when you are turned to the payment page, select your mode of transaction to complete the transaction.
  • Finally, Air Canada reservation information will be delivered to your email address. 

How to make a reservation on Air Canada? 

Air Canada flight bookings can also be made at the airport. Customers who fail to make bookings online can reach the airport reservation counter to get their bookings made. There are many conditions in which travelers fail to make bookings online and come across immediate travel conditions. In that case, they can mention their travel requirements to the concerned airport representative. He will check the availabilities and make reservations once travelers complete the payment. Finally, airline representatives will handle tickets for customers. 

Does Air Canada charge booking fees? 

Generally, Air Canada does not charge any additional booking fees apart from the flight reservation. Customers are expected to pay flight fares according to their travel destinations, overall travel distance, travel time, and travel class. If travelers have additional luggage, then they are expected to pay $100 for their bags. Also, flight charges vary according to the nature of the trip, such as one-way, round-trip, or multi-city flights. If travelers have any other doubts regarding Air Canada booking fees, then they can approach Air Canada customer service to curate exact information regarding charges to be paid. 

How do I contact Air Canada for booking? 

Many travelers have reservation issues or confusion and wish to receive assistance by connecting with customer service. These customers can dial the official Air Canada phone number: 1-888-247-2262, to get hold of a representative handling flight bookings. They are expected to follow the automated instructions to get their calls connected to live representatives. Finally, they can give a brief about their travel requirements, and the airline representative will handle information about all the flights available. Finally, they can make payments to get their tickets booked. Callers can request their tickets on their linked email addresses. 

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