How To Transfer Southwest Points to Another Person for Free?

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Posted By: Charles Lawvens

Can Southwest Airlines Points be Transferred?

Southwest Airlines gives the power to each traveler with the option to not only earn rapid reward points but also to purchase them directly from the airline. But the reward points are not limited to this point only because the airline is also offering the option of Southwest Airlines points transfer, which enables them to donate like a charity option and to easily gift the points to family members or friends. But suppose you have minimal information in terms of the Southwest Airlines points transferability or the usage procedure. In that case, you have to go by the following passage for the best query and solutions. 

How Much Does It Cost to Transfer Southwest Points to Another Person?

Sometimes, when you seek general information on the transfer of Southwest Airlines earned points for another person, you should know that the cost for this particular scenario would be $10 to $1000 Southwest points, which you can easily transfer to someone else without any obstacle. To get the best explanation for the cost, you have been given below a suitable example, which you can select and follow through on for your convenience. 

The value of the Southwest point, which shall be 1.5 cents, which is proportional, depicts that it will cost you $10 to transfer $15 worth of the points accordingly.

How Can You Transfer Points to a Family Member on Southwest?

Sometimes, when you have enough points within your rapid reward point section and you need to gather the further basics on the process for how you can transfer points to a family member on Southwest, you have to read the following section, as here are a few steps to follow in terms of booking the flight ticket. 

Method: 1. Book a Southwest flight ticket for someone else via online steps:

  • First of all, you need to visit Southwest Airlines. 
  • Now, you have to select the rapid reward tab from the homepage. 
  • There, select the log-in button and enter the correct credentials for retrieving the account. 
  • Next, search for the available points on the page, and then proceed to book a flight ticket. 
  • Here, you need to enter the ticket details for the new travelers in whose name you want to reserve your flight ticket. 
  • Once you complete the procedure, you will have to make the necessary ticket payments for the remaining costs. 
  • At last, you are going to receive the confirmation email with a complete ticket summary, and you can proceed accordingly.

Henceforth, you have also been given the option to use the official Southwest Airlines contact number to approach the customer representative with whom you can discuss transferring the earned points or booking them according to your desired international travel. 

Can You Transfer Southwest Flight Credit to Another Person?

The ticket transferring option is subject to the availability of tickets as per the available points you have, or else it depends on the credit generated by which medium. However, if you have a booking along with the business select fare or any other plus service available at Southwest Airlines, then you get the eligibility for the credit to get transferred to another person quite conveniently, Furthermore, you can book the itinerary quite easily as per your travel preferences. 

Are Southwest Airlines tickets transferable?

No, it does not work this way; that means you cannot transfer the purchased tickets to any other traveler, and you will have to book only for your travel preferences. But in cases where you still seek assistance or require transferring the flight ticket, then you can contact a Southwest Airlines representative at 1-800-435-9792, and you will be able to discuss your queries in terms of ticket transferability. 

Does Southwest charge to transfer points to someone else?

Southwest is one of the best-known airlines, and it will provide the best services to its passengers. It offers points for passengers who frequently fly with them or have bought the membership. These points can be used for booking or adding services or facilities. If you want to transfer these points to someone else, you can do it. But Southwest charges for transfer points. You can share these from your account to another member's account, and the fee the airline will charge is approximately 5 dollars for 500 points. 

How Do I Avoid Southwest's Points Transfer-Free? 

To avoid Southwest's points transfer fees, you can gift these points to someone else. But for that, you need to buy these points. You can also collect these points in one family member's account, and then the airline will not charge any fees for transferring.

How long does it take to transfer Southwest points?

When you transfer Southwest points to someone else, reaching their account will take some time. The airline will take at least 48 to 72 hours. 

How Much are 1000 Southwest Points Worth?

The more points you collect, the more benefits you will get. You can use these points while booking a flight ticket with Southwest, and you will receive some concessions on it. You can also access the lounge or other services.

How Do I Redeem Points at Southwest Airlines?

You can use the online process to redeem your points. It is one of the most productive ways, and you need to follow the steps described below:

  • Access the official web link for Southwest Airlines.
  • On the homepage, you will see the Login option. Click on that.
  • Now, enter the login details and tap on the continue option.
  • It will move to the new tab, and you need to click on the Menu option.
  • Go through all the details of your ticket. If you want to add any services, then select them and tap on the Proceed to Payment option.
  • Select the Miles link and fill out the required details. 
  • Once you complete the procedure, the airline will send a validation message to your email or mobile phone.

Use The Calling Process:

You can use the phone call process to redeem the points. You need to dial (800) 435-9792, the customer support number. It will be forwarded to the computer's automatic voice. It will help you with the IVR options. Depending on the query, pick the option, and then the call will be routed to the representative. They will provide accurate assistance with queries.

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