(GUIDE) How To Watch Movies on the Southwest App?

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Posted By: Charles Lawvens

Southwest Airlines allows its plane services on many short-haul routes from the USA at a low budget. During the mentioned Airline flight use, you may think of How to watch movies on the Southwest App easily and enjoy the flight journey to reach the desired destination. Generally, Southwest Airlines provides comfort not only in terms of luxurious seats but also care for you with in-flight possible entertainment like the latest demanded movies. With the help of a Southwest digital App, you can easily watch movies on smartphones. Otherwise, you can stream this online media without interference on your smartphone even without downloading the App.

Steps: Watch Movies on the Southwest Airlines Mobile App

  • With the use of the correct steps, you can easily access the Mobile on the Southwest App platforms. Some of the right steps that require to watch free movies or shows on the Southwest App are
  • After you reach the plane and have a comfortable seat, you can put your smartphone in Airplane mode.
  • Connect with the given Southwest Wi-Fi option to watch the movies.
  • You can open the Southwest Airlines Mobile App.
  • On the top of the App, you will see Welcome Aboard, which includes various drink menu lists, Shows, and Movies.
  • Select the desired movie that you want to see on the App.
  • Start watching the movie without any disturbance till you reach the destination. 
  • You must have full charges in your smartphone to see the movies for a longer time.

How Can I Connect with Southwest Wi-Fi to see the Inflight Entertainments?

You can also access the Southwest Wi-Fi directly to avail all other Inflight entertainments. Also, with the correct Guide to Southwest Airlines Wi-Fi & Inflight Entertainment, you can get some of the services for free, such as flight tracker, text message facility, movies, TV shows on demand, and low-bandwidth live-streaming. Furthermore, go with some online steps to avail of entertainment facilities soon, even without using the Southwest App.

  • Open the Mobile Phone and choose the Airplane mode.
  • You can turn your Wi-Fi on from the setting and choose "Southwest Wi-Fi" by checking the network list.
  • Despite the Southwest App, open the internet browser portal to check all the available Inflight entertainment.
  • Sometimes, the Inflight internet portal does not automatically load; you can type directly www.southwestwifi.com in the given address bar to open it.
  • Select the Inflight entertainment service that you want to enjoy during the trips.  

Do You Need a Southwest Account to Watch Movies?

For your convenience, Southwest Airlines allows movies streaming for free on the App without any sign-in option. There are no compulsions for you to make accounts on the Southwest App while watching any movies or shows. Similarly, you can continue watching the film on the Southwest Airlines Mobile App platforms without downloading it on your smartphone. However, Southwest App has long lists of a wide variety of new releases and some all-time popular movies or shows.

Are There Any Charges for Southwest Inflight Entertainment?

No, there are no additional charges for inflight entertainment on Southwest flights. However, if you have to check your Emails and be involved in online professional work, then you have to pay around $8 per device, and this service is valid only between plane take and landing.

Does Netflix Work on Southwest?

No, Southwest Airlines does not allow Netflix as Inflight entertainment on its official web page or through its Mobile App. The primary reason Southwest Airlines does not support Netflix is its high-bandwidth online application and its associated websites. Similarly, Southwest Airlines blocks some other high-bandwidth websites on its online platforms, including the HBO Max, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams services.

These are all about Southwest Airlines Inflight entertainment services for you on its flights.

How To Watch Free Movies on Southwest Airlines?

If you want to watch free movies on Southwest, you can access their free inflight entertainment portal on board and get access to all the movies you want without actually downloading them. Here is how. 

  • To start with, download the Southwest Airlines mobile app for movies
  • You can then turn on the 'Aeroplane mode' and open the wifi
  • Select the Southwest Airlines wifi link and paste it into the browser 
  • Else, go to Southwestwifi.com to access the free entertainment portal 
  • Then, choose the movie you want to see from various entertainment options and enjoy
  • Some content might require you to download the Southwest app

Can You Stream ESPN on Southwest?

Though most streamings are blocked because it a bandwidth-intensive, ESPN is included in their inflight channel lineup. There are chances that your games are shown in their network. Besides, if you want to stream other channels apart from what Southwest offers via their in-flight portal is not supported. 

How Do I Connect to WiFi on my Southwest Flight?

It is pretty simple to connect to wifi on the Southwest flight. Before you start, make sure you have the Southwest Airlines mobile app for the on-demand TV and movies. In case you don't have make sure to download it before taking off. Once done, here is the complete step-by-step method: 

  • Go to the settings on your device and switch it to the airplane mode. 
  • Now, turn the wifi option on, and you can see all the available networks. 
  • Then, choose SouthwestWiFi from the wifi list on the screen. 
  • You can see a link on the new page with southwest wifi.com, or an option to copy the URL will be available. 
  • You need to copy the link to the browser; in case the inflight portal is not loaded automatically, type www.southwestwifi.com in the address bar on the screen. 

Do Southwest Seats have Screens?

Southwest doesn't have seatback screens; however, if the seats are new, they may have the device holder to fit your large device or tablet. You can enjoy the free entertainment options through its inflight entertainment portal, which features TV Shows, Movies, and free text messages.

You can also access the internet from takeoff to landing by paying $ 8 per device. Using the service, you can access emails, browse through social media, and snag a dinner reservation for the A-List preferred members and the Business customers. However, to provide outstanding services, the airline also prohibits acces to some of the high-bandwidth applications and some websites. Besides, offensive and obscene containers are also prohibited. 

How Do I Access Inflight Entertainment on Southwest?

Southwest Airlines provides various entertainment options once you access their inflight entertainment portal. Besides, you are also connected in the air through free texting by accessing the portal. 

The wifi experience on Southwest Airlines has been updated, and you can not watch your favorite movies for free; use free texting. Moreover, if you are not sure how to access the inflight entertainment, follow these steps: 

  • The first step is to download the Southwest App on your device for movies 
  • Turn on the 'Aeroplane mode' from the settings 
  • Go to the wifi list and select southwestwifi.com, and you can access the free entertainment portal 
  • You can access the various entertainment options and enjoy your trip 

Conclusion: Southwest Airlines provides various inflight entertainment options that you can access via the Southwest Airlines inflight entertainment portal. How do I access inflight entertainment on Southwest? Hopefully, you get an answer to the query in the article below. In case additional details are required, or if you have any doubts, you can speak to Southwest Airlines customer service directly. Besides, you can also visit the Southwest Airlines inflight entrainment page online and get unlimited information. 

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