Is it possible to Change an Air Canada Flight?

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Posted By: Charles Lawvens

Yes, it is possible to go for the Air Canada change flight option, and the airline authority has given flexibility so that each of you can make modifications in case of postponing the plan. The plan can be changed through various ways, including web and phone call options. Passengers can choose either of the options at their convenience and make it feasible to change the plan as per the following schedule easily. The airline also charges for the flight change and other information below once you further move towards the article.

How Do I Change My Flight with Air Canada?

You can change the reservation with Air Canada through the web because it is accessible, and you can receive the flight ticket with the given details. The flight change procedure has been explained in bullet points for better understanding and easy application. 

  • Open the official panel of Air Canada.
  • Afterward, go to the log-in tab and sign up with the account.
  • Fill the booking reference number and last name, then click the Continue tab.
  • The flight details will appear on the following page. Under that, click the change button, then follow the instructions to confirm the changes.
  • Finally, you need to pay the flight change fees and receive the confirmation code at the given email address. 
Flight Change Procedure through the Air Canada App 

The Air Canada app can be accessed through a smartphone, and it has a user-friendly interface that allows users to perform different operations without any hassle. 

  • Open the official Air Canada app on the smartphone. 
  • After that, log in with credentials, and the app will open.
  • On the home screen, select Manage My Trip and enter the details.
  • The panel will show the booking information under that click on the change button. 
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the change process and receive the confirmation code message. 

Does Air Canada Charge To Change a Flight?

Yes, Air Canada charges for changing a flight. Still, it depends on the flight change policy that has been made under the supervision of senior authorities so that everyone must be aware of the change process and proceed without any hassle. However, the Air Canada Change flight fee depends on the type of flight and its route, along with the cabin class, which also affects the cost. The change fees may vary according to the methods. If the flight change has been initiated at the airport, the charge includes the fare difference, service charge, and flight change fees.

Air Canada Flight Change Policy

Per the Air Canada flight change policy, if the passenger changes the flight within 24 hours of reservation, the team will not charge the flight change fees. On the other hand, if the passenger changes the flight after 24 hours of reservation, the team will charge the flight change fees. According to the policy, the passenger must pay the difference in the fare after changing the flight.

As per the policy, if the flight has been changed and the new flight itinerary is more expensive than the previous booking, an extra amount must be paid through the account. On the other hand, if the new reservation is cheaper than the last booking after changing the flight, the amount will be compensated to the original payment details within a few working days of initiation.

Suppose the ticket has been booked through a third party or travel agency. In that case, it needs to connect with that particular agent or party to make further changes in the flight details instead of connecting with the official team of the airline. 

What is the Air Canada Change Flight Fee?

As per the Air Canada change flight rule, the fees depend on the fare differences and the extra charges based on the services given by the team. The fees mainly start from 0 to 400$ and can be paid through different payment gateways. However, you can avoid fees by rebooking the flight within five days before the flight departure schedule. 

Can You Change the Name on an Air Canada Ticket?

Yes, you can go for the Air Canada Change Name on the ticket, but you must follow some rules when modifying personal details. The name change process needs some essential documents that match the details on the ticket; otherwise, it might be complicated and require long hours of waiting while checking in at the airport. It would be best to write the name correctly so that no further corrections will charge the extra price. 

How Does Air Canada Change the Name on a Ticket Online?

Passengers have a digital platform to easily correct their names and get the correct ticket at their given email details. The platform is easy to access and permits customers to make modifications from any preferred system with just a few clicks. Here is how you can modify the name within a few steps and finish the work. 

  • Open the official portal of Air Canada.
  • After that, move to the manage trip option.
  • At the manage trip, enter the details ( booking reference number and last name) 
  • Now the page will show the details under that click on the name change button. 
  • Follow the instructions and attach the documents to verify the names, then click on the confirm button to modify the name. 
  • Last, pay the price ( if any ); otherwise, receive the confirmation message using a valid email ID. 
  • Now that you have gone through the process the left part is the policy, so follow the name correction policy discussed below.

Air Canada Name Correction Policy

if the Air Canada Name Correction is a typo or by mistake, then the airline can correct the name up to 2 to 3 letters free of cost, but if it is a whole name change, the airline will charge the fees.

If it is a legal case, such as a divorce, then the necessary documents need to be submitted. The airline will verify the modification to make it correct, and the charges will be deducted.

For further details, feel free to connect with the Air Canada team at the helpline number and get the work done.

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