Can I Change my Flight Schedule on Philippine Airlines?

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Yes! You can change the flight schedule subject to certain terms and conditions with Philippine Airlines if the original plan is postponed or any changes occur. You can change the Philippines Airlines flight through the Manage My Booking option on the official website of Philippines Airlines, call the Philippines Airlines reservation number, or go to the airport. Remember, a Philippine Airlines flight change via phone and at the airport may incur additional service tax. Here is the step-by-step process to follow to modify the booking: 

  • Go to the Philippines Airlines official webpage. 
  • Find out in the Manage Booking section on the homepage to log in.
  • Enter the booking reference and last name, and agree to the terms and conditions. 
  • Find the booking and select the one you want to reschedule.
  • Click the 'Edit Reservation' option and select the new date.
  • Confirm the date and pay for the change fee and fare difference. 
  • You will soon get a notification once the booking is rescheduled. 

How Much Does It Cost to Change a Philippine Airlines Flight Date?

The Philippines Airlines may also charge you to change the flight date based on various terms and conditions. Usually, the change fee starts at around $100 and may vary based on the cabin class, ticket condition, and other factors. You can speak directly to the Philippines Airlines customer service if you need the exact information about the change fee. 

How Can I Change My Philippine Airlines Flight Without Paying a Fee?

The Philippine Airlines flight change policy of 24 hours suggests that if the departure is after a week and you cancel the ticket within 24 hours, the airline will not charge any fee. However, if you fail to meet these criteria, a Philippine Airlines flight change fee based on various factors applies. If the airline changes your flight and you don't prefer the alternate options, then you can rebook or change the ticket for free.

IMPORTANT: Philippine Airlines Flight Change Policy

The Philippine Airlines 24-hour flight change policy states that if you change the flight within 24 hours and the departure time is after a week, you can modify the booking for free without paying any fee. If you miss the risk-free period, the change fee applies based on the fare rules, cabin class, and other factors. 
When changing the flight, if the new ticket is expensive, you will have to pay the difference in fare between the new and original one. If the new ticket is cheaper, ask the airline to pay your travel credit for the remaining amount. 

If Philippine Airlines changes the flight and you don't accept the alternate option, you can rebook the flight tickets for free in the same class, on the same route, and to the same destinations.
The Philippines Airlines change flight policy applies only to the bookings you made directly with the airline; third-party bookings are excluded. 

What is Philippine Airlines Flight Change Compensation?

While you book a flight ticket with Philippine Airlines and show up on time, if your flight changes the time, is delayed, or makes other modifications, you are liable to get Philippine Airlines flight change compensation from the airline. As per EU regulations 261/2004 or EC261, you are eligible for 600 euros if there is a significant delay of more than 3 hours. In that case, you can contact Philippine Airlines customer service to confirm the compensation or submit the reimbursement or compensation request form online. Here is the process: 

  • Browse the Philippines Airlines' official website online. 
  • Find out the change, delay, and cancellation page. 
  • You can click on the compensation form link to open it.
  • Provide information on the compensation form needed and fill out personal, flight, and compensation-related details. 
  • You can submit the form and attach receipts and other documents if needed.
  • Submit the form, and your compensation will be initiated soon if verified. 

Can I Change the Name of the Passenger on Philippine Airlines?

Yes! If the flight ticket contains a typing error or your name changes for some legal reason, Philippines Airlines allows you to correct the name after booking. You can modify the name via the Philippines Airlines website by accessing details, by phone, or at the airport.
Remember, you cannot change the name completely or transfer the ticket to someone else. The airline allows you to correct names up to three characters. 
Sometimes, you may also need to pay a change fee based on different factors. However, suppose the name is changed for some legal reason, such as divorce, marriage, etc. In that case, you don't need to pay any fee for modification, but submitting a legal document before departure is mandatory. 

How Can I Change the Name on the Philippine Airlines Ticket?

If you want to make a Philippine Airlines name change in the ticket because of some typing error, it's pretty simple. You can access the details first via the Manage Booking section, and then use the flight change options to correct the name. You can speak to the Philippines Airlines representative to correct the name on your behalf; here is the step-by-step process: 

  • First and foremost, go to the Philippine Airlines website. 
  • Navigate to the Manage Booking section and retrieve booking details. 
  • Enter the Philippines Airlines booking reference number and last name, and search for the ticket. 
  • Select the booking for which you want to modify the passenger name, and click on 'Edit Reservation.'
  • Make the required correction, save it, and confirm it. Ensure the name on the ticket matches the passport. 
  • Follow the prompt, and after your name is changed on the ticket, you will get the confirmation email soon.

Conclusion: If you have a booking with Philippine Airlines and are willing to change the date, it's pretty simple. You can modify your Philippines Airlines ticket via the website, phone, or airport unless the ticket is booked directly from Philippines Airlines. You can speak to the agent directly if the booking is made via a third party. You shall read the Philippines Airlines flight change policy highlights above to avoid any hassle and inconvenience. Contact the airline's customer service directly for additional information on Philippine Airlines flight changes. You can also visit the website to get additional details. 

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