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Posted By: Sofia Jonas

When you have purchased an online fare ticket at Qatar Airways and, due to uncertain conditions, you have the plan to change your travel conditions like destination or date in reference to the next possible travel, then in that circumstance, the best way through is making online modifications or else contact the customer service team for the aid. But, in case you are not getting the essential information for Qatar Airways change policy for your ticket, then you must follow the below section because from here, you get through with the best information.

What is Qatar Airways' change policy? 

  • Suppose you want to change your Qatar Airways flight ticket within 24 hours of booking with a new travel assignment, then you have no penalty charges applicable.

  • But you should note that the change flight ticket has always been subject to the availability at the point of time
  • On the other hand, if you need to change your booked itinerary within 4-5 hours before the scheduled departure, then you have to pay extra charges for it, which would be around $100 to $500, which is directly proportional to fare type, class, and destination.
  • If you have joined the Qatar Airways frequent flyer program, then in that case, you have no charges to pay for your flight ticket change. 

How much does it cost to change a flight at Qatar?

For the flight change option to avail after 24 hours of booking, you shall be getting the Qatar Airways change fees to pay as per your newly chosen flight ticket. However, the cost to pay shall start from $25 for nonrefundable flight tickets, and the maximum could be around $200. In case you need to gather more information for the fee, you can consult with the customer representative.

How do I reschedule the Qatar flight?

To reschedule a flight ticket for Qatar Airways, you should follow the online steps because then you are going to be able to make necessary changes quickly, and those steps are mentioned below.

  • First, you visit the official website of Qatar Airways
  • Now, you shall select the login/sign-up tab and retrieve your account 
  • Then select the manage/check-in tab and click the manage booking icon 
  • Further to this, enter the booking reference number and last name of the traveler 
  • Next, select the retrieve booking icon and then tap reschedule or change icon 
  • Follow the onscreen prompts to change like date, class, and destination if possible, and other preferences 
  • Once you complete the rescheduling of the ticket, pay the charges accordingly, and you will receive a confirmation email.

Can I reschedule my Qatar flight for free?

Suppose you want to reschedule a Qatar Airways flight for free, then you can proceed with it within 24 hours of purchase, or else if you purchase first/business class tickets, then also it is free to change ticket.

How to call Qatar Airways to change flight?

To change the flight ticket at Qatar Airways instead of the help by online procedure then, you get the option of selecting the Qatar Airways phone number (1-877-777-2827) and you need to pick the proper command to connect and receive help.

How to change your flight date with Qatar Airways?

If you mistakenly booked for the wrong date and are now wondering how to change it, there are multiple ways to modify the booking, such as via the Manage Booking tool, customer support phone number, and at the airport help desk. To change the date on an existing booking via Manage Booking, follow the given steps.

  • Kindly head toward the Qatar Airways official website.
  • Tap on the Manage Booking icon available on the homepage.
  • Now, the passenger needs to enter the booking confirmation code and last name on the itinerary.
  • Click on the change tab and then edit the necessary changes. 
  • After that, the person should proceed further to make the payment for the fare difference and change the fee if applicable.

Can you change flight dates on Qatar Airways for free?

As per Qatar Date Change Policy, passengers are allowed to change flight dates on Qatar Airways for free only if they make a change request within 24 hours of purchase and have seven days left on departure day. Otherwise, a traveler who holds Business or First Class fares can make the changes for free only for once. If you make the necessary changes after the grace period, then the Airline will impose the change fee, which depends on the distance, time, destination, and fare class.

How much is the change fee for Qatar Airways Economy Class?

Passengers wish to update the changes but want to know the change fee for Qatar Airways Economy Class, so it may vary as it is based on the distance and destination. However, the passenger may be required to pay the change fee of USD 150 if they made the change request after 24 hours of purchase.

Qatar Seat Change Policy

People who have already booked Qatar flights but want to upgrade their seats from Economy to Business/ First Class to experience comfort and premium services. Before the traveler starts the change process, you should know the basic terms and conditions of the Qatar Seat Change Policy, which is discussed below.

  • You are allowed to change the seats on the same flight and route.
  • If you made a change request within 24 hours then no service charges will be imposed, but the difference fare should be paid.
  • Passengers who wish to change their seats after 24 hours then you may be required to pay both service charges plus the difference fare.
  • For members, this feature is free, and in some cases, the fees will be waived.
  • As per the seat change policy, the Airline permits you to modify specific details, which depends entirely on the fare type the customer has purchased.

Do you have to pay to change seats with Qatar Airways?

A person makes the seat change request after 24 hours of purchase, so as per the Airline seat change policy, you are supposed to pay the Qatar Seat Change Fee and fare difference, which entirely depends on the fare type, date, and travel distance. Basically, the fee starts from USD 200 and goes up to USD 2000 per person.


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