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Posted By: Sofia Jonas

United Airlines is certified with 4-star ratings for giving the best quality of onboard products and services that a passenger requires. Also, it is well known for its reliable and flexible services and options. However, you have a reservation with UA, and you seem to have made a check-in online, but you have some doubts about it; therefore, it is necessary to have the information of United Airlines check-in policy due to it helps you readily know about the check-in with the United Airlines which are stated below in the points that you may consider it.

  • To board a United flight, you must check in within a day of departing the flight from the departure of the time
  • If you are flying on a domestic flight and want to check in with a checked bag, ensure that check-in should take 45 minutes; without checked baggage, it can take 30 minutes.
  • If you are flying an international flight and looking to check in regardless with checked baggage, check-in can be done in 60 minutes.
  • Group check-in cannot be done at a time; you should check in 3 members simultaneously. Otherwise, you can do it at the airport.
  • Online check-in is not allowed if you are flying with a pet.
  • For the United Airlines flight, check-in can be done online, through an app, at a kiosk machine, or at the airport. 

How can I check in for my United Airlines (UA) flight?

If you are looking for how can I check in for my United Airlines (UA) flight? So, there are several ways to check in. You can adhere to this information by following the steps mentioned below.

Make check-in online: 

  • Open the official site of the United Airlines 
  • Continue to the check-in section; you need to add the confirmation number and last name
  • After that, you may tap on the check-in option,
  • Do all prompts to complete check-in, 
  • After that, download the boarding pass and pay the reliable fare if applicable.

Make check-in through the app: 

  • Download the United Airlines app
  • And continue to the check-in option
  • Enter the requisite details for check-in
  • Pursue the steps to do check in, download the boarding pass, and print it.

Make check-in through the check-in counter: 

To check through the check-in counter, you must visit the airport check-in counter, request this, and share the reliable documents, ticket, Valid ID proof,  passport, and VISA with the counter person and the time when check-in confirmation; you will get your boarding pass, and print it by paying its reliable fares to the airlines.

Make check-in through Kiosk: 

  • Go to the airport and look for the Kiosk machine
  • Select check-in, and continue to follow the screen prompts
  • After that, you will get the boarding pass, which you can download and print.

United Airlines Check-in Requirements

Before check-in, you must know the United Airlines check-in requirements, which you can get by considering the down points:

  • Have the correct ticket with the United Airlines
  • Must take an Identification card or some required documents.
  • It is good to reach out to the airport before 3 to 4 hours of flying the flight
  • if you want to select the seats during check-in, you must have the proper check-in details.

United Airlines Check-in Types

There are various check-in types by which you can easily make check-in information is located below:

Online/ web check-in: The web or app check-in is allowed to make it before 72 to 24 hours of flying the flight

Airport counter check-in: The airport check-in opens 24 hours of flying the United flight

Kiosk Check-in: The kiosk check-in opens 4 to 5 hours before departure of the scheduled flight time.

How long before a United flight can I check in?

If you seek to know how long before a United flight can I check in, so, as per the check-in policy, United Airlines allows check-ins before 24 hours of departing the flight.

How much time before I can check my flight?

If you seek to know how long it takes to check in with a United flight, there is a different time for check-in. Which info is stated below get it:

  • Check-in with bags on domestic flights allowed 45 minutes of flying the United flight.
  • You can check in without bags on domestic flights 30 minutes before departure of the time.
  • If you are flying on an international flight and you are going to check in, make sure you check in before 60 minutes or 1 hour of the United Airlines flight.

How much time will it take to check in?

For check-in, it will take around 10 to 15 minutes. it depends on when you are going to check in with baggage or not. 

How many hours before I reach the airport to board the flight?

You may reach at the airport 2 to 3 hours before boarding the flight. 

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