I Forgot to Put Middle Name on United Airlines Ticket?

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Posted By: Charles Lawvens

Get Details for the First and Middle Name Correction on United Airlines

United Airlines provides a significant facility to book your flight ticket on its official booking website at the cheapest rate. It even assists you in changing your booking details when you notice something wrong with your booked flight ticket. This airline restricts you from changing your name once you finish your booking; therefore, you must review your booking to avoid any corrections to your name. But if your name needs to be corrected and you want to change it, you must know the valid rules and regulations that will help you complete this task easily. It lets you correct your first and last name's minor spelling mistakes, add your middle name, or completely change your flight after connecting with a live person. To avoid doubts about first and middle name corrections, you will gather more details through the queries below.

Does United Airlines Require a Middle Name on the Ticket?

It is not mandatory to add your middle name to your United Airlines flight ticket as long as you have added the correct first and last name during the reservation, as long as you travel domestically. When you travel to an international destination with United Airlines, it is mandatory to have the United Airlines middle name on your ticket to avoid any hassle at the security check-in point at the airport. Additionally, if all your travel documents include your middle name, then it becomes crucial to put your middle name on the passenger details of the reservation as well.

What Can I Do if my Middle Name is not on the United Airlines Ticket?

In case you forgot to add your middle name to the United Airlines ticket and are now concerned about the consequences you might face due to the same, there is no need to worry. United Airlines allows ticket holders to add a middle name to their ticket anytime before the check-in procedure. The name correction option is present, allowing a person to easily add a middle name to their reservations with United. Make sure to have the supporting documents with you, as the documents are required for the verification of adding the middle name. 

How Do I Add My Middle Name to the United Airlines Ticket?

Different methods exist to add your middle name to your reservation with United Airlines. The available methods are separately described for your consideration and ease:

1. From the website

Using the United Airlines website is the first method to help you add your middle name to your exciting reservation. Follow the provided guidelines for mentioning the middle name on your ticket:

  • Land on the website of United Airlines in your browser,
  • After that, you have to look for the My Trips section.
  • In the same way, you have to enter the "confirmation code" and the "last name" according to your booking.
  • As the ticket details are generated on your screen, you can look for the "Edit Traveler's Information" option.
  • It will provide you with the details page on the screen.
  • Now, tap on the Middle Name section and enter the name as required.
  • You will be next asked to attach the supporting document.
  • Next, pay the waiver fee by choosing an online option.
  • Your reservation at United Airlines will now be updated with your middle name. 

2. From Customer Care

You can contact United Airlines customer care to communicate directly with an official person and request for middle name inclusion on a reserved ticket. The customer care number of United is 1800-864-8331, where you are required to ring a call and, following the calling commands, connect with an official person. You should provide information about your reserved ticket and specify your middle name to add to it. 

What is United Airlines Middle Name Policy?

Following is the United Airlines middle name policy that you must be aware of for changing or adding it to your reserved ticket:

  • The middle name is not mandatory on the flight ticket as long as it is not included on your passport or other government-approved ID. 
  • The middle name can be changed if entered incorrectly during the reservation process. 
  • One can add a middle name to their reservation with United Airlines using the "Edit Passenger Details" option. 
  • The middle name must match your travel documents to obtain your boarding pass.
  • Certain supporting documents are required to add a middle name to an existing reservation with United Airlines, such as a passport or driver's license.
  • Depending on the fare conditions, some charges will be imposed for correcting or adding the middle name to the United Airlines ticket. 

Does United Airlines Care about Middle Names?

No, the middle name of the passenger does not matter. United Airlines does not ask the passengers to mention their middle name in the booking necessarily. It is optional and depends on the passenger’s choice, but if one mentions the middle name, it must be correct. Otherwise, the passengers will have to make a United Airlines middle name correction before check-in, or they will not be allowed to board the flight. 

What if My Name is Wrong on United Airlines?

United Airlines does not let any passengers board the flight with the wrong ID, as it is a safety issue for the passengers traveling with them. United Airlines is not ready to compromise the safety of the passengers traveling with them. The airline has the right to stop you from boarding the flight if you look suspicious to them and create any nuisance on the flight, Thus, it is advised to the passengers to rectify their mistakes before they head to complete the check-in.

What is the Name-Correction Policy of United Airlines?

The name on the ticket must match the passport or any other government ID (in the case of domestic flights). If it does not, the airline will deny boarding to the passenger, Do not worry; according to the United Flights Name Correction Policy, it is possible to make a change in the name mentioned on the ticket. To know more about their terms and conditions, read below: 

  • The passengers are allowed to change a maximum of three characters in their name
  • The ticket cannot be transferred to another person by changing the name on the ticket
  • The name must be changed according to the government documents
  • In a legal situation like divorce or marriage, the airline will allow you to change your surname. 
  • The passenger must be the same after the name change

Why does United Airlines use First and Middle Names?

United Airlines would like you to travel without including your middle name on your booked flight ticket. But you must enter the correct first and last name to match your government-issued ID while boarding your flight. Along with this, if you enter your full name, including your middle name, United Airlines has a reservation automation system that automatically pushes your name together. Further, if you want more details about United Airlines' middle name correction, you are required to learn the valid points provided by the experts below.

When booking your flight ticket with United Airlines, it splits your first and middle names on your tickets to comply with international security regulations and prevent unwarranted confusion and error. 

This airline recommends that you keep your middle name separate and ensure that your name is accurately displayed on your ticket, along with the name on your identification. 

If you are a passenger who doesn't have a middle name, you can enter your full name into the required fields, and don't forget to review your name to prevent unnecessary trouble during the boarding process. 

When you enter the correct first, middle, and last names separately, you can avoid unnecessary complications during the check-in process and mitigate the stress level of boarding your flight.

Does United Airlines Combine First And Middle Names?

Yes, United Airlines can combine your first and middle names automatically into a single field. But if you want to show your first and middle names separately on your ticket, you need to enter the name in the required fields at the time of booking. Generally, it's common for United Airlines to combine the first and middle names on your booked flight ticket, and it does not include the space between your first and last names. But it's all up to you to enter the correct name, including your first, middle, and last name; you can join them separately. You need to review your booking details and check whether your name is mentioned correctly or not. 

United Airlines Changed the Last Name on the Ticket

When booking your flight with United or any other airline, enter the correct name to prevent needless issues at the airport. But if your last name is entered incorrectly at the time of booking, it is crucial to change the last name on your ticket with a live person. If you want to change the last name's spelling on the ticket, you can directly access the MileagePlus account through the account profile that you will find on the booking website. You must enter the correct user ID and password to log in to your MileagePlus account. Go to the booking details, the name section, select the last name you can change, and submit the marriage certificate or legal name change documents to complete the task easily. 


All the essential details that will be required to make name amendments to United Airlines have already been described above. It must be carefully noted that if you made a flight booking via a travel agent, then you need to contact them to get your name corrected on existing tickets. Apart from this, if you still old any name change confusion, you can call customer care services by dialing the phone number:1-800-864-331 and collect answers to your name change queries. 

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