[Benefits] What Credit Card Partners with American Airlines?

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Posted By: Charles Lawvens

Aggregate Information Regarding American Airlines Credit Card

Most airlines accommodate their passengers with a credit card, and American Airlines is one of them. Advantage credit cards, AAdvantage Mile Up Mastercard, etc, are a few of the names; if you wish to get an American Airlines credit card or are curious about the benefits of an AAdvantage credit card, then this post will help you. 

Which Credit Card is Associated with American Airlines?

On American Airlines, passengers can receive a credit card that they can use for future bookings. The airline has an Amerian Airlines AAdvantage Mile Up Mastercard that is majorly associated with America Airlines. The rewards provided by the airlines from time to time will be accumulated in the credit card account that can be easily accessed by the passengers accordingly. 

What Credit Score Do I Need for an American Airlines Credit Card?

To get the American Airlines credit card, an individual must have approx 640 credit score or maybe more than 640. Passengers can opt for different kinds of American Airlines credit cards according to their convenience.  If your credit point is between 670-739, the passenger may achieve a primary reward; however, a passenger with a 740 or higher credit score can access a standard reward. 

What are the benefits of an American Airlines Mastercard? 

There are no annual fees and no additional charges for the passengers accessing the cards that are accepted by American Airlines, these are a few of the benefits of the American Airlines Mastercard. Some of the other benefits of the Best American Airlines Credit Card is discussed in the below steps; please have a look: 

  • Passengers having American Airlines Mastercard get the benefit of earning double miles wherever they buy on American Airlines related to traveling.  
  • A  passenger receives a 25% discount while purchasing snacks or drinks on an American Airlines flight. 
  • Passengers might get shocked, but they can earn miles while buying groceries as well. In the grocery store, the passengers need to show their credit card and spend the points to purchase, this will give you some reward points.   
  • A passenger who purchases worth $500 within 3 months of getting the American Airlines credit card they are entitled to get the 15 K points as a bonus. 

How Can I Get an American Airlines Credit Card offer 100K Miles?

Credit cards are an effortless way to earn miles. As you know, miles are a kind of money that allows passengers to avail themselves of an affordable flight ticket on their next purchase. If a passenger in their starting three months expenses approx $10,000 on their purchase, then the airline credits 100K miles in their respective American ailrines credit cards. 

How Do I Log Into my American Airlines Credit Card?

Log-in is a process to avoid the chances of privacy breaches. American Airlines offers rewards in the form of points within the American Airlines credit card. If you have a credit card from American Airlines but are unaware of the process of login, then take action on the below-written steps: 

  • Navigate through the Citi official website. 
  • Next, you need to fill in your Username and password. 
  • Now, you will be able to operate your account. 
  • Here, you can check out your reward points and balance. 

What is the American Airlines Credit Card Phone Number? 

By optimizing the phone call method, any passenger can articulate their problems with American Airlines' customer service. Having problems with the American Airlines credit card, a passenger can communicate with the airline. For the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico, the phone number is 800 733 2654 (From Monday to Friday); for other locations, the phone number is 423 477 6512 (charges may apply); the steps for the call are written here: 

  • Dial any of the above-mentioned numbers according to your locality. 
  • For better interaction, you have to pick your native language. 
  • A few instructions will be offered by an automated voice. 
  • The option you find a perfect fit must be clicked. 
  • Share the problem, an agent will assist you over the call. 

What is the American Airlines Credit Card Payment App?

American Airlines credit card payment app is called the AA credit card app. Passengers can take advantage of several perks and benefits of the American Airlines card. Other than this, on the payment application platform, a passenger can search for their transaction or even they can mention the transaction amount as well. This payment app lets the passenger decide what kind of mode they want to opt for the payment. 

1. How Many Kinds of Credit Cards does AAdvantage Provide? 

American Airlines is famous among their passengers for taking extra miles in the direction of passengers's benefit. this includes the facility of providing a credit card to their passengers. AAdvantage credit cards are here: 

Citi/AAdvantage Credit Cards: Passengers can obtain bonus miles up to 15,000. In addition, there is no charge in the name of the annual fee, and the passenger can get the miles double the normal if the passenger purchases any item from the grocery stores. 

Citi/AAdvantage Platinum Select Mastercard: The owner of this card can enjoy the advantage of earning 75K  miles points as a bonus. A passenger flying domestically on American Airlines will unlock the option for the first checked bag totally free.  

Citi/AAdvantage Executive Mastercard: Passengers will get 4X miles whenever they purchase American Airlines. Here, the passengers will get the opportunity to earn up to 70K bonus miles.  

CitiBusiness/AAdvantage Platinum Select Mastercard: Passengers having this card can receive double miles if they purchase from Car rental merchants, gas stations and book flights in American Airlines. In addition, the passenger can also grab bonus miles worth 65K readily.

2. Which American Airlines Credit Card Gives you Lounge Access?

A passenger can understand the value of an American Airlines credit card while traveling. Other than this, the credit card American Airlines can also provide you with some discounts and miles on purchases at places such as groceries, gas stations, or other places. If a passenger has Admirals Club digital membership card, AAdvantage status card, or physical Citi/AAdvantage Executive World Elite Mastercard, then you can enjoy the amenities of the lounge area. 

3. What cards are good for American Airlines? 

There are numerous benefits of having an American Airlines credit card such as earning extra miles, getting discounts on purchases at various places, and others. To get detailed about the features of American Airlines credit cards are given in the below steps: 

Citi/AAdvantage Executive World Elite Mastercard- this card is famous for giving premium benefits to passengers.

American Airlines Advantage Mile Up Card: This Miles Up card is popular because it does not charge any yearly fees. 

AAvantage aviator red World Elite Mastercard: In order to have the sign-up bonus points then this Elite MasterCard will be a perfect match for the passengers.  

CitiBusiness/AAdvantage Platinum Select Mastercard: Passengers who deal in the business on a smaller scale can readily benefit from this card. 

Every credit has a specific feature that can be utilized according to the passenger's requirement, the passengers are requested to go through the above-mentioned

information if they are wondering what cards are good for American Airlines. 

How Do I Redeem my American Advantage Miles?

American Airlines is one of the largest airlines in the United States and offers its passengers the best daily flight booking service. It is a member of the Oneworld Airlines alliance with excellent incredibility for using its loyalty program with its many partner airlines. American Airlines provides a frequent flyer program for award currency through AAdvantage Miles that helps you earn and redeem miles quickly. When you plan your tour to your desired destination and look for a booking, you will get dynamic prices for award flights. But if you ask how to redeem my American Advantage miles to book a flight, you must earn the number of miles depending on the date and flight. If you have earned approximately 7500 miles, you can easily book your economy flight within the US and Canada. Redeeming AAdvantage miles on the AA website is effortless, but if you are having trouble, follow the simple steps below. 

  • First, visit the official website of American Airlines, go to the booking, and select one way or round trip.
  • Select the passenger, choose a book with miles, and enter the arrival and departure destiantion with its travel date.
  • Choose your preferred class and select the American or its partner airlines for the booking. 
  • Click the search button, choose the flight you want to book and fill out the complete form with the requested details.
  • Review your booking details carefully, go to the online payment option, and select the AAdvantage Miles option.
  • Log in to your AAdvantage account and quickly check out the miles you can redeem to book your flight soon. 
Redeem Advantage Miles for Merchandise

If you wish to purchase merchandise with American Airlines using American Airlines AAdvantage miles, you must check out the excellent value and compare the cost items suitably. But if you have doubts and ask how to purchase merchandise with American Airlines, you can look for high-value items and ensure you have several miles to use. For example, if you have an item of $100, you must have 10,000 miles, which offers better value than a $50 item that requires the same number of miles. So, if you have any specific item in your mind that you want to purchase, using miles for merchandise will be a wise idea. To avoid doubts, take the easy steps below

  • First, go to American Airline's official website and search for the AAdvantage Milles account.
  • Log in to your account, go to the redeem section, and choose the merchandise option.
  • Browse available items in the reward categories and pick one you wish to redeem your miles.
  • Add the selected item to your cart, review the details of your purchase, and confirm it by redeeming AAdvantage miles soon. 
Redeem AA Miles for a Hotel

American Airlines provides a facility to earn and redeem its AAdvantage miles, available to everyone in one place. Therefore, if you wish to redeem your AA miles for a hotel, you must ensure you have earned miles and loyalty points that you can use for every hotel stay. You can simply filter the best hotels by using the miles earned and make a hotel booking convenient. Check out the perks of booking hotels through the Advantage Hotels programs like Advantage Status member, Advantage credit cardmembers, and AAdvantage credit cardmembers with status. To redeem AA miles for a hotel, follow the easy steps below.  

  • First, visit the official website of American Airlines and search for AAdvantage Hotels.
  • Prefer the redeem miles option to enter a city, airport, or landmark and check out the current location.
  • Select check-in and check-out dates, select the room for the guest, and simply click on the search hotels button.
  • Now you will find a list of the hotels, select one for the booking, and check out the price options on the same page.
  • Check out the prices to redeem your miles and conveniently book your hotel using AAdvantage Miles.
Redeem AA Miles for a Gift

If you want to redeem AA miles for a gift, AAdvantage miles don't qualify to redeem miles for cash or a Gift Card. You can only redeem AAdvantage miles for flights, hotel stays, and merchandise offered by the AAdvantage reward program. 

Redeem AAdvantage Miles for Car Rental 

American Airlines AAdvantage Miles is available for car rental, and you choose the most popular destinations where you want to travel to your required destination within the USA. You will find the most significant facility to redeem your AAdvantage miles for car rental by quickly selecting the pick-to-drop location. You will get a facility to book your rental cars worldwide and use AA miles if you have an AA AAdvantage status membership and get offers of up to 30% miles when you log in to your account. To book your rental car using miles, learn the easy steps below.

  • First, go to the AA official website and search for AAdvantage Rental Car Rewards.
  • Select the Pick-up and drop-off location and type a city or airport for the same drop-off section.
  • Fill in the blanks in the different drop-off sections, select the pickup and drop-off time, and choose driver age.
  • Click on the search button and check out the best rental cars for pick and drop, and check out the details to redeem miles easily.
Can I Redeem AA Miles for Magazines?

Yes, American Airlines AAdvantage miles can be redeemed for magazine frequent flyers members through their AAdvantage eShopping portal. You need to log into your AAdvantage account, navigate to the shopping section, and browse available magazine subscriptions that can be purchased using your miles. Remember that the availability of magazine options may vary, so it will be best to check the current offerings on the AAdvantage website.

Can I Convert American Airlines Miles To Cash?

No, you can't convert American Airlines miles to cash, but you can redeem them for various rewards such as flights, upgrades, hotel stays, car rentals, and much more through American Airlines and its partners. Further, if you are using some other credit card programs that may offer cashback or statement credits based on your spending, including purchases related to travel or airlines, you can't directly convert miles to cash. 


To begin with, American Airlines offers various facilities and amenities to enhance the bonding with their customers, one of the popular ways to offering credit cards to them. The content in this post revolves around the topic of American Airlines credit cards; if you wish to learn about and get a credit card, then this post will be a great help. 

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