[FIND] Cheapest Day\ Month to Fly to Bangkok

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Posted By: Sofia Jonas

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is well known for its vibrant street life, lively markets, and cuisines. It is a hub of tourist attractions where one can experience a fun vacation. A little bit of prior planning is a must to make your trip affordable and more fun. So, first of all, consider your travel time to the city. Now, you may wonder, what is the cheapest month to fly to Bangkok? September is noticed to be the month when flight ticket fares go down as the demand decreases, making it perfect for those who want to travel to Bangkok on a tight budget.

The most affordable way to fly from the US to Bangkok

In case you are not finding a good deal to reserve your flight ticket and are now wondering what is the affordable way to fly from the US to Bangkok, it is booking the non-direct flights. The flight schedules with long layover timings are generally lower than direct flights. So, if you are willing to wait on the layover at the airport, you can save money on your flight bookings from the US to Bangkok.

What is the best season to travel to Bangkok?

To enjoy life in Bangkok, you must pick the best season when the region's temperature is ideal for exploring. You must consider learning about the best season to travel to Bangkok. The months between November and February have ideal weather for roaming in the city. Hence, early to mid-winter is considered to be the best season to travel to Bangkok. 

What is the cheapest US city to fly to Bangkok from?

If you are planning to fly from the US to Bangkok, it is better to learn about "What is the cheapest city to fly to Bangkok from?" Currently, flights operating from Seattle have the lowest fare possible from all the US cities. To save some portion on the flight bookings, you can book your Bangkok flight from Seattle.

What are the ways to get cheap flights to Bangkok?

If you are seeking to find out what are the ways to get cheap flights to Bangkok? If so, you are at the right place. Here the best ways are briefed that can help you find low-cost flight tickets for your trip:

  • Book flight in advance: Advance booking will help you secure low fares with your preferred airline. As Bangkok is a very popular tourist destination, the fares tend to increase closer to the departure dates.
  • Be flexible with the flight date: The price of flight tickets scheduled on different dates can vary. Therefore, be flexible with your traveling date and pick the flight scheduled at the lowest fare.
  • Make direct website reservations: When someone make direct website reservations with their preferred airline, they get a chance of obtaining ongoing deals on their flight ticket purchase and can cut down the total cost of reservation.
  • Turn on price notifications: Many airlines offer price notifications to the desired route with them. So, on your preferred airline, you can search for Bangkok flights and turn on the notification option. Now, you will be notified by the airline as the Bangkok flight fare decreases.
  • Use travel vouchers: By subscribing to airline newsletters and different social media accounts, you can obtain travel vouchers to redeem at the time of flight ticket purchase. If you do have a voucher code, you can apply it when paying the fare of your Bangkok flight ticket and get a discount on the total fare.
  • Pay through a credit card: Some credit cards can avail you extra discount on the total fare. So, be sure to check discount offers on credit cards and pay through the same to avail yourself of benefits.

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