What is the Weight Limit for Carry on Luggage at Azul?

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Get Information For Baggage Allowance and its Policies on Azul Brazilian

Azul Brazilian is a Brazilian airline headquartered in Barueri provides international flight booking service at the lowest rate on its official booking website. If you want to travel with this airline and looking for a baggage allowance service, you need to be aware of the valid rules and regulations. If you want to travel with your baggage, you must know the Azul Brazilian Airlines baggage policy and avoid unnecessary doubts and travel during your flight journey. It allows you to travel with your carry-on bag that should be fit under the seat, and get more details about baggage service easily.

What is the weight limit for carry-on luggage at Azul?

If you want to travel with Azul Brazilian and need a comfortable flight booking service, you need to check out the baggage policy and avoid unnecessary doubts. If you are traveling with hand luggage or a carry-on bag, you need to know the basic rules that prevent needless trouble when flying to your destination. Get essential details for your carry-on luggage at Azul below.

You can travel with your carry-on luggage, whose limited weight should be up to 10 kg, and the bag's dimensions must be no larger than 61 cm in width, 25 cm in height, and 55 cm in depth.

If you travel with carry-on baggage that is limited in weight and size, you will be able to travel on both domestic and international flights.

Azul Brazilian will allow you to bring two carry-on and two checked baggage with a limited weight of 32 kg and sizes of 155 cm on its Economy fare.

If you are traveling in business, you can carry three bags of 32 kg with the exact measurements you can find on the baggage rules.

Your carry-on bag must also fit under the aircraft seat, where you can keep your items, such as a Laptop and handbag that weigh around 5 kg.

When you plan your international destination, you might face several restrictions for carry-on luggage after increasing the bags' number, weight, and sizes. 

Traveling with a bag of up to 7 kgs in weight and 115 CMS (L+W+H) in sizes shall be allowed per customer.

Azul Brazilian Airlines Baggage Allowance and Fees

When you travel with excess, overweight, and oversized baggage, you might have to pay the charges. To get help for Azul Brazilian Airlines Baggage Allowance and Fees for the USA and want to add more baggage with overweight and size, you must pay the charges depending on the route and destination below.

  1. When you travel with one extra baggage item in Economy and Business class, Azul Brazilian will ask you to pay the $95.
  2. If you add two extra baggage items in Economy and Business class, you might have to pay charges of around $190 per piece.
  3. For adding at least three extra baggage, you will be asked to pay around $150, and the sizes should generally be at most 61 inches.
  4. For more details and help regarding baggage allowance, contact a natural person who quickly provides complete baggage details.

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