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Posted By: Sofia Jonas

The miles&smiles program is a frequent flyer program allowing passengers to earn miles from flights with Turkish Airlines and other partner companies. These miles will get you multiple benefits, which will be very useful for you during the booking or even after the booking process to add any specific service to your ticket such as the extra baggage, or to get an upgrade and many more things.

What frequent flyer alliance is Turkish Airlines part of?

Turkish Airlines is part of the Star Alliance, which was established on 14 May 1997, and Turkish Airlines joined in April 2008. This membership allows our customers to benefit from a wider flight network, special offers, and special passenger programs. 

Does Turkish Airlines have a loyalty program?

Yes, the miles&smilesprogram is a frequent flyer program that allows you to earn miles from the flights you take with Turkish Airlines and other program partner companies, from spending with program partners, and from purchases you make using a miles&smiles partnership credit card. These miles will help you buy various products and services offered by the program partners and purchases with the credit cards of miles and miles. The Classic Plus members can purchase status miles when the last 5,000 miles remain to protect and the last 10,000 miles to upgrade their status. The elite members can purchase status miles when the last 10,000 miles remain. 

What are the benefits of the Turkish airline's loyalty program?

There are many benefits you get when you have the loyalty program of Turkish Airlines, such as getting award tickets for flight upgrades by using the miles you get when you travel frequently with the airline. Besides this, you also benefit from mile transfer and mile conversion. The miles&smile card is now digital, and you can access your miles&smiles digital card through the mobile application of Turkish Airlines. Then, you can enjoy all of your card's advantages and features.

How to become a classic plus member of Turkish Airlines?

To become a Classic Plus member, you must earn 25,000 status miles or fly at least 40 flights in the last 12 months. Then, you will be able to start enjoying Classic Plus privileges. Being a Classic Plus member will give you many services and benefits that will help you make your journey more comfortable and effortless. So, if you want to be a Classic Plus member and enjoy the various services or benefits, you can earn 25,000 miles, and then you will be able to be one. 

What is the highest membership level of the Turkish airline's loyalty program?

The Elite Plus is the highest miles and miles level you can earn by accumulating 80,000 status miles. The perks include two free cabin upgrades on Turkish airline flights and the upgrade privilege for companionship reward tickets. All these memberships offer many services or benefits that can help you have an amazing journey and enjoy the facilities, which will also make your journey easier and more convenient. 

Can I use my alliance miles on Turkish Airlines?

Yes, you can redeem the miles you have collected on economy and business award tickets with Turkish Airlines and Star Alliance members and with the other partner airlines. Other than this, you can also issue award tickets for your loved ones. You can also contact the customer service of the airline by dialing the customer service number of Turkish Airlines and can get the required information regarding the alliance miles and how you can use them. You can also get the required information regarding other services provided by the airline. 

Do Turkish Airlines miles expire?

The miles of the Turkish Airlines do not expire quickly and are valid for 3 years starting from the date they were earned. So you can use these miles for different types of services such as for an upgrade, seat selection, and to get a flight ticket at cheaper rates. You can also use these miles to become a loyalty program member and access amazing deals and discounts on Turkish airlines. 

Is Turkish Airlines elite Star Alliance gold?

The elite and the elite plus passengers can enjoy the Star Alliance gold advantages. Rather than this, on flights with the other Star Alliance member airlines, the Classic Plus passengers can take advantage of Star Alliance Silver privileges, and the elite and Elite Plus passengers can enjoy the advantages of Alliance gold

How to claim miles on Turkish Airlines?

To claim the miles, you have to click on the "claim missing miles" link that is found in the "my miles transactions" tab on the official website of Turkish Airlines. Then, the airline will process your missing miles, which were earned from the Turkish and partner airlines' flights.

Conclusion: This was all the information and answers regarding the Turkish Airlines loyalty programs like Classic Plus, Elite, and more, as well as the benefits this loyalty program provides us. And hope now have learned all the information regarding the same and also understood the use of miles you get.

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